February 2017

, HDI, which stands for High-Desert International, is one of the leading social network marketing organizations in Asia. It offers a wide range of premiumbee-based nutritional and skincare products. Founded in the 1980s, it started out as a networkmarketing company. Today, it is a group of 22 companies in seven countries, spanning seven different industries. We profile the firmand look at the impact it has made in the industry. All Natural HDI’s mission is to give individuals the chance to be entrepreneurs by providing them with high-quality natural health and wellness products to market and the training and support they need to succeed. To solidify its position as the leader in the bee-based health supplement and skincare industry, HDI adopts the ANSA philosophy which stands for and guarantees that its products are ‘All Natural, and Scientifically Applied’. HDI is also a member of Apimondia, or the International Federation of Beekeeper’s Association. This is a global organization that promotes the scientific understanding of apiculture – something that HDI also pursues within the company. As a testament to their excellence, HDI products have also been recognized internationally among athletes and sports organizations, such as the National Sports Committee in Indonesia (KONI), the Philippine Olympic Committee (POC) and the Philippine Sports Commission (PSC). In addition, HDI has been the official Health Food Supplement sponsor of the Olympic Council of Malaysia (OCM) for the past 26 years. HDI products are also accredited by various state institutions, ensuring that all its healthcare and skincare products meet exceptional international standards. In October 2015, HDI celebrated the launch of its revolutionary anti-oxidant rich skincare range, BSKIN. Designed from the ground up to be the smartest skincare brand in the world, BSKIN empowers the customer with full knowledge of what goes into their skincare products. Developed with absolute passion, sincerity and a combined 50 years of experience in skincare technology, HDI’s unique skincare line harnesses the harmony of nature’s most effective anti-oxidant ingredients – all acting synergistically to instill balance in skin. Every single detail – texture, fragrance, quality control, stability, efficacy, was rigorously tested and graded in order to meet the highest of standards. Working with renowned Korean researchers, BSKIN powerpacks a 6CORE Antioxidant System, comprising of Vitamins C and E, coenzyme Q10, B2O, alphalipoic acid and glutathione into its products using cutting- edge technology. This potent 6CORE Antioxidant System is further enhanced by apitherapy, leveraging on HDI’s heritage and history in bee-based products. The extracts of the finest bee- based ingredients like royal jelly were mixed with pure natural Jeju spring water to create the unique, proprietary ingredient B Complex water, or B2O. BSKIN’s W Line Enriched Brightening Serum effectively inhibits melanin production and reduces pigmentation for a youthful and fresh visage. More importantly, it is also free from harmful ingredients such as parabens, sulphates, fragrances and mineral oil. With its winning products, HDI’s position as a recognized industry pioneer is further solidified. It has successfully grown its distribution network presence to more than 140 cities in Indonesia and has also set itself the goal of becoming the best Social Network Marketing Company in Indonesia by 2020. K Company: PT. Harmoni Dinamik Indonesia Name: HDI Web Address: www.hdindonesia.com Address: HDI HIVE Building, Probolinggo Street No 18, Menteng, Jakarta 10350, Indonesia Telephone: +6221 29499200 AB160032

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