February 2017

Viv Allanson, named Australian CEO for 2016 is CEO of Maroba. She tells us more about how the industry has evolved over the years and what she believes it takes to make a successful leader. A Servant Leader g K February 2017 A nsider Below, L to R: / Fruity Marketing - Mango Promotions / Exploring Asian Markets - Transtar International Freight Cooling Solutions – H-E Parts International COR Cooling Continuous Innovation and Reform – iSoftStone IT (Group) Co., Ltd. Unique HR Service Delivery Soluions – AscentHR The Leading Light in the Indian Legal Industry – ALMT Legal, Advocates & Solicitors Franchising a Stronger and Profitable Future – Business Development Alliance (BDA) The Future of Technology in Education – V Training Australia World Class Real Estate – The A. J. Mason Group Builtink. Built Right. – Builtink Successful IT Initiatives – Argo Computing Services Pty Ltd