February 2017

30 APAC / February 2017 , AB160042 Franchising a Stronger and Profitable Future Business Development Alliance (BDA) works with business owners to identify any areas of their organisation that are not realising their full potential and help them to build a stronger, sustainable andmore profitable future. Mark Fernandez, Director, explains to us the firm’s objectives and how they stay ahead of changes in the industry. Business Development Alliance (BDA) is one of Australia’s leading franchise consultancy firm specialising in developing franchise systems and assisting current franchisors and franchisees with ‘best practice’ operations. Mark tells us how the firm pride themselves on their ability to work shoulder to shoulder with clients to achieve the very best outcomes. “Our strength lies in the ability to tailor our services to the individual business needs by carefully combining the business’ current strengths and capabilities with our proven business development strategies and knowledge of the market. “The core elements of the BDA strategy are the pursuit of uncompromised excellence and to create a network of franchise experts in all key regions of our target market. Our creed, Strategise, Systemise, Commercialise is clear evidence of the driving culture and core strategy that is employed across all that we do and stand for. “The benefits of this include a resolute commitment to the selection of only the right profile of clients and the determination by all team members to provide nothing short of excellence in our approach to all facets of our work and the transparent nature of our relationships both internal and external. “The BDA strategy embraces the recognition that all businesses need a strategic direction, coupled with the flexibility to enable quick adaptation to market changes. This flexibility has been one of the key hallmarks of our success.” BDA offers services such as international growth strategies, franchise system development, franchise recruitment, franchisor coaching/mentoring, field visit services/training, retail leasing and property services and digital training and e-learning systems. Mark outlines what the company does to be seen as the best possible option for clients. “Our role today is to firstly form alliances with our clients, big and small, then work alongside them, to explore strategic growth opportunities and test whether or not franchising is a suitable platform upon which to formulate their future plans. “Our proprietary business model assessment tools include systemic analysis, financial forecasting and modelling together with a range of business management and development tools that are each combined to test the client’s business for the necessary robust nature and Franchisability. “Our goal is to first measure a range of business and proprietary elements against those which experience shows are the cornerstone of successful franchising. Once completed the outcome is a fully developed franchise system which has a strategic plan, an extensively documented operational model and a financial plan to guide the implementation process. We also provide additional support by way of our In-house ‘Business Development Coach’ (BDC) coaching services, during the implementation phase.” BDA understands that they have to be competitive in a challenging market. Mark explains why he believes they stand out from their competitors. “We like to think of Franchising as learning another language. It’s our role to educate you, your team and your stakeholders in understanding all the different nuances that learning brings. We look to build a culture of franchising within your organisation and develop your leadership team and advisors along the journey. We demystify and bring clarity to complex situations that can only be achieved through experience and industry knowledge. Our aim is to make you the industry leader in your category and have a sustainable working model that builds your asset for the future. We bring high energy level and out of the box strategic thinking to your business.” “Currently, there are over 1,120 Franchise Systems in Australia, estimated 79,000 units

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