February 2017

, Mango is an experiential marketing, event management and staffing agency, based in South Australia. Managing Director, Larnie Baldock speaks to us about what the firm can offer clients. Fruity Marketing Larnie Baldock is a passionate, driven and enthusiastic leader. In this interview, she explains her expertise has helped Mango to grow in to the company it is today. Firstly, she chats to us about what the company can provide to clients. “Through experiential marketing we bring to life your brand by creating exciting, unique and fun experiences. We work with a broad range of clients from the alcohol industry, cosmetic, service and one of our absolute favourites food. We are very passionate about the food industry in SA we see a great growth in this area and love the opportunity to showcase SA’s exceptional food options. Along with experiential marketing concepts, we are well known for our events that always have a creative flair and attention to detail. “Originally starting just as a simple staffing agency we now see that as just a small part of our company and have now developed the one stop shop that we have always dreamt about. Our passion lies with Event Management and Marketing, moving forward Mango will have a major focus on establishing themselves as market leaders in these avenues.” Mango puts its clients first and will move mountains to ensure they get the result they desire. Larnie explains how she has kept her herself motivated in order to help clients get the outcome they desire. “I love what I do, not only do I get to be creative and work on many different brands and engage with clients from all backgrounds and help make their brands successful, I also through our staffing arm, get to see our brand ambassadors change, they become empowered after working with us and so many of them have gone on to be very successful in their careers.” The industry and the APAC region have both presented challenges for Mango. Larnie describes what these challenges are and what the firm has done to stay current in the market. “SA is not the easiest state to make your mark in, we are the highest taxed state in Australia and quite often seen too small to compete with eastern seaboards. Social media has had a massive impact on our industry, we have had to change and develop our marketing and event management plans to incorporate the use of social media. Also, technology is becoming key in our industry, keeping up to date with social media options is a must and having the latest technology at your fingertips is vital to get the most out of your concepts.” Looking to the future, Larnie sees herself continuing the work she has done with Mango. As well as her personal aims, Larnie tells us all about the firms plans for the future. “Hopefully on a yacht cruising the Greek islands! My passion is Mango so I cannot see myself stepping down in five years. I will be strengthening and furthering our reach so by doing this I will need to use my skills to mentor a candidate into my role and assist with many of my duties. “As a company, we will develop ourselves as a market leader in experiential marketing and event management nationally. We are currently seeking support from the South Australian food industry and look forward to becoming a marketing hub, where we can utilize different brands to showcase the amazing talent we have in SA. Mango is currently very successful at incorporating and pairing our SA brands and would like to grow this concept further. “Mango is a can do agency, we listen to our clients, learn about their companies and create unique marketing and event management experiences that are aligned with their brand. Through this ideal we have established and maintained great working relationships with our clients, many of who have been with us since I started Mango 11 years ago and have now changed from clients to family.” K Company: Mango Promotions Name: Larnie Baldock Email: [email protected] Web Address: www.mangopromotions.com.au Address: PO Box 33 Blackwood SA 5051 Telephone: 0404 702 177 1701AP37

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