APAC 2018 Hong Kong Business Awards

10 APAC / 2018 Hong Kong Business Awards , HKB18006 Best Emerging Biotechnology Company 2018 Founded in 2015, Accukit typically works with local sanatoriums and clients of an older generation. The team provides therapeutic devices which are based on its clinical studies support, and this helps body musculoskeletal system regeneration; including improving physical aspects of a client’s life through exercise programs to help recover, and the improvement of strength for joints and stability, as well as general body function improvement. Corey kicks off the interview by explaining how it feels to have won this award, and what the reasons are behind its success. Corey is keen to cite the focus that the team places on technology, as well as what it attributes it possesses which helps it stand out from the company. “Here at Accukit, we always focus on various technologies and figure out the existing social problems, with not too much time on promotion and public activities, and it feels great that we could obtain some industrial award. I think focus is the most important thing, I just always know what we want, and on the other hand, my partners and professor always let me do better. “Contributing to our success, we have built a strong co-operation with the university, as well as the Prince of Wales Hospital to execute our projects. This close co-operation can help us design products with confident guarantee to our customers. Accukit is a Hong Kong Government funded biotechnology corporate comprised of a team of specialists, including Professors, PhD experts, designers, engineers and doctors. We spoke to Corey Zou as we look for an insight into the success of the company. For current solutions, many treatments are limited by human cost, high price, big size, and so on. However, our products are small in size and portable, and with our clinical results, the therapeutic effects we promise are delivered. Users can use our devices to do the treatment easily and conveniently. On the other hand, our team is consisted of talents from key fields and local and international, and our technologies should be verified in each stage to promise the best results, that is the reason we really know what people need, not just because of R&D, but because we look for what our clients want.” Crucial to the team’s success is staff’s striking ability to work together towards achieving the overall mission. Corey outlines this mission, and tells us about the current projects which the firm has undertaken in order to help it on its way to reach its targets. “Essentially, our objective is to innovate and develop smart devices for daily life with high quality and accuracy, hence to encourage healthy lifestyle as well as social efficiency. Currently, we are working with The Chinese University of Hong Kong, the Prince of Wales Hospital, industrial partners, and many sanatoriums to promise the best effects for patients and elders. After we provide our services to sanatoriums, and the feedback is good enough, we still need promote our products to whole Hong Kong market. The next step is gaining permission within Mainland China, and we hope we can provide our services and products to more people to help them live better. At the same time, we should improve our services and products, and we still have our technical reserve, which is good for other product lines, meaning it is not only for old people.” Discussing the main benefits of being based in Hong Kong, Corey believes that technology is constantly developing in the area, and thanks to the high quality of the Universities in the region, Accukit is able to thrive. “There are many young high-tech companies in Hong Kong, and we can learn from each other, as Asia’s financial centre, which is a very open market and the capital chains is also good. Hong Kong has many top Universities, and we can find good R&D results in universities and recruit very good candidates. We also have one of the best medical treatment in the world, this environment and experience could help us develop very best treatment for people. On the other hand, government has many funding to support innovation and technology, which can help us to develop the best technology. In his concluding comments, Corey tells us about the future plans of the firm, and what developments he foresees within the Hong Kong business market which the team will have to adapt around. “Ultimately, even though Hong Kong is one of the best technology cities, for marketing and for production, we should build our branch in Mainland China, and focus on the services in Mainland China. In the short- term, we plan to develop more professional devices in medicine, and in the long-term we are also considering beauty clinic services and products. “Moving forwards, I think IoT, precision medicine and the industry of caring for the elderly should not to be neglected. The only thing we should focus on is our objective, as well as focus on our service for target people.” Company: Accukit Technology Contact: Corey Zou Address: Unit 202B, 6W, Hong Kong Science Park, Shatin, N.T, Hong Kong Phone: 00852 51157556 Website: www.accukit.com