APAC 2018 Hong Kong Business Awards

17 APAC / 2018 Hong Kong Business Awards , HKB18004 Best Financial & Legal Translation Specialists - Greater China elitesco Communication Limited is a Hong Kong based translation and financial company, founded and operated by professional linguists. We spoke to Jacqueline Ng Chief Operating Officer who has over 20 years of versatile experience in financial and legal translations serving capital markets in Greater China, to gain an insight into the firm and the range of services it provides. Drawing on the vast experience of its staff, elitesco offers superior financial translation services to corporate clients and public bodies. Jacqueline explores the firm’s drive towards excellence and how this is reflected in its mission. “Here at elitesco, our mission is to maximize efficiency and performance with satisfactory services delivered to our clients under tight command, and to provide the best possible language services, we pay close attention to the use of words in the global financial market. We are well versed in the particular need and specialist vocabularies of numerous professions and services. From financial documents to legal instruments, press releases to reports; elitesco is a name to trust.” Offering year-round, 24-hour service allows the firm to assure clients that they are in safe hands no matter how important their documents. To ensure that their needs are always met, staff are vital, and as such Jacqueline is keen to highlight how important her team is to the firm and its ongoing success. “Within the Hong Kong translation market currently there is an increasing number of companies from China coming to list in Hong Kong. They have a lot of information in Chinese that needs to be translated into English. Therefore, we need translators with good English skills and sound understanding about Chinese culture and writings to handle heavy volume of translation work. “As such, to ensure that we attract and retain the talent which we need to succeed, we adopt a human-asset approach, one which has brought many successful stories in terms of strategic management. It is our stated intent to let our people working from home, so that we can attract quality translators based in Hong Kong. For junior staff, they will be trained and supervised by our professional linguists in our office. We believe ongoing staff training is the key to develop a strong team.” Looking ahead, this need for talented, professional translators will continue as the market continues to grow and flourish, as Jacqueline explains in her concluding comments. “Ultimately, elitesco’s ongoing success is directly linked to the development of the capital market in Hong Kong. With the further expansion of Hong Kong as a financial centre for companies in China to raise their funding, we will seek translators around the world well versed in English and Chinese to fill the supply gap. This growth will help us to work with new clients, as well as continue to provide existing clients with the support and service they need.” Company: elitesco Communication Limited Contact: Jacqueline Ng Address: Unit 701 APEC Plaza, 49 Hoi Yuen Road, Kwun Tong, Kowloon, Hong Kong Phone: +852 3971 0893 Web Address: www.jacjacholdings.com.hk/home