February 2017

K Company: Business Development Alliance (BDA) Name: Mark Fernandez Email: [email protected] Web Address: www.bda-online.com.au Address: Level 2, Suite 6a, 47 Kishorn Road Applecross , WA 6153 Telephone: (08) 9364 3811 Franchising a Stronger and Profitable Future g of businesses, employs over 470,000 people and contributes over $B146 in revenue to the Australian Economy. Griffiths University estimate that the number of Franchise systems in Australia will grow to around 1,344 by 2020. “The industry is growing moderately; however, the constant need to reinvent and build a sustainable model will become an even bigger challenge as we enter a new dawn in online sales and digital technologies. We have seen large brands disappear overnight, partly because of the lack of understanding to what franchising brings. Boards and management are faced with diminishing margins, tougher customer service expectations and government regulation, all of which requires high level thinking and operational deployment.” In order to stay ahead of evolving developments in the industry, Mark describes that BDA communicates with many different parties. This gives them a good overview of the industry. “As an active Chapter Committee Member of the Franchise Council of Australia, we keep abreast of the current issues facing the sector. BDA prides itself on its local knowledge and understanding of the market trends and what is happening in this space. We are in constant communications with our Alliance Partners throughout Australian and New Zealand. We have a thirst for current best practice, processes, frameworks from other franchising countries: Canada, UK, USA.” Ultimately, BDA has an exciting time ahead in the industry. Mark tells us what they have planned. “This is an exciting time for us at BDA, we are growing our firm and look to develop some exciting brands into the Australian Market. With our franchising, retail property and leasing, people and performance and our digital training platforms, we believe that future systems can only benefit from our passion for success.” • Give – help others first and always • Value Community – always put something back • Honesty & Integrity – no compromises • No Packaging – direct and open advice • Trust - trust others and seek to be trusted • Educate – inform and educate the uneducated • Adhere to the known – focus on our strengths • Care – do it and mean it • When to say NO – know when we can’t help • Openness – total transparency • Relationships – value the ‘relationships’ • Respect – always and to everyone

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