February 2017

12 APAC / February 2017 , 1701AP07 H-E Parts International - Cooling Solutions H-E Parts International COR Cooling is Australia’s largest provider of industrial cooling solutions for the mining industry with facilities in Perth, Kalgoorlie, Adelaide, Hunter Valley, Mackay and its head office is in Brisbane, Queensland. Warren discusses howhe has become an award winning CEO forMining, Manufacturing and Design. H-E Parts COR Cooling is the only national solutions provider of industrial heat transfer equipment, service and engineered products. COR is now the market leader working closely with the world’s largest mining companies and associated industries including BHP, RIO Tinto, FMG, Glencore, Peabody and many others. Warren gives us an insight into what COR Cooling now does that’s made such a difference to the company and also discusses his approach to customer service excellence and positioning the company to become the market leader. “We recognised that the market was seeking alternative options to the OEM that delivered increased value through superior aftermarket capabilities and service. At COR, we have strategically positioned the company to offer the customer exactly that. COR’s cooling systems are not only more cost effective, they are more readily available at short notice, with improved design features that provide longer serviceable life, improved reliability and are more efficient whilst reducing operating costs and minimising equipment down time.” “Strong leadership and improved operational management along with the successful implementation of strategy were the key turning points of COR’s success. In addition to this, a range of improved operational processes and systems have also been implemented such as ISO Accreditation in International Standards, the consolidation of a multiple site business model, health and safety management standards, marketing and branding strategy and a greater focus on customer service excellence.” Warren acknowledges that the industry has changed, and is continuing to change. He discusses with us what the major challenges are at the moment. “We must continue to be innovative with our products and our business model so we can provide increased value to our customers which in turn will drive our revenue growth in the future.” “The way business is done these days is everchanging. We are finding it is harder to engage directly with customers face to face. Customer relationships are slowly being replaced with systems and processes. The market is trying to diminish our unique capabilities and advantages by commoditizing our value proposition through aggressive procurement tactics that attempt to drive prices down. The challenge therefore is to work harder on strategies and maintain close contact with our customers so that we stay in the number one position. Aside from changes in the industry, Warren also notes the issues which are affecting business in the APAC region. “I see the future as positive and exciting in the region. I see more collaboration and trade between the regional countries as necessary and logical with greater cooperation. The weaknesses, however rests with the lack of leadership, vision and cooperation here within the Australian political landscape.” “Asia has now become the major player in determining the future demand of metallurgical and thermal coal resources from Australia. Domestic policy coupled with cyclical demand for these energy and steel producing resources from Australia will continue to have a significant impact on their commodity prices in the future.” “Other challenges have included the management of our supply chain in the region, logistics management and foreign exchange rates fluctuations.” Technology however, is key to COR Cooling’s success. The company uses the most innovative technology in order to stay ahead of the competition and grow in a competitive sector as Warren explains. “Technology and innovation are paramount to our past and future success. The larger mobile mining fleets are becoming larger, autonomous and more advanced. As a solution provider, we must adapt and be able to provide the most advanced and leading edge products and capabilities. Technology has made a habit of turning ‘slow to react’ companies into dinosaurs in the past and it is more than likely that some companies will get caught out in the future if they don’t keep up. This is why I have introduced innovation as an integral part of the DNA within our organisation, CEO of the Year - Mining, Manufacturing and Design