APAC 2017 Hong Kong Business Awards

10 APAC / Hong Kong Business Awards 2017 , HKB17003 Best for Customised Asian Hedge Funds & Specialist Alternative Investment Firm of the Year 2017 Gen2 Partners (“Gen2”) is an independent alternative asset management firm in Asia, offering a range of innovative investment products to investors across the APAC region. We profile the firm to find out more. Gen2 is one of the leaders in customised Asian Hedge Funds, which includes KS Asia Absolute Return Fund IC and KS Credit Funds for Institutional Investors and Family Offices, in addition to being a trusted partner to help manage its investors’ exposure to Asia across all Asian alternative strategies. Since the firms’ inception it has grown to become among the industry leaders in customised Asian Hedge Funds for Institutional Investors and Family Offices, in addition to being a trusted partner to help manage investors’ exposure to Asia across all alternative strategies in the region. What marks Gen2 out in this competitive market is that its culture successfully combines an entrepreneurial partnership structure with a disciplined institutional investment process. As such, the firm align the interests of the investment team with our investors as much as possible. Another differentiating factor is its proprietary risk management system. This system constantly monitors investment breaches by Gen2’s Portfolio Managers. As such, the firm’s independent risk monitor firm and in-house risk team together produces monthly risk reports using state of the art risk management system, IMAGINE, that many of global banks and asset managers relying on. Risk teams produce more than 40 different kinds of risk reports per fund and tracks over factors, including VAR (Value at Risk), scenario analysis, sensitivity analysis, cross correlations, underlying asset performance, risk factor exposure (equity, fixed income and country risks), P/L attribution, liquidity analysis, tracking versus its peer group, etc. Within the Asian investment market, it is critical to keep ahead of emerging trends and developments, and therefore Gen2 Partners regularly communicates with market participants in order to ensure that its information is up to date. The firm also keep a good network of brokers, who always hold a lot of information on the industry, such as IPOs or how the market is performing. Looking ahead, many alterations to legislation in Gen2’s region are proving the firm with unique opportunities for growth. One such development is the Korean Government’s changing regulations, which now allow offshore investors greater access to its markets, as well as enabling firms such as mine to easily set up hedge fund businesses within the country. Therefore, moving forward Gen2 Partners is keen to set up a hedge fund management company in Korea, to better serve Korean institutional clients and potentially bring more talents who can contribute to generate alpha and achieve absolute returns regardless of market directions. Company: Gen2 Partners Limited Contact Email: [email protected] Address: Unit 7702B, Level 77, International Commerce Centre, 1 Austin Road West, Kowloon, Hong Kong