CEO of the Year Awards 2024

APAC Insider- CEO of the Year Awards 2024 Sometimes, being a leader doesn’t mean simply having the power to direct others – it’s a role capable of catalysing life-changing events, bringing people together, and inspiring them to become future leaders themselves. Embodying this very mentality is none other than Norzaiton Senusi – UM Specialist Centre’s award-winning CEO. Centring her leadership approach around encouraging every team member to grow and develop into the best versions of themselves, Norzaiton has become something of a figurehead for Malaysia’s Healthcare sphere. Below, we take a detailed look at how Norzaiton adopts a distinct leadership approach that promises to cultivate excellence. Defining herself as a “transformational leader, driven by the vision of empowering my staff to become future leaders themselves”, Norzaiton Senusi is an exceptional CEO who has leveraged her impeccable understanding of her responsibility to those around her to forge a leadership style that’s truly distinct from others within Malaysia’s healthcare industry. By focusing on the potential of every team member, embedding them into an internal culture that’s been meticulously developed to inspire and guide them, she has created an organisation that transcends brilliance in a multitude of ways. UM Specialist Centre is the very embodiment of Norzaiton’s current accomplishments – an entity that demonstrates the irrefutable impact of a fully aligned workforce. However, to achieve such harmony, one must carefully craft an effective framework that encompasses everything they hope to achieve. In Norzaiton’s case, this manifests through her unique Balanced Scoreboard framework – a methodology that allows her to unite financial, operational, sustainable, and talent management objectives with the wider vision of the UM Specialist Centre. In essence, this very framework has forged tangible avenues through which team members can traverse, ensuring a comprehensive and intuitive approach toward achieving their organisational goals. As a result, not only has Norzaiton managed to empower her people, but she has also succeeded in elevating UM Specialist Centre’s standing within the healthcare sphere. Furthermore, the symbiotic relationship between the entities in UM Health components has benefits and creates a unique value proposition to UM Specialist Centre. And yet, this isn’t the only vein in which Norzaiton differs from other healthcare CEOs within Malaysia. In fact, she is one of the few leaders to recognise that, in order for an organisation to flourish, every team member must be trusted to make collective decisions that align with the CEO’s own perspective. Though it may be her responsibility to outline and guide others toward excelling UM Specialist Centre forward, Norzaiton prides herself on being open to new and exciting ideas – ones that she wholeheartedly believes her team can deliver. To her, challenging the status quo and creating a diverse – yet unified – collective is the best way to get results, and UM Specialist Centre’s continuous success has proven that this mindset has long since been grounded in reality. In Norzaiton’s own words – “As the CEO, I see myself as the captain of the ship, entrusted with the responsibility of leading, inspiring, and equipping my team with the necessary resources to navigate through challenges and capitalize on opportunities. My commitment to effective leadership lies in setting clear direction, fostering a culture of innovation and collaboration, and empowering individuals to reach their full potential.” Though her organisation may be comprised of a multitude of diverse individuals, Norzaiton has somehow fostered a leadership style that’s able to flawlessly adapt and merge with the ambitions of her team members. As a result, they’re granted the opportunity to become active participants in their own journey, should they wish to one day rise the ranks to become a leader of the future. Celebrating every small success is just one of many ways in which Norzaiton amplifies her award-winning approach. She’s become incredibly aware of just how integral the little things are to the overall success of the organisation, and therefore goes above and beyond to provide the praise that supposedly minor achievements deserve. In doing so, Norzaiton has been able to place UM Specialist Centre on an upward trajectory – one that not only promises to play a critical role in Malaysia’s healthcare sector, but also raises the standards for how CEOs should operate alongside their team. Empowered by her detailed experience in communication and decision making, Norzaiton has cultivated an environment that any party would be lucky to immerse themselves in. Regardless of role, every person under the UM Specialist Centre umbrella is granted access to Norzaiton’s exceptional understanding of what being a leader entails. As a woman driven by the desire to instil strong values within her organisation, she’s adopted a culture of integrity, accountability, and innovation – a culture that sees the continuous development of each individual within it. Working in tandem with Norzaiton’s passion for presenting inspirational opportunities, UM Specialist Centre is able to benefit from a unified workforce that’s simply bursting with talent. After all, Norzaiton is raising the leaders of tomorrow, so it’s little wonder that the organisation itself has come to receive such high praises throughout the years. Of course, leading a team is only one part of being a CEO. The other, as expected, is pursuing strategic partnerships that are centered around improving the facet of Public Private Partnership implementation with UM Specialist Centre’s stakeholders. Crucial to building up Malaysia’s healthcare system and medical sphere, PPP holds the potential to herald in a new era of increased access to high-quality service delivery. To provide more details, we turned to Norzaiton herself. She had this to say – “From the perspective of the university, I am honoured to continuously support the Universiti Malaya Strategic Plan, mainly under the pillar of income generation - of which UMSC is now among the major contributors to the university - by channelling the fund back to the university and its ecosystem.” By seamlessly understanding how her work impacts both her team and the wider industry, Norzaiton has accumulated an impressive skillset that has yet to fail her in her pursuit of further greatness. The way they work as a hospital under the university, leveraging their expertise and ongoing research by the top notch professors in UM has accelerated UM Specialist Care at Healthcare CEO of the Year 2024 (Malaysia): Norzaiton Senusi Apr24101