December 2017

APAC / December 2017 5 NEWS , On the 6th Decem- ber 2017, the lead- ing global provider of connectivity products and services for avi- ation, Gogo recently announced the appointment of Alexis Girin as vice president of Asia Pacific (APAC) Sales. Girin has 15 years of international experience in airline IT business development, sales and account management, most recently as the Amadeus Account Director for Singapore Airline Group de- veloping a long term IT partner- ship designed to increase airline revenues, which included a next generation revenue manage- ment system, personalization and a merchandising platform. At Amadeus, he worked across several regions including Europe, the Middle East and Asia Pacific. Before relocating to Asia Pacific in 2011, Alexis spent seven years based in Nice, France where he led an airline IT sales strategy that included digital platforms such as e-commerce, mobile and passenger service systems. “Moving to Gogo was a strategic decision to help shape the future of inflight connectivity in APAC and transform the airline passen- ger digital experience. I am ex- tremely excited by the opportunity to create a new inflight touch point that allows airlines to deploy their merchandising and personaliza- tion strategies using Gogo’s high speed 2Ku connectivity, open API platform and open network,” says Alexis Girin. “Airlines have been dreaming about getting closer to their passengers inflight. By connecting the aircraft, airlines will have a unique opportunity to serve their guests, and their crew and to learn more about them and to increase ancillary sales by dis- tributing relevant digital content and offering unique experiences that will turn these guests into airline brand advocates in the fu- ture.” Girin will lead sales efforts in the APAC region from Singapore and will report to Gogo’s SVP of Inter- national Sales, Niels Steenstrup. “Gogo is committed to serving our airline partners in APAC and growing our business in this re- gion by selling 2Ku, which is the leading global connectivity solu- tion designed the meet the needs of aviation,” said Niels Steen- strup. “Alexis is a passionate and influential business leader with a proven track record of success and is the perfect fit to lead our sales efforts in Asia Pacific.” Gogo currently provides high- speed inflight connectivity ser- vices to Cathay Pacific, Cathay Dragon, Delta Air Lines, Japan Airlines, Japan Transoceanic Air and Virgin Australia in the Asia Pacific region. Alexis Girin Joins Gogo as Vice President of Asia Pacific Sales Leading global provider of connectivity products and services for aviation, Gogo recently announced the appointment of Alexis Girin as vice president of Asia Pacific (APAC) Sales. N On the 7th December, China Finance Online Co. Limited, a leading web-based financial services company that provides Chinese retail investors with online access to securities trading services, wealth manage- ment products, investment advi- sory services, as well as financial database and analytics services to institutional customers, an- nounced its ceremonial signing of a strategic cooperation agreement with the leading brokerage firm in China, CITIC Securities. At the signing ceremony, China Fi- nance Online and CITIC Securities announced that both parties will be committed to a long-term and comprehensive strategic cooper- ation on investment advisory and wealth management services by applying more intelligent finance technologies. Mr. Zhiwei Zhao, CEO and Chair- man of China Finance Online commented, “In this day and age of the convergence of technology and finance, the competing area among Chinese brokerage firms is gradually moving from commission to the depth of services. The com- panies create more value for users get to retain customers and attract new customers through word-of- mouth. We have witnessed that science and technology enable a significant improvement of ser- vices which produce the ultimate benefits for customers. As an un- disputed industry leader, CITIC securities foresaw this trend and made this strategic plan to em- power its investment advisers with financial technology to improve services in the midst of broaden- ing its brokerage business to the wealth management business.” Under the agreement, both parties will cooperate in the area of invest- ment advisory services, and China Finance Online will provide CITIC Securities’ investment advisors with our proprietary cloud-based software products. Both parties will cooperate to carry out intelli- gent asset allocation research to enhance their wealth management capabilities. Using the philosophy that “science and technology to promote service, service to promote efficiency”, CIT- IC Securities as the industry leader has made Fintech a core priority to enhance its investment advisory services, and to promote the tran- sition of the brokerage business to the wealth management business. Mr. Xinli Yu, managing director and the executive director of the mar- ket research department of CITIC Securities, commented, “Limited by scale, efficiency and cost, the traditional brokerage and invest- ment advisory services cannot meet the huge and rapid growth of the wealth management needs of more than 100 million Chinese re- tail investors, who have not access to professional investment advi- sory services. The combination of financial service with artificial intel- ligence, big data, cloud computing and other technologies, will greatly enhance the investment advisers’ research capacity and service effi- ciency. We look forward to working with China Finance Online to ex- tend our market leadership.” CITIC Securities Limited, a com- prehensive securities company ap- proved by the China Securities and Regulatory Commission (CSRC), has a wide range of financial prod- ucts, services, corresponding core financial support system. CITIC Securities is committed to provid- ing customers with convenient, fast and safe financial services. CITIC’s total assets and operating income are ranked No. 1 in China.