February 2017

22 APAC / February 2017 , Argo Computing Services Pty Ltd are aMelbourne based software development company. They are passionate about building solutions which allow clients to conduct business electronically, using the most advancedmethods and techniques available to IT. Boris Petukhov speaks to us about howhis experience has helped the company grow. Successful IT Initiatives Argo Computing Services was established in 1998. Since then, participants of the company have been involved in numerous business and IT implementations for a range of Australian clients across various industry sectors. These include: - • Telecommunication • Education • Finance - Lending • Finance – Wealth Management / Trading • Finance - Insurance / Payroll • Health • Retail • Transport and Logistics • Manufacturing • Utilities Boris Petukhov explains what his role and responsibilities are as well as how his skills have strengthened Argo Computing. “I’m the principal consultant and owner of this company and been in the role since 1998. In the core of our business, one can find solid experience in successful delivery of multiple business and IT initiatives in a very diverse problem domain environment.” “In 1983, I wrote my first computer program using language called ISO 7 bit and it was used for metal processing in an agricultural machinery manufacturing plant. These early studies and industry experiences have become a foundation upon which I’ve built up all my knowledge and expertise.” “I’m passionate about applying my knowledge and skills to solve real world problems on a daily basis. Seeing this positive impact keeps me motivated and rewarded. My strong technical background complemented by extensive industry experience and supported by innovative approach to everything we do has helped Argo to be successful.” Boris is currently in the process of writing his PhD thesis with Victoria University- Melbourne, Australia - in the area of Artificial Intelligence applied to Operational Management Optimisation, titled ‘Operational Scheduling with Business Modelling and Genetic Algorithms’. He discusses this research with us. “Whether one is applying Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK), Projects in Controlled Environment (PRINCE2) or Agile project delivery approach to their project/program/portfolio management, initial development and following maintenance of effective schedules is paramount to overall success of any initiative. Scheduling in complex and large problem domains is resource consuming and challenging. It becomes especially difficult when project conditions often change within relatively short time periods. Failure to timely respond to this change will results in all sorts of problems occurring in a given management space.” “This study developed a new planning and scheduling method which helps managers to address challenges they face in their day to day work. The proposed approach employs Business Modelling and Genetic Algorithms (GA). It is anticipated, that not only will this research project deliver a new project scheduling method; it will also show some improvements and innovations in engineering and business contexts of this study.” This method is now fully developed, patented (AusPat reference number 2016200960) and tested in an industry setting. Boris finishes the interview by sharing his thoughts on what companies from the APAC region may find useful in order to help their business, including the implementation of technology. “In my opinion, managers in APAC and other regions should use current advances in technology to improve and streamline their operations. This approach should allow improving their bottom line without having to generate more sales, reduce the number of staff or increase the current pricing of their offerings. Technology is extremely important as it allows us to implement the advances in science and scale this application to the sizes and domains which current business environment require.” Looking to the future, Boris plans to complete his PhD project and continue working on implementing the method developed within that study, in organisations in APAC region. K Company: Argo Computing Services Pty Ltd Name: Boris Petukhov Email: [email protected] Web Address: www.argocomputing.com.au Address: PO Box 145, Chadstone Centre, Chadstone, VIC 3148, Australia Telephone: +61 419 115 480 1701AP30

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