February 2017

K Company Name: Ascent Consulting Services Pvt. Ltd. Management: Subramanyam S, Founder and CEO, Geeta L, Co-founder and COO Description: AscentHR provides 360-degree management solutions with services like payroll and benefits, consulting and compliance and automation tools for an enhanced HR service. URL: www.ascent-online.com Unique HR Service Delivery Soluions g suite of products or services for HR Service Delivery which covers enterprise HR Management System on the cloud supported by an efficient managed service of Payroll and Benefits Administration in addition to Compliance Management and Consulting Support, which are managed services. All of these tools and services complete the transactional and strategic part of HR service delivery which makes them a niche company, setting them apart from others. Another factor where AscentHR differs is in their ability to provide a unified and integrated platform not just for India, but many countries worldwide. It is this unique platform that they bring to the table, making them relevant for global mobility which has helped them in establishing presence in 25 countries around the world. Tactics That Cracked Challenges Essentially, AscentHR believes in the 3A’s - Accuracy, Adaptability and Accountability, thus ensuring customer delight and proficiency in every task. They believe that it is necessary to put themselves in the shoes of the client when they deliver HR services and hence they try to be accurate, adaptable and accountable in everything they deliver. Meeting client needs and providing solutions are in the DNA of all professionals at AscentHR. Across the globe, HR is a non- standard practice and is quite unique to each industry or entity. For this reason, it is necessary to work around and try to see how to reflect the ambitions and aspirations of that particular entity and its human resource in an interactive manner, ensuring a path to excellence. That’s one of the key elements of the issue. At AscentHR, they believe that by offering their own solutions they have the advantage of being adaptable, an option which would be lost to them had they used inflexible third party solutions. Therefore, flexibility, agility and adaptability are something that they keenly bring to the table and this has been something that has helped them overcome obstacles. It also has the advantage of providing such solutions in a short span of time. At AscentHR, their inherent approach to assist a client in any function always provides the best combination of skills and knowledge resulting in an excellent outsourcing service or solution Relation with Clients Traditionally, AscentHR have been a company that is into outsourcing which means that they try to take enterprise clients and manage services which has been the storyboard of their enterprise so far. In addition to that, they provide services in the form of staffing and training. They also have value addition in terms of their new SMB solution, i.e. Small Business Solutions, which is more like a software service in the cloud which is unique in terms of its approach. This has probably been born out of the experience that AscentHR has dealing with enterprises. Due to this, they are familiar with the pain points, the challenges and the tough tasks that lie ahead of the HR Service Delivery. This has led to a kind of combined expertise which has been implemented in this. So they believe that by next year they should be on track for being the fastest growing company by scaling their worldwide presence. In their opinion, they should be able to do at least 200 clients in the current year. AscentHR have implemented a very large HRO solution for an enterprise which has more than 65,000 employees ensuring their capability in handling large companies. This is a unique experience as far as India is concerned. In short, one can say that they are Industry agnostic, Size agnostic, Practice agnostic. AscentHR values and nurtures every relationship. They always meet client needs and provide solutions which are in the DNA of all Ascentians. AscentHR Consulting’s Future Perspective Having established their presence in India, AscentHR has placed their feet in 27 countries around the world at this point of time and are confident that the volume of business in these 27 countries will scale up rapidly at the same time scaling the number of countries as they grow. AscentHR position themselves as an Asian competitor to major global players today and are looking forward to becoming an Asian solution to global players in the future.