December 2017

38 APAC / December 2017 , 1712AP06 Plants for the Future Generations SWAWater Australia Pty Ltd (“SWA”) is an Environmental Engineering company which designs and constructs Industrial Wastewater Treatment Plants. We profile the business as we look to find out about its services and future aspirations. Founded in 2006, SWA is based in Sydney, Australia where it has a new factory equipped with modern equipment for the manufacture of SWA’s products, predominantly in Stainless Steel. The SWA Water Group also includes companies in Malaysia and Thailand, and has Agents and Business Partners throughout South East Asia. More than half of SWA’s business is out of Australia. SWA’s plants are operating in 20 countries across five continents, from Nigeria to Mongolia to Peru. Analysing its services, SWA maintains a strong research focus on Product Development, with continuous product improvement being one of the hallmarks of SWA’s success. Boasting experience and a variety of certifications, SWA is a Quality Certified company to ISO 9001:2015. The Quality Control program required under ISO 9001:2015 provides SWA’s customers with that level of confidence that they are dealing with a reliable and responsible company. As a result, SWA enjoys many repeat projects from its many Customers. Furthermore, alongside its impressive track record, SWA has a range of equipment used for wastewater treatment. SWA’s key equipment includes CPI Oil Separators, DAF (Dissolved Air Flotation) & DGF (Dissolved Gas Flotation) Units, DAF Thickeners, Solids Separators, Lamella separators, Hi-rate solids separators and other ancillary equipment. Primarily, SWA’s business falls into two main areas; the manufacturing and sales of the company’s core and related products, as well as undertaking complete turnkey projects on a design and construct basis. Consistently producing great results, some notable projects undertaken in recent years include a 2008 completion project, when the firm constructed 40,000 m3/d centralised treatment plant for 30 Textile companies all located in the one Industrial Estate in southern China, believed to be the largest Textile wastewater treatment plant in the world at that time. Other exciting projects were completed in 2012, when SWA Water Malaysia was awarded an RM30m (AUD10m) contract for Oil Separators for the new Kuala Lumpur International Airport Terminal T2. Additionally, SWA manufactured 59 stainless steel Oil Separation plate packs, each pack weighing 2,200 kg and rated at 1,000 m3/h flowrate, fitted into 18 Oil Separators arranged in 12 locations which each ranged in flowrate between 1,000 m3/h to 9,900 m3/h. These oil separators are believed to be the largest oil separators in the world. Due to its predominantly export business, SWA’s export success was recognised by awards which saw its influence in producing the best results. In December 2013, SWA was awarded the Australian Government’s Exporter of the year Award for small business category. In 2017, SWA signed contracts with China’s Lee Kuan Kee, the world’s largest soy sauce manufacturer, for the 7th and 8th x 60 m3/h DAF units which LKK has purchased from SWA. SWA prides itself on its technical experience and expertise and its willingness, through careful and thorough research and testing, to develop new products, new applications for existing products and technical solutions for problems presented to SWA by its customers. Regarding its extensive experience, SWA has gained a wealth of practical knowledge through its energetic involvement in the treatment of wastewater for the petroleum and petrochemical industries. SWA’s Malaysian subsidiary SWA Water Engineering Sdn Bhd is a prequalified Bumi Putra Company and is registered with Petronas for its wastewater treatment contracts. SWA Water Malaysia is currently constructing a 720 m3/d treatment plant for an oil terminal in Johor State which includes Oil Separation and recovery, chemical emulsion breaking and DAF separation, biological treatment, activated carbon filtration and mechanical sludge dewatering. The entire plant is explosion-proof Exd rated Class 1, Group IIA/B T3 and has a PLC/SCADA control system. In 2015, SWA supplied a 60 m3/h CPI Oil Separator plant to PT JGC Indonesia for the Shell Monas Lube Oil Plant in Jakarta where SWA’s oil separator removed and captured more than 99.9% of the oil, reducing oil concentrations from 10,000 ppm (parts per million) to less than 1.4 ppm. This clearly demonstrates the world class ability of SWA’s CPI type Oil Separators. Eventually, moving towards the future, there looks to be exciting times ahead for SWA. On the basis of its ongoing and consistent success, the firm looks likely to achieve its mission of being an internationally recognised global supplier of quality and reliable industrial wastewater treatment plants and equipment. Essentially, operating with staff all working towards the same mission and the company values embedded within the team, there is no reason why SWA will not be able to cement itself as a leader within the industry. The team always strive to improve