CEO of the Year Awards 2024

APAC Insider- CEO of the Year Awards 2024 As a teenager, Lydia Jordane began creating depilatory wax for personal use to combat stubborn hair growth and protect her sensitive skin. Today, she is the founder and CEO of LYCON Cosmetics, a prominent Australian brand renowned for its natural ingredients and premium skincare solutions. Lydia Jordane is the company’s visionary leader, who has fostered a strong culture with collaboration and innovation at its heart. Since 1935, cosmetics manufacturing has been a family concern in Europe. When Lydia came into the world, it was a natural thing for Lydia to spend time as a child in the laboratory getting under her father’s feet. As a teenager, when the family migrated to Australia in 1964, Lydia suffered with acne and later felt the onset of aging skin due to the exposure to the harsh Australian climate. She became a beauty therapist in 1977 and she used many different products on both herself and her clients, which led to a passion for skincare. In 1978 Lydia founded LYCON Cosmetics and was able to provide clients with premium skincare solutions. To this day, LYCON continues to develop, test, and manufacture products designed to make significant improvements to the skin’s condition and appearance. LYCON depilatory waxes are formulated with the finest resins, natural bees wax and relaxing aromatherapy, that provide gentle premium waxing treatments that are protective and caring for even the most sensitive skins. With LYCON’s steadfast commitment to product quality and professional integrity, beauty therapists and their clients can depend on LYCON products with complete confidence to achieve outstanding results. The current extensive waxing range offers an array of LYCON traditional hot waxes, unique LYCOjet hot waxes, LYCOtec Film Waxes, and the two incredible LYCOdream and PINKINI hybrid hot waxes, complimented by a number of pre and post waxing lotions, many of which are ‘world firsts’ from as early as 1980. At LYCON, research and development is a rigorous process conducted in-house from its headquarters in Brisbane, Australia. LYCON maintains meticulous product testing before finalising the packaging design and delivering the formulas to the production floor. Since its inception, LYCON has remained committed to updating its products to incorporate the latest scientific and natural ingredient developments, which culminates in continually surpassing expectations and simply being up to date in cosmetic science and quality products. LYCON exports to over 75 countries and is a trusted brand of depilatory waxes and skincare products by the global top spas and salons. The company believes in the power of local roots to drive global recognition, ensuring its outstanding products positively impact communities worldwide. LYCON training is provided globally by Lydia Jordane and LYCON’s education team to professional salons on its products which encompass waxing and skincare of many varied products for the face and body. Through LYCON’s commitment to training, their suppliers, salons and customers are able to gain an in-depth understanding of LYCON products, their benefits, and how to best use and recommend them. Lydia Jordane says, “In the ever changing skincare industry, a prominent trend is the increasing demand for natural products. Consumers are becoming more knowledgeable about product ingredients and expect products that are environmentally friendly and free from harsh chemicals. “We continuously monitor current market trends and the latest industry developments to anticipate changing consumer preferences. By staying at the forefront of innovation, we can differentiate ourselves in the market and maintain our position as a leader in the beauty industry.” As LYCON’s CEO, Lydia is actively involved in the company’s day-to-day operations and nurtures a supportive company culture, Lydia works closely with her team, encouraging open communication and empowering them to contribute towards the company’s ongoing success. Collaboration resides at the centre of Lydia’s leadership approach and she values all her team equally as everyone has invaluable skills and experiences to overcome challenges and develop innovative solutions. LYCON has plans to further expand and solidify its presence in the global skincare market with its newly launched LYCON Skin skincare collection. With its expertise and unparalleled experience, LYCON is uniquely positioned to create premium skincare solutions that make a meaningful impact on the beauty and skincare market. For over 45 years, the company has been setting beauty standards on a global scale with its premium depilatory waxes and a multitude of skincare solutions with outstanding unsurpassed results. Recognised in APAC’s CEO of the Year Awards, Lydia Jordane has fostered a culture of collaboration that continues to push the boundaries of innovation, to not only meet but exceed consumer expectations. For her World First innovations, we have bestowed on Lydia Jordane this year’s award for Cosmetics CEO of the Year (Australia). Contact: Lydia Jordane Company: Lycon Cosmetics Web Address: Cosmetics CEO of the Year 2024 (Australia): Lydia Jordane Apr24102