December 2017

34 APAC / December 2017 , 1710AP06 High Scientific and Natural Beauty Alissi Bronte is a luxury high scientific and natural cosmetic brand. We profile the firmas we look to explore the secrets behind its success of being featured in the APACHong Kong Business Excellence Awards 2017. Paying great attention to detail and taking great care with the products it produces, Alissi Bronte is really a firm making great strides within the cosmetic industry. Its products are made only with exclusive organic and natural ingredients, giving it maximum effectiveness. Holding a great amount of qualifications, the company are also certified in Quality ISO 9001, Environmentally Friendly ISO 14001, Labatory Researching UNE 166002 and GMPs ISO 22716, and its own certified organic plantations, all of which highlight the significant steps the firm is taking forwards. Operating out of its laboratory, Alissi Bronte has developed an exclusive formula at an exceptional ingredients concentration, all of which create unique and customised treatments and beauty rituals for face and body skin care. Having firmly established itself within both the national and international market, Alissi Bronte products are currently present worldwide, boasting a presence in more than 40 countries. Clients are attracted to the products the company produces if they seek cosmetics with floral water, natural sugars, pure essential oils, ecological medicinal plants, regulatory and self-protective effects on the skin. All of the offerings from the firm, produce visible and lasting rejuvenating effects, and the bioactive products provide clients with beauty, health and wellbeing. In addition to the qualifications that the company holds, staff also possess a great amount of experience, as trained professionals, they work hard to truly gain a knowledge and understanding of their clients’ skin and their needs. The staff have travelled a huge number of kilometres around the world searching for new techniques, and researching the latest trends which will help them to produce the best products possible. Furthermore, the team at Alissi Bronte believe that this is the beginning of what will be the signature of High Scientific and Natural Cosmetics, with its vision of being the most advanced, always at the forefront of beauty, rigorously controlled a pioneer in research and development of new formulas. Ultimately, the success of Alissi Bronte is down to the firm’s innovation and dynamic processes which enables the company to really express itself. Being flexible, the company has worldwide recognition, and its growth can be attributed to the leadership at the firm, taking great care against risks and possessing great financial strength. The traits with which the company was founded have been kept until today.