APAC 2018 Hong Kong Business Awards

8 APAC / 2018 Hong Kong Business Awards , Utilising her knowledge and experience, Queenie helps parents by developing their parenting intelligence, enabling them to be better equipped with reading their children’s cues and interpreting them accurately, thus giving parents the ability to respond appropriately. Having operated in the early childhood education industry for over a decade and a half, Queenie set out with the intention of providing her children with a better environment to live in, helping them thrive in a world full of challenges. She achieved an assortment of qualifications having obtained her Montessori Diploma, Bachelors and Masters in Early Childhood Education, and subsequently worked in different international and local preschools in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and China. As a result of working in education, Queenie became aware of a lack of high quality parent education services, leaving parents overwhelmed by the amount of random, conflicting information across the internet, and causing a growing level of confusion amongst parents. Queenie also identified a sharp increase in children suffering from childhood anxiety, and a rising number of childhood suicide across Asia. In her attempts to advocate for young children, she realized HKB18012 Parenting Coach of the Year 2018 Drawing on her experience in education, Queenie Foong Kwin Tan is Asia’s leading parenting coach, supporting a range of parents to overcome problems and provide their children with the help they need to grow and flourish. We profile her to learn more about the vital work she undertakes. that she needed to start training parents as they are their children’s first teachers. This lead to her venture to start her own business to provide mentoring and coaching programs for parents that are customized to their children’s individual needs and to the parent’s parenting styles. Queenie believes that this tailored approach is vital to the success of her business. Looking to expand her business, Queenie has recently experienced a sharp increase in her clientele, comprising mostly of Asian parents who live both within Asia and abroad. Due to her expansion, Queenie has grown her team in order to serve her clients better and enable the continuous progress of her business. As a result, Queenie has been able to spend more time with her clients, providing them with a personalized regime which allows her to groom her client’s parenting skills. She has now progressed from running a one-person business to employing eleven team members who help her manage her social media platforms, website, podcast, videos and e-books. Marking herself out as different from other coaches in the education industry, Queenie has carved out a reputation as Asia’s Elite Parenting Coach as she was raised in Asia. Therefore, Queenie is familiar with the challenges that families face, and is able