February 2017

K Company: New Step International Ltd. Name: Benoit D.G. AMS Email: [email protected] Web Address: www.newstepinternational.com Address: Office S404, 35, Aberdeen Street, Central, HK Telephone: +852 2803 7664 Hands On Experience of Asia g “We then came to develop an ‘experiential learning’ type of intervention, where we typically take a group of executives for two to five days of ‘exploration’, where we typically integrate company visits, seminars and expert presentations. Travelling together a group of western executives in China to have them to understand the local realities is an eye-opening experience for them, and a very strong team builder. This is today the type of service for which we have most requests.” At the moment, New Step International has a healthy, client base of western multi-national companies, however the firm aims to grow their client base as more and more local companies go global. With this in mind, the future looks positive for New Step.

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