CEO of the Year Awards 2024

APAC Insider- CEO of the Year Awards 2024 Boasting over 25 years of collective experience in the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry, Callhounds Global BPO – headquartered in the Philippines – has spent its years transforming into the most cutting-edge entity of its nature. Specialising in delivering innovative solutions to businesses looking to outsource even their most complex processes, Callhounds is able to seamlessly access the best talent in the country. As such, it now holds a steadfast presence across North America, Europe, Australia, and Europe alike. Leading the charge is award-winning CEO Harold Bautista, whose remarkably ambitious leadership approach has singlehandedly redefined BPO on a global scale. Best Business Process Outsourcing Solutions CEO 2024 (Philippines): Harold Bautista Eagerly pursuing the goal of becoming a one-stop BPO solution provider for any business’s outsourcing needs, Callhounds is a reputable entity whose intrinsic understanding of the outsourcing profession has propelled it on a forward trajectory toward success. Empowered by motivation, cultivation, passion, and flexibility, the wider collective manages to balance its sense of scale with its own personal approach toward its craft. This is best showcased through the intricate leadership style practised by award-winning CEO – Harlod Bautista. Somehow, Harold has discovered how to guide Callhounds as a company, while simultaneously honouring the individuality of his colleagues. In doing so, he’s become a noteworthy CEO whose expertise in leadership is impossible to overlook. Though Callhounds may have begun as a small collective comprised of only seven individuals, Harold has invested unparalleled levels of dedication and passion into the company in order to encourage exceptional evolution. Now, Callhounds boasts a whopping 2000+ employees, each playing a crucial role in the overarching success of the company. Driven by customer satisfaction and a desire to be the very best the industry has to offer, Harold has channelled his knack for strategy into uplifting Callhounds to all new heights, and has done an excellent job in the span of only three years. If this doesn’t stand as a testament to the natural talent backing Harold Bautista, we aren’t sure what does. However, where most CEOs may make lofty promises that are often times a challenge to fulfil, Harold takes an entirely alternative approach that has clearly suited his team down to the ground. Harold explains – “I’m a data-driven leader who leverages insights and performance metrics to guide strategic decision-making. This approach ensures our goals are grounded in reality, allowing us to track progress and adapt as needed. By basing decisions on data, I foster transparency within the team.” Setting realistic expectations forms the backbone of Harold’s leadership style, allowing his team to not only see the rationale behind every choice made, but actively recognise how their personal contributions impact the company. Such an approach places Harold in the position of a wise mentor – one who has detailed experience in the BPO scene, and therefore understands how to predict changes, and pivot operations accordingly. Where most collectives fear challenge, Harold encourages his team to view hurdles as opportunities. Only through experiencing roadblocks can a company’s unity be tested, and Callhounds has come out stronger than ever each and every time. When we spoke to Harold about how he managed to foster such strength, he stated that – “As a people-centric business, we understand that our success hinges on a strong and empowered workforce. That’s why we’re constantly refining our approach to manpower management, ensuring we attract, develop, and retain the top talent needed to thrive.” As of 2024, Callhounds is a leading BPO company in the Philippines, whose awardwinning CEO has consistently demonstrated a fascination for building a company whose expertise transcends what the industry may expect. In doing so, Harold Bautista now stands as APAC Insider’s choice for the Best Business Process Outsourcing Solutions CEO 2024 (Philippines) – an accolade that’s sure to further empower Callhounds in the coming months. From us at APAC Insider, we’d like to congratulate Harold on earning a place within our APAC CEO of the Year 2024 awards programme, and we hope his upcoming ventures into Dubai and Singapore are as fruitful and exciting as they sound. Contact: Harold Bautista Company: Callhounds Global BPO Corporation Web Address: Apr24294