December 2017

22 APAC / December 2017 , 1711AP05 Success is in the Air Air Aroma is the leading scent marketing agency, dedicated to designing custom fragrances for luxury brands around the world. Maggie Kyle tells us more and talks us through the secrets behind the firm’s success so far. With nearly 2 decades of experience and an unrivalled global network, Air Aroma is the leading scent marketing agency helping world- class companies implement scent as part of their overall branding strategy. Maggie explains how the firm works to use this experience to ensure excellence for its clients at all times. “At Air Aroma, our specialties include custom signature scent design, natural essential oils and advanced fragrance diffusion systems. We have a diverse range of clients in varying industries from hospitality to automotive and everything in between. Our global client portfolio includes luxury brands Sofitel Hotels & Resorts, Four Seasons, Hugo Boss, Mont Blanc, Mercedes Benz, Lexus and Cathay Pacific. “Alongside our work in ambient scenting, we have expertise creating high-quality scented products and amenities for our valued clients. Hand-made candles from France, interior fragrance mists, housekeeping sprays and wearable perfumes are the most highly requested items. With an in-house R&D, branding experts and product development coordinators we have the ability to create custom products for a bespoke scenting solution from concept, design and production. “Currently Air Aroma is among 1 of 4 global scent marketing providers in the industry. Air Aroma is the largest and most prominent provider in APAC with an established presence in this region for nearly 20 years. Throughout APAC, we are witnessing a shift in focus from hospitality to growth in previously untapped industries, specifically retail and special events. We believe this is due to the growing middle-class desiring more meaningful and memorable interactions with brands coupled with the fact that general awareness about the power of scent has increased. These two factors have influenced more markets to utilize fragrance as part of their overall brand strategy or to promote creative campaigns.” To ensure only the best outcome, whenever the firm starts working with a new client it collaborates with them to create a unique product tailored specifically to their individual needs and preferences, as Maggie highlights. “When undertaking a new project Air Aroma utilizes a holistic approach, considering all aspects of the client’s objectives and works towards a scenting strategy that is tailored to their needs. Such factors may include desired emotion and atmosphere, type of area to be scented, local technical support & training and budget requirements. “In most cases, we recommend Signature Scent creation, taking the client through our unique development process. In order to create a signature scent for a client, we immerse ourselves in their brand, fully understanding all facets of the business. Air Aroma Signature Scents are beautifully complex creations, formulated from only the best ingredients around the world. Each ingredient is carefully selected, all with the client in mind. We require essential branding information, weaving every detail which is translated into a bespoke signature fragrance. Such information is not limited to key brand identifiers, target audience, interior design, and main objectives of the fragrance.” Looking to the future, Air Aroma has many exciting projects on the horizon which will ensure its continued success, as Maggie is proud to conclude. “With the public experiencing beautifully scented surrounds in hotel lobbies, retail stores, car dealerships, we receive a high number of inquiries from clients wanting to re-create this atmosphere in their own home. Adapting to these requests, Air Aroma has a strong focus on luxury retail items as well as re-inventing an improving our iconic Aromax home diffuser. These projects and new clients will help us to achieve our overall aim: to be recognized as the global leader in providing scenting solutions through innovation, design, education and operational excellence.”