December 2017

28 APAC / December 2017 , 1712AP02 It Does What it Says on the Can Megatreat Liquid Stone is a revolutionary high-quality buildingmaterial that has all the qualities of natural stone because it is made with natural stone. We profile the firmas we look to find out about the material and what makes it unique. Megatreat Liquid Stone is a flexible material which will not crack, is incredibly economical, and easy to use on any type of horizontal or vertical surface. Also, the stone can be tinted or textured to a wide range of finishes, including terracotta, sandstone, limestone and brick and tile. The products used to create the liquid stone have all been thoroughly tested by the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (C.S.I.R.O) in Australia Laboratories in the USA. Importantly, the stone passed all the necessary tests, including its flexibility, strength, fire resistance, ultra-violet light, crack resistant and mould resistant. As a result, the liquid stone can flex with variations of temperature and moisture. Offering a variety of products, the high-grade natural sandstone, terracotta and limestone possess a unique combination of stone aggregates, and an acrylic-based crosslink polymer. Versatile and adaptable, the team at Megatreat have designed the stone for both interior and exterior applications, and also for vertical and horizontal services. Importantly, the stone is also fully functional in both residential and commercial properties. Profiling the different types of Megatreat Liquid Stone and the various products, we look at the colours that can be applied to each stone. The Liquid Sandstone possesses three natural colours; natural, Sydney white and desert gold. An additional colour offered by Megatreat includes tinted charcoal grey. Lastly, there is an additional option for the Liquid Stone, and that is White and Tintable or Light Grey which comes as a filler or a joint colour. Megatreat Textured Primer Coat is used to cover Pebblecrete or rough uneven surfaces to smooth them out, and also can be used as the “joint colour” and does not create any spider web cracks! Megatreat Natural, Satin or Gloss Sealers are applied once the Liquid Stone is dry, which can take up to around 24 hours after application. The tried and proven range of sealers can be easily applied, which will wash up in water and not give off any offensive smells, which is another aspect of the products’ success. Another option is a factory added water and oil repellent admixture keeping the surface non slip, natural looking and no need to seal after application. Unrivalled in its longevity, a slip resistant additive can be mixed into the satin and gloss sealers for areas such as pool surroundings, shop floors and of course bathrooms. These products are environmentally friendly, and wash up in water. Thanks to its advanced polymer base, Megatreat products can flex with variations of temperature and moisture. Additionally, there are many features and benefits of Liquid Stone. One of its main benefits is that it looks, feels and wears like natural stone, whilst also being provided and available at a cheaper cost for clients. Furthermore, the company are keen to point out that it is very easy to use, as it comes straight from a can, meaning it is fast and easy to apply. Moreover, many clients may question whether or not the liquid stone is suitable for their surfaces, but the products work on virtually any surface and the original product will not fade. This is a major contribution to the successful nature of the firm, maintain a lifetime warranty because it is extremely durable and crack resistant. Importantly, the liquid stone must be environmentally safe, fire resistant, and mould resistant. Among its notable clients, Megatreat Liquid Stone is applied to the new Nemo Ride at Disneyland Anaheim California and casinos in Las Vegas. Regarding its easy use straight from the can, there is no mixing or measuring, and Megatreat can be spread, brushed, bagged, trowelled or even sprayed onto almost any surface, including pebblecrete, concrete, slate, tiles, brick, wood, plastic, steel, wrought iron, glass, asphalt, fibro, blue board, hardiflex and lastly laminates. Ultimately, these products can be coloured using a non-organic pigment or paint tint from the company’s local paint store. Its accessibility, easy use and excellent customer satisfaction all contribute greatly to the success of Megatreat, and it is no wonder many clients return. In summary, Megatreat can be applied to provide an effect that looks and feels like stone, but is safer, providing a non-slip effect. Moving forward, Stephen is keen to move onto new adventures and is looking to sell Megatreat. Most of all, Megatreat looks to have a bright future ahead of it. ™