February 2017

, BUILT INK. BUILT RIGHT. Builtink is a solution based building company specialising in tailored, time focused, aesthetically driven functional design and construction. Michael Little speaks to us about what this Building Company offers to clients in the region. “The firm’s services attract developers and owner occupiers requiring a cost- effective solution to their Industrial Warehouse projects. We custom design their built environment to fit their work needs to either improve productivity through space or improve work flow in Administration areas.” We spoke to Michael Little from the firm to find out more. “Builtink consists of two divisions a BUILT division focused on strategic, time-lined construction and an INK division focused on design solutions . Both are specialists within their fields and are supported by our administration to ensure smooth processing of all projects. “Our key focuses within the company is to provide comprehensive, tailored, solution and service based design and construction for the Industrial & Commercial sector. We achieve this through sustainable partnerships with clients and professional trade services. Builtink guarantee the above through maintaining quality control and practices within our company, subcontractor agreements, relevant training and insurances; ensuring all health, safety and environmental systems are priorities on all sites; and logical design practices to help reduce cost and time on site during the construction phase. “In the current market, strategic planning for growth is essential. You cannot take the same approach to construction that was done ten years ago, the industry has changed. It is filled with challenges highly influenced by the mining sector (in WA). “This has provided Builtink with no better time to evolve and implement key performance goals. Sticking with our focus we have implemented further strategies within our estimating and construction phases to help compensate for reduced profit margins and fewer clients in the market. Keeping our highly qualified team ‘tight’ allows us to reduce many issues within a business including expenses, communication breakdown and time.” In order to be a successful CEO in the region, Michael shares some of the challenges he has faced in the industry. “Having previously setup and managed a successful, award winning architectural practice provided some exposure to well organised building companies. I was able to target their weaknesses and provide a solution for the client based on their feedback. Recruiting experienced staff members was crucial in the setup of this organisation. “With the downturn in the Industrial market for 2016 presented many challenges as cost cutting became the norm across a number of Industries. Builtink was able to maintain its staff levels by looking outside the box and completing various different types of projects through our existing network of clients.” From this, Michael talks about the APAC region, along with how it has changed over the years. This has affected business during a difficult economic period. “Western Australia is a major player in the resource sector for the APAC Region. With a downturn in this market over recent years several key Sectors are experiencing challenges. Residential and Commercial Construction are just two sectors experiencing this downturn. “We have seen cost sensitivity over 2016 as a critical factor in decision making for both clients, tenants, purchasers, builders and trades. Builtink has worked hard to maintain its quality of service and finish through our company motto- BUILT INK, BUILT RIGHT. This is critical for our reputation whilst still providing extremely cost competitive pricing for our clients. “As Western Australia is the only state currently experiencing a downturn, we see this as a golden opportunity for investment over the next ten years. State infrastructure projects forecast major growth for this state over the next decade and Builtink plan to be a major part of that growth. “The APAC region present exciting opportunity for major collaborations of networks. As it continues to grow at a much faster pace than Australia, we see many advantages to working together with clients to develop portfolios in a very stable Country and Government. New Trade Agreements are making it easier to work together in both supply or investment possibilities as many customers seek to make Australia a home away from home. “Many state laws have heavily taxed the purchase of Residential property for foreign investors to stem the growth of purchasers. Victoria will have a 7% foreign investor surcharge on residential stamp duty (increasing from the current 3%). From 1 January 2017, the existing 0.5% land tax surcharge has increased to 1.5%. New South Wales will have a 4% foreign investor surcharge on residential stamp duty and a 0.75% land tax surcharge. Western Australia currently presents no surcharges on residential stamp duty or land tax for foreign investment. This demonstrates great opportunity long term for astute investors from the APAC region.” Michael finishes our interview by outlining his plans for the future. “As CEO I plan to complete many developments this year for both clients and partners. Builtink plans to create some further partnerships and networks with clients in the Asian Pacific region as they wish to expand in alternative markets. “As a family business consisting of two brothers, I plan to incorporate as many opportunities for training and educating of family members to help maintain that family feel throughout our business. I aim to keep our key values and focus as the core of the business to ensure we keep on track for our company goals.”

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