February 2017

, Bonnies Dog Obedience has trained thousands of dogs to live in total harmony with their human families all over the world. We invited Val Bonney to tell us more about the firmand its innovative approach. Leading the Way in Dog Training Bonnies Dog Obedience has been providing dog obedience training in Brisbane, Australia and internationally for almost 40 years, and have honed an approach which is geared around supporting dogs and their owners, as Val outlines. “Bonnies is a Dog Training organisation that exists to assist people to own dogs and teach them how to live in harmony. Our services are geared around the betterment of what it means to own a dog, and to provide a companion that can be loved by the whole family. It is really a people training Industry that we are and have been involved with all these years. We love dogs and thereby want them loved by their owners. “As such our overall mission is to ensure that all dogs trained with us become the companion dog the owner requires. All our training is geared towards achieving this result. Dogs need to learn to live with their owner or family and not the other way around. This is our prime concern which we aim to achieve with our education of the owner/ handler and the training of their dog.” Over the years the dog training industry has changed a great deal, and as such Val is keen to outline how her firm has adapted to these developments in order to better serve the dogs and owners that it supports. “The dog training industry has changed in many ways since our inception. New ideas and methods are now being taught, some good some not so good. While we maintain our solid background in methodology, we certainly take on board any new ideas and ways that are out there. We sort out what we consider the good from the bad, and often make a mix. It certainly appears to work for us as our classes are growing and some others seem to be dwindling.” As a group of some 12 trainers and five trainees, Val and her staff talk together over morning tea every Saturday morning. Consequently, over the years the group have formed a very good bond and can confirm the old saying the people who talk together stay together. When there is no dissention from the top the rest do not have any problems, so each and every person can and does give of their best. Any client has total access to staff by phone, and are welcome to ring with any problem they may be having, ensuring that their needs are always met and they always feel supported. Moving forward, Val is seeking to support the continuation of her legacy, seeking her family’s support in order to build upon the firm’s current success. “Moving forward myself and husband Bruce will be looking to retire from the business, and as such my son, Peter Bonney and grandson, Christian Bonney will take over from us when we retire along with other members of the family. They will continue with the distribution of the three (3) books and two (2) DVDs I have written and published. The first book “Who’s the Boss?” has sold over 52,000 copies and the 2nd “Are you still the Boss”? is well on its way and the 3rd Book “HeyBaby- Who’s the boss?” is again a potentially best seller. With over 20,000 dogs either euthanized or re-homed in 2012 when people bought babies home where a dog was already in residence it was time for this book to be written. It gives people the understanding that dogs and babies can live together if boundaries are set prior to babies coming home. “These three books and two DVDs together make the best educational package every dog owner could and should have. We need to understand our canine companion. He’s not human and therefore we need to learn about him if we are to successfully have the friend and companion we need.” K Company: Bonnies Dog Obedience Phone: +61 7 3300 2959 Mobile: 0417631246. Email: [email protected] Website: www.bonnies.com.au 1701AP12

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