CEO of the Year Awards 2024

APAC Insider- CEO of the Year Awards 2024 Best Insurance Broking CEO 2024 (China): Michael Li Marsh is a global leader in insurance broking and risk management, committed to shaping the future with innovative solutions that empower its clients to thrive. Offering industry-specific brokerage, consulting, and claims advocacy services, Marsh leverages data, cutting-edge technology, and analytics to help clients mitigate risk and achieve sustainable success. Here we speak to Michael Li, Marsh China’s visionary leader and recipient of our award for CEO of the Year, about his vital role in the business. For over 150 years, Marsh has remained steadfast in its mission to protect and promote possibility, empowering clients to grow and communities to thrive. Marsh strives to develop pioneering risk management methods and effective solutions that enable its clients, companies, and communities to reap the rewards. With offices in more than 130 countries, the business provides commercial and individual clients with data-driven risk solutions to help them navigate the complex risk landscape and secure future growth. The Marsh China team provide clients with valuable insights and advice to help them understand insurance differences, regulatory dynamics, and risk trends. With new risks constantly emerging, the business strives to help its clients become more resilient and realise their goals to achieve long-lasting success. By emboldening clients to embrace the power of possibility, Marsh transforms challenges into opportunities for growth to help them build a brighter future. Michael Li, the President, Chairman and General Manager of Marsh China, has acquired a diverse range of skills and expertise in insurance broking and risk management, which allows him to navigate challenges with ease. In 1997, he joined Marsh McLennan and held a variety of management roles in Marsh including the China Deputy General Manager, China Specialty Head and Head of the Shanghai office. With his substantial client management experience and exceptional leadership abilities, Mr. Li continued to rise through the ranks and was promoted to China CEO in November 2014. Michael Li says, “At the heart of my leadership philosophy are core values of excellence, integrity, and teamwork. These values serve as the guiding principles for me and my team at Marsh China. We consistently strive to exceed client expectations by delivering innovative and effective insurance solutions. We understand that each client has unique needs and challenges, and approach every situation with the utmost integrity, ensuring that our recommendations are always in the best interest of our clients.” In his role, Mr. Li has fostered a culture of collaboration and teamwork, recognising the importance of diverse perspectives to deliver impactful results. His ability to build strong relationships with colleagues and clients alike allows him to lead with confidence and precision. Mr Li’s highly versatile skills enable him to inspire and motivate his team to help them achieve remarkable results and sustainable success for their clients. Throughout his career, Mr. Li has established a strong network of government officials and local authorities and an indepth knowledge of the global insurance landscape. With his winning combination of expertise and extensive connections, Mr. Li can ensure his clients receive unrivalled value and ongoing strategic guidance. With his experience of leveraging data, technology, and analytics, Mr. Li empowers clients to make informed decisions and easily navigate the complex realm of risk management. With Michael at the helm, Marsh China has established an outstanding reputation amongst clients who trust in his commitment to excellence and ability to deliver extraordinary results. Michael shares, “I place a strong emphasis on cultivating robust relationships with clients, recognising the importance of understanding their unique needs and delivering tailored solutions. By prioritising effective communication and collaboration, I ensure that my team shares the same clientcentric mindset. I encourage the team to actively listen to clients, seeking to understand their goals, challenges, and aspirations. Through collaborative efforts, I have fostered an environment where ideas are shared, diverse perspectives are valued, and innovative strategies are developed to meet clients’ evolving needs.” Mr. Li focuses on leveraging data, technology, and analytics to help clients quantify and manage their risk. By remaining abreast of industry trends and implementing the latest technological advancements, he ensures that his strategy stays aligned with clients’ changing needs. Mr. Li monitors and analyses emerging risks and uses data analytics to provide actionable insights for risk mitigation. By nurturing innovation, he encourages his team to explore new methodologies and tools to strengthen the company’s risk management strategies. As a thought leader in the industry, Mr. Li is knowledgeable of emerging trends such as digital transformation, data analytics, and evolving risk landscapes. By investing in research and development initiatives, he can ensure that the organisation remains at the forefront of innovation. Working in collaboration with industry experts and other visionary leaders, Mr. Li has established a culture of knowledge sharing and continuous learning to adapt to the rapidly changing industry. Through training programs, workshops, and seminars, he equips the team with the necessary skills and expertise to anticipate and capitalise on emerging trends and maintain a competitive edge in the market. Looking to the future, Marsh China’s long-term goals involve expanding its market presence, driving innovation, and achieving sustainable growth. Michael says, “I envision myself continuing to lead and make a significant impact in the insurance industry as my career progresses. Driving innovation is a key objective, as I recognise the importance of staying ahead of industry trends and leveraging emerging technologies to deliver cuttingedge solutions. In my personal career, I will continue to lead and contribute to the insurance industry, leveraging my expertise and experience to drive positive change and deliver value to clients and stakeholders.” Marsh China is on a mission to further strengthen its position as a trusted partner for clients with its offering of innovative insurance solutions and risk management services. By fostering