February 2017

14 APAC / February 2017 , 1702AP04 Unique HR Service Delivery Soluions Ascent was Founded in 2002 by two professionals from the fields of Law and Finance, Subramanyamand Geeta L. Subramanyam, is the Founder President and CEO of Ascent. We looked at what the firmhas done in the industry to stay successful. Human Resource Practice has been a very dynamic and ever growing repertoire of knowledge and keeping oneself updated with that is a daunting task. Likewise, People Management is a key business function that has direct impact on competitiveness, efficiency of operations, and long-term profitability of an organization. Which is why, organizations have been investing enormous time and resources in the HR function, which diverts focus from the organization’s core business. To keep pace with the ongoing changes and also to refresh oneself on certain fundamental issues, Ascent Consulting Services (AscentHR) provides this information in a simple and lucid way. They are continuously striving to keep this information updated and useful to every professional engaged in People Practice. Inception and Growth Story Headquartered in Bangalore, AscentHR precisely addresses this anomaly through its 360-degree HR Management Solutions that transform the HR service delivery. While these solutions accomplish cost reduction, greater efficiencies and improved quality, their larger effort is aimed at improving organizational efficiency and not just creating incremental change. AscentHR has achieved this by building the right mix of skills and knowledge required for an effective Outsourced HR Management function. Their solutions employ a matrix of technology, domain expertise, streamlined business workflow, and highly skilled people to create tangible, measurable, performance improvements throughout the client’s organization. AscentHR believes that People Practice is an ongoing voyage of discovery, learning and development. The challenges and evolutions that confront Human Resource professionals and organizations are ones that rise and fall with the changing tides of business and people needs. No single solution can address all challenges or meet the needs of HR professionals across different industries. AscentHR is recognized as one of the most trusted partners in this business by clients around the world. They work as an extension of their client’s business. Their management and delivery teams are passionate about building efficiencies in their clients’ business. Trailblazer of AscentHR Consulting Ascent Consulting took birth under the eminent leadership of Subramanyam S, Founder and CEO. Subbu is a corporate lawyer and a Fellow member of the Institute of Company Secretaries of India. He had close to two decades of experience in Finance, Legal, Tax and Business Management. He has worked in these areas for 14+ years in various corporates as a passionate professional before venturing to be an entrepreneur in setting up Ascent Consulting Services Pvt. Ltd in the year 2002. Subbu moved AscentHR up in the value chain, through right mode of organic growth and some acquisitions, into an information technology solutions and services company while enlarging the outsourcing business across India. His past experience includes exposures in Advani Oerlikon group, Shonk Technologies in Finance, HR and Corporate Legal Services. He has a good understanding of Finance, Treasury management, and Indian Legal frameworks, has an excellent grasp in managing IT/IT enabled services and covered all critical business areas in terms of Business Strategy, Sales and Marketing, and Product Development. Also, he has hands on exposure to domain in HR, Finance, Software Development and Managing Mergers/Acquisitions. Peerless Services Propounded AscentHR Consulting is essentially an HR Solutions company providing 360-degree HR Management Solutions that addresses growing business demands. Their solutions are industry agnostic while meeting specific needs of any vertical. AscentHR Consulting works with unmatched zeal and passion to make their work possible resulting in the successful interventions handled by them. The company always makes larger efforts aimed at improving organizational efficiency and not just creating incremental change. In addition to AscentHR’s HR Outsourcing strengths, the company has an HR Automation suite that is built over a knowledge base of vast experience and real life scenarios. Its HR Automation suite comprises of five different applications: PowerHR – A fully integrated comprehensive real time enterprise HR delivery system covering all aspects from Hire to Retire. Stohrm – It is an efficient and easy tool for HR Hygiene Management for small and medium business enterprises and includes an interactive Employee/Manager Self Service. PowerPay – Payroll processing application which has multi country, multi-location, multi- currency and multi company capabilities while addressing regulatory environment of each location or country. PowerCMS – A comprehensive Compliance Management application for India with specific focus on HR Compliances. Strength and Proficiency AscentHR provides solutions, rounded completely for all needs of a comprehensive HR service delivery. They offer several services that are unique and not offered by many of their competitors. They have a full