CEO of the Year Awards 2024

APAC Insider- CEO of the Year Awards 2024 Following an extensive tenure of working on the supplier side of FMGG, in tandem with larger, long established research agencies, Deane Hubball – CEO of Focus Insights – gradually began to notice a concerning pattern. Many suppliers were finding the research services being offered by these traditional research agencies were too expensive, taking too long and lacked the real world “so what” in their findings. Responding to his realisation, Deane founded Focus Insights – a company whose sole purpose is to democratise market research, making it easier, quicker, and more accessible for businesses of all sizes. Below, we explore Deane’s unique approach to the role of CEO, and the steps he’s taken to get to where he finds himself today. Consumer Goods Market Research CEO of the Year 2024: Deane Hubball Comprised of talented experts whose experience within FMGG and CPG companies runs deep, Focus Insights has quickly become an essential partner in consumer market research for a multitude of brands. Capable of leveraging proprietary technology to reach over 130 million consumers across a whopping 94 countries, it’s able to not only support businesses of various sizes, but also opens up a direct line of contact between supplier and customer. In doing so, Focus Insights plays an integral role in helping businesses to make confident, well-informed decisions. Though there was once a time where businesses were left to guess what their customers were expecting from them, the market research industry now has a dependable ally in understanding their clientele. Focus Insights stands as the pinnacle in supporting its clients with agile and cost effective qualitative and quantitative research solutions which is ensuring the success of products when they hit the shelves of the supermarket, pharmacy, or hardware store. However, none of it would have been remotely possible were it not for the exceptional mind of its founder and CEO. For most of his career, Deane Hubball had been fully immersed in the FMGG industry, granting him access to some of the world’s greatest minds and brands across all major regions of the world. In doing so, he was able to obtain an understanding of consumer behaviour, industry dynamics, research methodologies, and consumer goods marketing that would go on to shape him into the CEO he is today. Having cultivated such an astounding level of prowess, Deane saw it as his responsibility to transfer these skills and experiences to a new venture – one that would see the birth of a fresh approach toward consumer goods market research. And so, Focus Insights was created, and it’s through this ever-expanding business Deane is able to influence the sector on a daily basis. Whether it’s through his knack for flawlessly guiding his team forward, or his astute understanding of the dos and don’ts of market research, Deane has developed a leadership strategy that has secured success for clients and global team time and time again. Since establishing Focus Insights, Deane and his team have perfected various techniques that, when applied to market research, have encouraged plenty of businesses to branch out into new products, categories, and markets. For too long, entrance into effective market research has been restricted, with many businesses simply being unable to dedicate the resources to such a complex and traditionally time-consuming task. Instead of forcing them to do so, Focus Insights has promised to simply create a new means of interacting with consumers, with its exceptional team and award-winning CEO determined to lead its clients to greater heights. This admirable drive is what initially allowed Focus Insights to gain traction, but where it truly shines is in its commitment to continuously innovate, making research accessible and effective for businesses of any size. For years, Deane Hubball has been tirelessly working to create something the consumer goods industry needs, and his efforts have evidently paid off. Focus Insights is a spectacular example of a vision that was commenced to bring a better tomorrow to a sector in need, and it’s thanks to Deane’s watchful eye that it has managed to accomplish exactly that. We’d like to extend our congratulations to Focus Insights’ team for bestowing the industry with much needed guidance, and we look forward to seeing how Deane continues to drive his business and team forward in the coming years. Contact: Deane Hubball [email protected]