CEO of the Year Awards 2024

APAC Insider- CEO of the Year Awards 2024 Within the hospitality sphere, it is paramount for collectives to understand precisely how to shift and adapt to match the pace of such a dynamic industry. From strategically focusing on sustainable growth through diversification to identifying and capitalizing on evolving investment interests, a comprehensive understanding of the hospitality world is a defining factor in achieving success. Manor Group (Singapore) Pte. Ltd., under the visionary leadership of its founder and CEO, John Lim has forged a new path forward within the hospitality industry. John Lim, the founder and CEO of Manor Group, an esteemed hospitality group, launched the company in 2011. Under his exceptional leadership, Manor Group made its mark in Thailand in 2015 with the grand debut of akyra Manor Hotel, Chiang Mai, a luxurious boutique hotel affiliated with Small Luxury Hotels of the World (SLH). Over the years, Manor Group has established a reputation for delivering distinctive luxury hotels that embrace local culture with exceptional service. Today, Manor Group is a leader in Asia’s white-label boutique hospitality space. Its investment portfolio includes 4 hotels and provides management and consulting services to 23 hotels. John has devoted himself to refining his unique techniques that uphold the interconnected pillars forming the foundation of Manor Group. The 3 pillars - Hospitality Investment, Hospitality Management, and the Leasing Model, stand as testaments to his exceptional efforts in ensuring the company’s longterm sustainability, profitability, and market differentiation. Throughout his professional journey, John has proactively cultivated relationships with individuals and organizations that align with Manor Group’s objectives and pursue similar outcomes. His focus on nurturing these connections is underscored by a commitment to building relationships grounded in trust, transparency, and a deep understanding of clients’ needs and objectives. This approach has positioned Manor Group as a reliable advisor, dedicated to offering unwavering support to help partners achieve their goals. John, the award-winning CEO, is proud to lead a team that prioritizes transparency, honesty, and responsibility. His unwavering commitment to his team has defined his distinctive leadership style. John has harmonized these values with his personalized leadership approach, which he defines as follows: “My leadership style revolves around collaboration, transparency, and empowerment. I believe that setting clear goals and a vision for the team while nurturing a culture of open communication and mutual respect, can keep the team motivated and aligned.” Since founding the company, John has focused on strategic developments and partnerships while empowering his team. He believes continuously uplifting the team is the key to driving sustainable growth and delivering unparalleled value to the company and its stakeholders. His CEO title signifies more than just his status; it reflects his unwavering commitment to fostering an empowered and dynamic team. John exemplifies leadership and serves as a mentor to his team members. Recognizing the importance of fostering leadership and foresight, John integrates this approach into his mentorship of each team member, paving the way for proactive growth. The Manor Group team, unified by a shared goal of establishing long-term relationships with like-minded individuals and organizations, has mastered navigating the hospitality landscape. John’s strategic planning, leadership, and industry expertise have been pivotal in elevating the company to its current esteemed position. Over the years, it has become increasingly apparent that the hospitality industry demands CEOs who can strategically identify its pressure points, and pivot their teams toward striking them. John Lim is one such CEO – an award-winning individual whose dedication to clients, collaboration, and colleagues alike has defined him as an exceptional entity within his field. Under his watch, we are certain Manor Group will continue to foster essential partnerships with collectives across the industry. We look forward to seeing how John Lim’s brilliance further influences the industry in the months ahead. Contact: Helen Kok Company: Manor Group (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. Web Address: Best Hospitality Investment & Development CEO 2024 – John Lim R