APAC 2017 Hong Kong Business Awards

, Specializing in adding strategic value to under- utilized real estate through redesign and repositioning, Gaw Capital runs an integrated business model with own in-house asset management operating platforms in retail, hospitality and property development. The firm’s investments span the entire spectrum of real estate sectors, including residential development, offices, retail malls, hospitality and logistics warehouses. Gaw Capital has raised five commingled funds targeting the Greater China and Asia Pacific region since 2005. The firm also manages opportunistic funds in Vietnam and the US along with a Pan Asia hospitality fund. Additionally, it also provides services for separate account direct investments globally. Overall, Gaw Capital has raised equity of USD$ 8.5 billion since 2005 and currently commands assets of USD$ 12 billion under management. elitesco is a Hong Kong based translation and financial compa- ny, founded and operated by professional linguists. We invited Jac- queline Ng to tell us more. Through a combination of pas- sionate attention to detail and un- derstanding of clients’ business needs and goals, elitesco has proved its commitment to pro- viding integrated solutions to ac- commodate its client’s business objectives. The firm is engaged in production of literal materials for potential and listed companies on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited for compliance pur- poses. “Here at elitesco, we primarily work in the translation of financial and legal documents from English and Chinese, and vice versa for such purposes. Through a com- bination of our passionate atten- tion to detail and understanding of our clients’ business needs and goals, elitesco is committed to provide integrated solutions to accommodate our client’s busi- ness objectives. We adopt a hu- man-asset approach, one which has brought many successful sto- ries in terms of strategic manage- ment. It is our stated intent to let our people working from home, so that we can attract quality transla- tors based in Hong Kong. “Fundamentally, elitesco is com- mitted to providing the best pos- sible language support to corpo- rates and individuals. We are well versed in the particular needs, and specialist vocabularies, of nu- merous professions and services. From financial documents to legal instruments, press releases to re- ports; elitesco is a name to trust.” Overall, the firm has enjoyed great success over recent years, and moving forward it will con- tinue to build upon its recent achievements, as Jacqueline concludes. “On the basis of successes we had achieved during the past years, we are diversifying into medical and health communica- tion industry. This will provide us with many great opportunities for growth.” Company: elitesco Communication Limited Contact: Jacqueline Ng Contact Email: [email protected] Address: 1518 Metro Centre 1, 32 Lam Hing Street, Kowloon Bay, Hong Kong Phone: 00852 3971 0893 Award for Excellence in Financial and Legal Translation N Best for Property Investments and Development Funds HKB17009 HKB17001 GawCapital Partners is a uniquely positioned private equity fundmanagement company that focuses on real estate markets in greater China and other high barrier-to-entry markets globally. We profile the firm to find out more. Contact Email: [email protected] Address: 18/F, No.68 Yee Wo Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong Phone: 00852 2583 7700 Website: www.gawcapital.com