APAC China Business Awards 2017

, Contact: Grace Wong Email: [email protected] [email protected] Address: 1107-1109 West Tower, Poly World Trade Centre, 1000 Xingang Road E., Guangzhou, 510335, China Phone: 0086 20 89089938 ext. 830 Website: www.v-trust.com CN170005 Most Trusted Inspection Company 2017 V-Trust is a fully accredited and qualified inspection services provider, registered in China, Hong Kong, India, and Vietnam. GraceWong tells us more. Founded in 2003, V-Trust’s main goal is to help overseas buyers rest assured that their products purchased in Asia are of the high quality they deserve. Through its product inspections, container loading supervision, sample checking, lab testing, and certification services, each month the firm helps over 2300 buyers from around the world. Grace tells us more about the firm’s service offering and how it works to ensure that clients receive the very highest standard of service. “V-Trust offers the highest standard of quality control at very competitive prices. Our inspection network and services are constantly developing and continuously improving. While some other inspection companies focus only on business and try to cut corners by hiring unreliable part-time inspectors, we always place our attention on the quality of our services. “Therefore, we have only full- time, reliable inspectors who are held to a high standard by our screening process and training program. Each new inspector is college educated and has at least 2 years’ experience in inspections or production. An additional mandatory 2-week training course at our head office and 3 months on-site training ensures they are equipped with the skills needed. Strict control measures, such as our Code of Ethics, Code of Conduct letter, performance audits, period rotation, and others are used to make sure all inspectors follow in line with our company’s ethical standards. “Fundamentally, our motto, “Helping buyers sleep better!” is a big promise to fulfill, and something we strive for each and every day. In fact, this phrase is the first thing you see as you walk into our head office in Guangzhou, serving as a constant reminder of the pledge we have made. Clients from around the world put faith in us to serve as their eyes and ears in Asia. This is a heavy responsibility, so we must work hard around the clock to ensure buyers feel assured that their shipments are in good hands.” Being based in China offers V-Trust the chance to be at the centre of the manufacturing market, as Grace explains. “With our head office located in Guangzhou (Canton), one of the most prosperous trading cities in China, it gives great access to world trade and keeps us “in the loop”. Looking to the future, there are many great opportunities in this ever evolving industry which Grace is keen to highlight in her concluding comments. “As the world trade market is always evolving, we must evolve with it. Competition in markets all over the world is getting stronger and stronger, so the demand for high quality products is also increasing. One major trend in the quality control sector is to not only find problems with the production results, but also search for the root of the problem. Quality control services are now being introduced at all stages of the production line to hold manufacturers to a high standard throughout the whole process, from the very first prototype to the production of the last finished product, and even further along to proper handling of goods when getting loaded onto shipping containers. “Therefore, V-Trust is always trying to innovate to stay ahead of the curve. We hope to design new services and practices to suit the needs of our clients. Whether it is through introducing a new kind of inspection service, creating new functions for our online platform, or expanding our inspection network to new areas, we want to be sure that all the needs of every client can be met effectively and efficiently. Even in just the past few years, we have stationed full-time inspectors in more regions of inland China as well as the major manufacturing regions of India and Vietnam.”