APAC China Business Awards 2017

10 APAC / China Business Awards 2017 , Contact: Steven Beevers Contact Email: [email protected] Address: Department of Economic Development, 1st Floor, St George’s Court, Upper Church Street, Douglas, IM1 1EX, Isle of Man Phone: 01624 686400 Web Address: www.whereyoucan.im and www.whereyoucan.im/china CN170004 Best Centre for Foreign Business Development The Isle of Man Department of Economic Development promotes the Isle of Man around the world as a business and investment location. Steven Beevers talks us through the organisation’s work in China and how this supports its overall focus. The Isle of Man Department of Economic Development works with clients around the world to support them as they look to move into this dynamic region. Isle of Man is located in the center of the British Isles, close to Europe, is recognized as an international business center. The region can provide an environment for both individuals and businesses to make their full potential, free development, and prosperity. As well as having its own specific investment opportunities, the Isle of Man is also well positioned to facilitate business and investment into the UK and into the EU. Steven outlines the benefits that the region has for Chinese investors seeking to move into the Isle of Man’s vibrant business space. “The Isle of Man has created a unique niche for itself with special trade and other links with the UK and Europe enabling it to operate as a gateway to these markets while also offering an incentivised location for business. Additionally, the professional and international services and experience developed in government and industry over the past 30 years mark it out as an established centre of excellence for customer service and international business solutions. “China is recognised as our number one overseas market for sourcing of new business opportunities and foreign investment. As such, having representation in China and the accessibility of those persons in the same time zone and language is key to ensuring we become known better and to providing the standards of excellent customer service we wish to provide and which our customers expect. This translates to a competitive advantage for our region. “In the same way that Singapore has established itself as a major international business centre in the East (and both the Isle of Man and Singapore have a similar land mass), the Isle of Man has a mission to establish itself as a leading small international business centre in the West. The Isle of Man already has over 30 years of continued economic growth, 20 economic subsectors, a GDP per capita ranking 7th in the world (per World Bank) and with low tax policies and a strong package of government and commercial funding offerings, has created an optimum support environment for business to establish, innovate and have the freedom to flourish.” “Overall, the Isle of Man still has a job to do in promoting greater awareness in China and is therefore pleased to be recognised in the Chinese Business awards in order to further its profile and awareness as a unique centre for international business and as a gateway to the West. Steven concludes by discussing the developments his firm will make in order to continue to promote the region and support new investors and businesses in their move to the Isle. “As we look towards the future, the Department and indeed our government is constantly looking to review and improve our services and innovate with new product offerings, media materials and creation of an environment conducive to business. Recent innovations include a new ICT University, new Enterprise development Fund of £50m, new Locate Website, and new regulatory regimes for international banks and crowdfunding.”