CEO of the Year Awards 2024

APAC Insider- CEO of the Year Awards 2024 Myxa Care is a Disability Services and Support Organisation located in Victoria, Australia. Established in 2020, the company aims to empower people with disabilities to live enriching, independent lives. Following his recent title in the APAC CEO of the Year Awards 2024, we speak with company CEO Gus Kattan to learn more about how his person-centric approach has fuelled his successes. Myxa Care provides disability support services that caters to a wide range of individuals with intellectual, psychosocial, and physical disabilities. Deriving its name from the ancient Greek term ‘myxa’ for ‘lamp’, Myxa Care promises to provide clear, transparent light to guide its participants to a brighter future where they are granted more independence and control. At the helm of the company is Gus Kattan, Chief Executive Officer of Myxa Care. Gus is deeply passionate about the work done at Myxa Care and has carried decades of industry knowledge paired with personal experience to assist his cause. Gus’ sister was born with Cerebral Palsy, and Gus often helped his parents to support her. His childhood experiences have helped in shaping a compassionate, understanding nature that translated into adolescence. As a teenager, Gus would often volunteer at care facilities to work alongside people with disabilities and the elderly. Each altruistic choice made at an early age has culminated into becoming an industry expert dedicated to providing excellent support and care to others. As an adult, he has achieved master’s degrees in business administration, strategic human resources management, and employment and labour relations law. These degrees have allowed Gus to apply business experience and knowledge to his ventures. His people-first attitude paired with his strategic business eye is exactly how Gus has nurtured and grown Myxa Care into a vital disability service provider. “I have an unwavering belief in human potential.” Gus’ people-centric mindset translates directly into his leadership style. He understands the importance of clear communication to fostering a positive work environment that celebrates his teams’ expertise. Gus believes that through motivating the team and building strong relationships with both clients and industry stakeholders, Myxa Care can continue to achieve excellence. He says, “I believe in leadership that empowers and inspires by setting a clear vision, creating a supportive environment, and trusting my team to excel.” A people-first approach is important amongst the team, too. It is vital that the employees at Myxa Care emulate the values held by the company and treat participants in accordance with these values. Speaking on this, Gus tells us, “I believe that disability should not be a barrier to leading an enriched and rewarding life, and it is this guiding principle that enables Myxa Care to empower the people we support. This philosophy permeates Myxa Care’s culture, ensuring exceptional support delivered with compassion and respect.” When Gus founded Myxa Care, he founded the company on a core value system built on the ‘three Rs’ – respect, responsiveness, and reliability. Each decision made by the company and its employees are reflective of these values. All participants and their families are treated with the utmost respect, with employees upholding the company’s exacting standards in line with NDIS practices. Employees are encouraged to be efficient and positive in their care. The company prioritises the needs and concerns of its participants, ensuring that services are responsive and leave the participant feeling that the team has met their needs. Finally, reliability is the key to delivering successful healthcare services. Through consistent, dependable care and support, Myxa Care has built a reliant reputation with its clientele base. Gus states, “We do not compromise on trust.” Much of the company culture has been cultivated from the firsthand experiences of Gus himself. His lifelong passion for social impact has driven his journey to becoming CEO, fuelled by his extensive background in Human Resources. However, at the root of his success, Gus believes, are his strong people skills. He says, “These skills, honed during my time in HR, allow me to develop talent, build high-performing teams, and foster a growth mindset within Myxa Care. This commitment to fostering a trusting and positive environment has become the foundation for our company’s success.” Gus is not alone in these beliefs; in fact, the entire team at Myxa Care share his same philosophy. The team values building trusting relationships, which is paramount when providing disability support services, as well as the importance of continuous learning. The Myxa Care team is highly qualified in delivering a wide range of services that are commonly tailored to suit the individual needs of the participant. The abilities to actively listen, alter approaches, and learn from mistakes are highly valued within the company. When asked about his philosophy, Gus tells us, “I encourage open communication and a blame-free culture where people feel safe to report and discuss mistakes. We work together as a team to resolve issues, focusing on solutions rather than assigning blame. This open communication environment builds trust and strengthens out team. We celebrate successes together and participate in regular leadership and team meetings, as well as team-building activities. These initiatives nurture a sense of togetherness, support, and continuous growth within the Myxa Care team.” “Challenges often present opportunities for growth.” However, the establishment of Myxa Care as an industry leading care provider has not come without its challenges. The company was formed in late 2020, when much of the world was under pandemic-enforced restrictions. Gus recalls, “Launching a business during the COVID-19 pandemic presented unique difficulties, particularly in hiring qualified support workers. However, these challenges have become opportunities for growth. We’ve learned to adapt, enhanced our abilities to operate outside our comfort zone, and manage through difficult situations.” Gus notes that the disability care sector is experiencing a shift towards individual support plans. To stay in-tune with these developments, Myxa Care actively monitors industry trends and attends conferences to stay ahead of the curve and better anticipate its participants’ needs. Best Disability Support CEO 2024 (Victoria): Gus Kattan