APAC 2018 Hong Kong Business Awards

7 APAC / 2018 Hong Kong Business Awards that aircraft ownership is as rewarding as it should be. In the business aviation market in Hong Kong today, there are many challenges which still need to be urgently addressed. As an international transport hub and financial centre, Hong Kong suffers from runway capacity issues at its one and only airport. Although an expansion project is underway, the third runway is still several years from being completed. As such, the challenges related to limited runway slots at HKIA and other major international airports across Asia coupled with a restrictive regulatory environment that favours scheduled airliners and cargo carriers continues to affect the entire business aviation industry’s ability to grow organically and sustainably in recent years. Denzil strongly believes in advocating for the merits of the industry and has volunteered and chaired the HK committee of the non-profit trade association called Asian Business Aviation Association (AsBAA) from 2015-2017 to help promote the message that business aviation boosts economies, creates jobs and drives business efficiency. He stepped down from this role just over a year ago but remains active on the Board of Governors and contributes when he can. While improvements to aviation infrastructure at HKIA are well underway, Denzil still advises and meets with the HK Civil Aviation Department on a regular basis to explore and discuss interim measures to protect the industry from further restrictions and erosion. The most affected sector in the past two years has been suffered by aircraft charter clients, who typically have to consider alternate airports such as Shenzhen or Macau to meet with their schedules. Hong Kong is still welcoming to business jets but it is advised to plan schedules in advance and be flexible with arrival and departure timings. Nevertheless, the team at Hongkong Jet is always standing by to help in any way possible. Hongkong Jet also seeks to remain competitive and relevant through its commitment to innovative aviation solutions. As an example of this, the company reports a trend towards digitisation within the charter booking process. A number of apps are being created to support this trend, however, Hongkong Jet through its wholly owned subsidiary Asia Jet offers both traditional and digitised options, to cater to clients that prefer a personal touch. Despite the challenges facing the industry, demand for business jet services across APAC remains strong. Denzil points out that to remain competitive, you need to strike a balance between delivering exceptional service by highly experienced staff with the cost expectations and what clients are prepared to pay. Looking ahead, there is increasing pressure and competition on pricing and costs associated with aircraft management and businesses will sink without an innovative approach in this evolving industry. By way of regional expansion and diversification as a result of its popularity in Hong Kong, the group plans to expand its reach over the coming years, with Malaysia and other markets in Southeast Asia being a key focus with good potential for growth. Besides aircraft management and aircraft charter, Hongkong Jet is renowned for being one of the best providers in Asia for maintenance support and this will be where the medium term opportunities lay, stated Mr. White. Hongkong Jet is committed to both expanding its portfolio and diversifying its services whilst maintaining its original vision of providing exceptional service to its clients. Its ambition is to continue being a market leader and the most respected integrated business aviation services provider throughout Asia Pacific and beyond. Company: Hongkong Jet Contact: Mike Walsh CCO [email protected] Address: Suite 805-809, One Citygate, 20 Tat Tung Road, Tung Chung, Lantau, Hong Kong Phone: +852 3126 1000 2 Inside our: B787VIP: CARRY CAPACITY: Up to 40 passengers | Nonstop range: 8525 nm (15,789 km) | Sleeps: 26