CEO of the Year Awards 2024

APAC Insider- CEO of the Year Awards 2024 However, Gus recognises that the company’s greatest asset is its staff, who are crucial to delivering exceptional service. The company invests in its staff through extensive training and development programmes to ensure that they continue to deliver personalised care that utilises the latest knowledge and skillsets. Over the course of 2023, Myxa Care has expanded its services and team whilst upholding its core values. The company has met the challenge of navigating the complex landscape of disability support, all the while remaining compliant with ever-changing healthcare regulations. But having such a hardworking team at the forefront of the company means that these challenges have allowed for the company to evolve, rather than succumbing to the setbacks. In terms of the future, Myxa Care hopes to continue its mission of providing high quality, individualised care that empowers people with disabilities to live fulfilling lives. Gus proudly tells us, “Looking ahead, I see Myxa Care continuing to be a leader in disability care, achieving even greater impact in the lives of those we support. In the next five years, I aim to solidify Myxa Care’s position as a national leader in disability care, recognised for our innovative approach and exceptional positive outcomes.” With such a strong resolve and passion for transforming the lives of those around him, it is clear to understand why Gus Kattan received his title of Best Disability Support CEO 2024. We look forward to witnessing another year of person-centric, excellent care provided by Gus and his team at Myxa Care. Contact: Cassandra Biadacz Company: Myxa Care Web Address: au Gus and Amber our Chief Operations Officer