February 2017

20 APAC / February 2017 , 1701AP15 Exploring Asian Markets AnnieMeyer, Asia CEO and Group Board Director at Transtar talks to us about how the group is doing business in the freight and logistics market. Transtar is an international freight and logistics company, specialising in the provision of end-to-end solutions for importers and exporters doing business throughout Asia. The business also has extensive experience in European and American markets. Headquartered in Melbourne and with Group Board Director, Annie Meyer heading up the Asia Head Office in Hong Kong, the group has a network of 18 offices located throughout China, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand and Europe. Asia CEO, Annie Meyer spoke to us about what the group provides, along with their approach to client service. “The network – strategically located in ten of the top 12 container ports of the world – provides Transtar with an integrated model whereby Transtar people and facilities control and manage cargo movements across the entire supply chain. Our dedicated teams provide local insight, scale and value-added initiatives to our customers across a range of industries. “The group’s belief that every customer has an individual map for their logistics needs has long been the mantra that has clearly served us well. Understanding the needs of the customer by offering personalised options in saving process and manual data input time has been pivotal in automating systems. “As a growing innovative company, we want the ability to grow and innovate with like-minded businesses. Our relationship with our customers is truly unique. We not only help them to proposer by streamlining logistics and supply chains – we help them reinvent their business operations.” Over the last five years, Transtar has opened for business in nine new markets across Asia, including Ningbo, Qingdao, Singapore, Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur – however their aspirations do not stop there. Annie explains what the group’s mission entails and how this helps them to stand out as the best possible option for clients. “Our mission has long been to be the best service provider in our space whilst adding value across the customers supply chain. We do this by being physically hands on in all our offices and not enlisting third parties to fulfil the customer’s requirements. Detailed SOPs are continuously being tweaked as the customer’s businesses evolve; the reengineering never stops being assessed. “Our Transtar Asia infrastructure has been a step change for our customers both new and long term in truly providing personal levels of attention at all points of the supply chain which in turn allows us to offer true end to end logistics transparency. “Our significant growth over the last three decades can largely be attributed to our unique service offering. We have a fully integrated business model where our people and facilities can control and manage cargo movements across the entire supply chain – we go way beyond port-to-port; we can take you door-to-door.” Annie is a pioneer in creating and leading an Australian international logistics business in China, and continues to demonstrate to other women that anything is possible if you are driven and motivated. Transtar’s representation of female managers/leaders is second to none in the industry. All four directors of the business travel extensively throughout the international office network to meet with staff, customers and stakeholders. Staff members from all parts of the business also travel regularly between national and international offices which provides regular contact between operational and management teams, ongoing training and assessment, maintains alignment between China and Australia and ensures a strong sense of the Transtar corporate culture. Annie concludes the interview by giving us a brief overview of the developments she foresees in the market and what Transtar has planned for future growth.

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