December 2017

30 APAC / December 2017 , 1712AP05 The Ultimate Compliance Safety Net Software for Your Peace of Mind Global Tenements provides worldwide tenement security software for mining companies wanting to protect their biggest assets; their mining tenements. We caught up with Tracy Browning as we look to explore the secrets behind its ongoing success. Global Tenements is the brainchild of Tracy Browning. Her knowledge is crafted from 12 years of managing thousands of tenements in Australia and foreign jurisdictions for large mining and exploration companies. We take a look at what makes both Tracy and Paul Browning excellent leaders of their firm. Tracy is very ably supported by her husband, Paul as co-director of Global Tenements Pty Ltd and successful businessman in his own right. Prior to operating their successful property conveyancing practice, Goldfields Settlements, Paul had experience in the agricultural and transport fields in business as well as over 10 years advising members of the Australian Parliament, including Ministers. He followed that with several years working within the indigenous affairs field. He brings very broad experience of external stakeholder engagement at both the highest levels of government in Australia and at the community level. Both Paul and Tracy are very community minded and are active in the local business community of Kalgoorlie Boulder, WA in providing advice to other business owners. Tracy through her involvement with Goldfields Women in Business and Paul through the Goldfields Chamber of Commerce. They are also advanced Toastmasters who are often called upon to MC events and mentor young entrepreneurs. Global Tenement’s fool proof system ensures its clients’ tenure is absolutely secure, and are able to guarantee that no critical action dates are missed which would put tenure in jeopardy. Having spent over four years of developing the software which contains worldwide industry knowledge, the team at Global Tenement can confidently provide a faultless system that can achieve the results excellent tenure management requires on a consistent basis. Within the mining industry, the team assist mining companies to reap the rewards that come from mining their resources wherever they are located, in any corner of the world. Tracy outlines the firm’s overall mission of providing faultless software which allows mining companies to achieve excellent tenure management consistently, telling us what steps the company plans to take in order to achieve this. “Having been involved in the tenement management industry for the past 12 years, Tracy Browning, founder of the software knows the pitfalls of most systems used in-house to secure mining companies most important assets, their tenements. The fragility of compliance is every tenement manager’s nightmare. Tenements are only protected if you keep them compliant, and it has always required careful attention to detail to eliminate the prospect of forfeiture.” Discussing what distinguishes Global Tenements apart from its competitors within the industry, Tracy comments on what marks the company out as the best possible option for clients. “Fundamentally, our software has been built to mimic an experienced tenement manager sitting on the client’s shoulder to guide the client, step by step through the tenement management process. It has also been designed so it can be multi-