February 2017

, LaserWarriors Mobile Laser Tag is a thrilling outdoor experience, ideal for teen and kid’s birthday parties. Located in Sydney, Australia, Dean You Lee, co-founder of the firm talks to us about the fun and enjoyable experience that Laserwarriors offers. An Experience Like No Other Laserwarriors was founded in 2011 as a niche, weekend business that could involve the whole family. Over six years, it has grown to more than 40 staff, and more than 15,000 players in over 550 events have experienced our unique brand of outdoor laser tag action in the last 12 months. Laserwarriors laser tag is a high-action mobile laser tag played outdoors. With limited ammunition, health and lives, and more than a dozen game modes, Laserwarriors players become fully immersed in the game. Our staff introduce the equipment with a basic game mode and then introduce age appropriate games from our wide selection of game modes to match the players’ ability, skill level and competiveness. Dean explains more about what the company offers. “Our clients enjoy the convenience of being able to arrange an exclusive fun and energetic outdoor activity that can be held in their favourite local park or even in their backyard. Parents can easily keep an eye on the activity whilst tending the bbq, socialising with other parents or just relaxing. “Laserwarriors also works with Vacation Care services (called OOSH or Out of School Hours centres) looking for a great outdoor activity to keep energetic children occupied, school alternative sports programs (laser sports are great for developing vestibular coordination), night time wide games for scouts, sports club presentation days and community fetes. Corporates and small businesses use outdoor laser tag for team building, family days and social club activities. “We also offer a holiday period service for bowling alleys and other amusement centres who wish to augment their offering with a cost effective laser tag option during the busier holiday and Christmas periods. Our goal is to keep the players fully engaged and running during the activities.” Dean highlights what makes the firm unique in the industry and how Laserwarriors distinguishes itself from competitors. “The Laserwarriors offering is unique because most clients in Sydney associate laser tag with lurking around a dark, commercial venue with loud music playing against strangers. Most are unaware that laser tag can now be played outdoors in a quiet natural park setting with a select bunch of friends, and that it is a very active sporting activity. “People looking for a unique outdoor team based activity that everyone can safely play are immediately drawn to Laserwarriors. The activity is engaging and non-threatening and can be played in very close proximity to other groups of people – for example at a busy park or in the back garden. Groups can vary in size from a few players to large exercises with more than 40 players at a time. “From a competitive standpoint, Laserwarriors is unique in that we have been able to scale our business and run many simultaneous events around Sydney. Our staffing arrangements and compact setup ensures that we have the flexibility to deliver a consistently excellent customer experience all around Sydney, even during the really busy periods of the year. Clients who want to have an outdoor activity find our service affordable, convenient and most of all, fun and engaging.” Any business is confronted by positives and negatives which may affect growth. Dean explains the challenges and benefits of working in the APAC region. “Australia, and Sydney in particular, is a high wage cost environment with stringent labour laws. However, we have found that careful staff choice and a progressive pay structure has enhanced our business. “Staff are generally young, fit and well educated. They engage well with our clients and have a well- developed sense of responsibility and communicate well with all ages. This has enabled our business to rapidly expand the service all over Sydney. Whilst regulations and business insurance requirements are tight and costly, the environment for outdoor play is safe, with parks and public spaces generally well maintained and easily accessible.” Dean concludes our interview by telling us what we can expect in the future from Laserwarriors. “Whilst there is still plenty of growth potential in Sydney, we do believe that we have a great business model for franchisees who would like to become lifestyle business owners (as opposed to self-employed). The business model accommodates people seeking to transition from a professional career into something different. Keep an eye on this space for 2018!” K Company: LASERWARRIORS LASER TAG Name: Dean You Lee Email: [email protected] Web Address: www.laserwarriors.com.au www.facebook.com/laserwarrior Address: 12 Taylor Ave, Turramurra, NSW, Australia 2074 Telephone: +61 458 295585 AB160037

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