CEO of the Year Awards 2024

CEO of the Year Awards 2024 CEO of the Year Awards 2024 Most Trusted Financial Services CEO 2024 (Papua New Guinea): Michael O. Koisen OBE ML Headquartered in Port Moresby, Teachers Savings and Loan Society Ltd. (TISA), is a registered savings and loans society, also known as a credit union. The organisation is the largest of its kind in Papua New Guinea and the South Pacific, excluding New Zealand and Australia. For over two decades, TISA has been helmed by Group CEO Michael Koisen, whose extensive experience in the credit union industry has equipped him with proven skills in rescuing troubled financial institutions and leading them to prosperity. Myxa Care: Best Disability Support CEO 2024 (Victoria): Gus Kattan Featuring:

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Contents 4. 6. 8. 10. 12. 14. 16. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. Teachers Savings And Loan Society Ltd.: Most Trusted Financial Services CEO 2024 (Papua New Guinea): Michael O. Koisen OBE ML UM Specialist Centre (UMSC): Healthcare CEO of the Year 2024 (Malaysia): Norzaiton Senusi Myxa Care: Best Disability Support CEO 2024 (Victoria): Gus Kattan ISIA: Best Accountancy Regulation CEO 2024 (Oceania): Pamela H. Naesol AgriVentis Technologies Pty Ltd: Agricultural Seed Technology CEO of the Year 2024: Lewis Hunter Chaupal Sansadhan Limited: Real Estate Development MD of the Year 2024 (India): Ashvinee Kumar Marsh (China) Insurance Brokers Co. Ltd. Best Insurance Broking CEO 2024 (China): Michael Li Commnia: Most Innovative Construction Management Software CEO 2024 (Australia): Gina Yazbek GSM Hong Kong: Best Gadget Wholesale CEO 2024 (Hong Kong): Nihal Moidu Callhounds Global BPO Corporation: Best Business Process Outsourcing Solutions CEO 2024 (Philippines): Harold Bautista White Elk Partners: Most Dedicated Financial Services CEO 2024 (Australia & Hong Kong): Anthony Bathurst Lycon Cosmetics: Cosmetics CEO of the Year 2024 (Australia): Lydia Jordane Manor Group (Singapore) Pte Ltd: Best Hospitality Investment & Development CEO 2024: John Lim Bitkub Capital: FinTech CEO of the Year 2024: Jirayut Srupsrisopa NutriSource Pte Ltd: Agricultural CEO 2024 (South East Asia) Focus Insights: Consumer Goods Market Research CEO of the Year 2024: Deane Hubball Aussie Helpers Ltd.: Farming Charity CEO 2024 (Australia): Natasha Kocks

APAC Insider - CEO of the Year Awards 2024 Most Trusted Financial Services CEO 2024 (Papua New Guinea): Michael O. Koisen OBE ML Headquartered in Port Moresby, Teachers Savings and Loan Society Ltd. (TISA), is a registered savings and loans society, also known as a credit union. The organisation is the largest of its kind in Papua New Guinea and the South Pacific, excluding New Zealand and Australia. For over two decades, TISA has been helmed by Group CEO Michael Koisen, whose extensive experience in the credit union industry has equipped him with proven skills in rescuing troubled financial institutions and leading them to prosperity. In 1972, TISA was established to provide registered teachers and employees of the Department of Education with the opportunity to become actively involved in savings and to assist each other in times of financial need. In its earliest years, the Society had about 3,000 members and generated a total turnover of two million Papua New Guinean Kina per annum. Today, TISA boasts a nationwide membership, including employees of both public and private institutions, who are served by branches in 17 provincial centres across the country. It continues to empower its members to engage with savings, provides them with financial assistance through affordable loan solutions, and invests in banking, finance, airlines, insurance, and properties. Since its inception over five decades ago, TISA has evolved significantly, progressively utilising electronic channels to deliver faster and more convenient services. It has become the first non-bank financial institution and savings and loans society in the country to offer its members a debit card, called the YumiCard, enabling members to easily access their funds. Furthermore, the Society now offers a 24/7 help desk, ensuring that its customers can access the assistance they need, whenever they need it. However, TISA’s journey to success has not always been easy. When Michael Koisen was invited to join the Society as CEO, it was under significant stress. Despite this, he was willing to take on the challenge, believing that he was equipped with the necessary skills to turn things around for the business. In the following months, he leveraged his experience to steer TISA out of statutory management and into prosperity, building it into a Group entity with subsidiaries in banking, multi-jurisdictional insurance, properties, and equity investments. As a result, it has grown into the largest and most successful credit union in Papua New Guinea and the South Pacific. Throughout his 45-year career in the credit union industry, Michael has built an impressive track record for his ability to turn things around for the better. Having faced his fair share of difficulties growing up in a blue-collar family, he was determined to succeed in his professional life. At the age of 21, Michael’s CEO saw his potential and appointed him as Regional Manager, which enabled him to gain experience in the field of branch operations whilst learning about accounting, IT, banking, and finance. Later, he was called back into the head office and appointed IT Systems Administrator, managing the Core Banking Systems. At the age of 34, Michael was offered the position of CEO, but the credit union business he was working for at the time was not in a good place. When he chose to accept the job, he was under no illusions and knew it would be difficult for the company to overcome such hurdles, but he was motivated by his genuine passion for helping the union’s members, who were ordinary people Mar24400 with low to medium income. Within 12 months, Michael had successfully led the business out of statutory management, which is a testament to his strength, determination, persistence, and consistency. As a result of his enriching experience in the credit union industry, having worked across all aspects of operations, management, and governance, Michael possesses a multitude of skills and qualities that serve him well today. For example, despite his naturally introverted nature, he has honed his public speaking skills, business acumen, entrepreneurial skills, and a sharp eye for opportunities, all of which make him an exceptional CEO at TISA. It is no surprise that some young professionals in Papua New Guinea have affectionately labelled Michael ‘The Wolf’, whilst a number of his business acquaintances and colleagues have nicknamed him ‘Iron Mike’. Another factor that makes Michael stand out as a leader is his clearly defined strategic purpose, which is to provide financial services that improve quality of life for individuals and communities across Papua New Guinea. Despite facing a number of barriers, he has always maintained a laser focus on this goal. Michael is committed to TISA’s clients, striving to gain an understanding of what they need and providing them with a solution. He works to demonstrate empathy in everything he does, putting himself in their shoes by relating their experiences with his own. Michael believes that it is important for businesses of all kinds to have a clear purpose, whether it be to solve a problem or to fill a need, and that profit should only be a byproduct of its success in achieving its mission. He comments, “Organisations can still be profitable while caring for people and the planet. Profit is essential for sustainability but is not my primary driver.” By promoting and advocating for a business model with social and environmental responsibility at its core, Michael hopes to strengthen the practice of values-based banking and lead the way for a financial system that drives social equity. Ultimately, he hopes that more organisations will contribute towards people’s prosperity and wellbeing whilst responding to the planet’s most pressing environmental issues. “To support our core values and vision, I was successful in my efforts for TISA Group to become a member of the Global Alliance for Banking, comprising a growing number of valuesbased banks in Europe, the US, Latin America, and Asia/Pacific,” Michael shares. As a leader, Michael takes a situational approach to his role, striking a balance between people and productivity. He empowers his team to exercise judgement in strategic execution, encourages them to make business decisions within their authority, and holds them accountable for their work. Michael believes that his primary responsibility is to offer suggestions and recommendations, ensuring that all team members are paddling in the same direction, even if it is not always at the same speed.

APAC Insider - CEO of the Year Awards 2024 With trust and business integrity being a core element of all his interactions, he works hard to establish strong relationships with all stakeholders. For his unparalleled work in leading TISA to success, Michael Koisen has been named Most Trusted Financial Services CEO in the APAC CEO of the Year Awards 2024. In the wake of this success, he looks towards a bright future. Michael’s primary ambition is that the Society will soon gain its full commercial banking license, after which he can begin building it into one of the largest commercial banks in Papua New Guinea and the South Pacific. He also plans to mentor his potential successors, encouraging them to stay true to TISA’s original purpose by focusing on helping ordinary people, families, and communities. Contact: Michael Koisen Company: Teachers Savings And Loan Society Ltd. Web Address:

APAC Insider- CEO of the Year Awards 2024 Sometimes, being a leader doesn’t mean simply having the power to direct others – it’s a role capable of catalysing life-changing events, bringing people together, and inspiring them to become future leaders themselves. Embodying this very mentality is none other than Norzaiton Senusi – UM Specialist Centre’s award-winning CEO. Centring her leadership approach around encouraging every team member to grow and develop into the best versions of themselves, Norzaiton has become something of a figurehead for Malaysia’s Healthcare sphere. Below, we take a detailed look at how Norzaiton adopts a distinct leadership approach that promises to cultivate excellence. Defining herself as a “transformational leader, driven by the vision of empowering my staff to become future leaders themselves”, Norzaiton Senusi is an exceptional CEO who has leveraged her impeccable understanding of her responsibility to those around her to forge a leadership style that’s truly distinct from others within Malaysia’s healthcare industry. By focusing on the potential of every team member, embedding them into an internal culture that’s been meticulously developed to inspire and guide them, she has created an organisation that transcends brilliance in a multitude of ways. UM Specialist Centre is the very embodiment of Norzaiton’s current accomplishments – an entity that demonstrates the irrefutable impact of a fully aligned workforce. However, to achieve such harmony, one must carefully craft an effective framework that encompasses everything they hope to achieve. In Norzaiton’s case, this manifests through her unique Balanced Scoreboard framework – a methodology that allows her to unite financial, operational, sustainable, and talent management objectives with the wider vision of the UM Specialist Centre. In essence, this very framework has forged tangible avenues through which team members can traverse, ensuring a comprehensive and intuitive approach toward achieving their organisational goals. As a result, not only has Norzaiton managed to empower her people, but she has also succeeded in elevating UM Specialist Centre’s standing within the healthcare sphere. Furthermore, the symbiotic relationship between the entities in UM Health components has benefits and creates a unique value proposition to UM Specialist Centre. And yet, this isn’t the only vein in which Norzaiton differs from other healthcare CEOs within Malaysia. In fact, she is one of the few leaders to recognise that, in order for an organisation to flourish, every team member must be trusted to make collective decisions that align with the CEO’s own perspective. Though it may be her responsibility to outline and guide others toward excelling UM Specialist Centre forward, Norzaiton prides herself on being open to new and exciting ideas – ones that she wholeheartedly believes her team can deliver. To her, challenging the status quo and creating a diverse – yet unified – collective is the best way to get results, and UM Specialist Centre’s continuous success has proven that this mindset has long since been grounded in reality. In Norzaiton’s own words – “As the CEO, I see myself as the captain of the ship, entrusted with the responsibility of leading, inspiring, and equipping my team with the necessary resources to navigate through challenges and capitalize on opportunities. My commitment to effective leadership lies in setting clear direction, fostering a culture of innovation and collaboration, and empowering individuals to reach their full potential.” Though her organisation may be comprised of a multitude of diverse individuals, Norzaiton has somehow fostered a leadership style that’s able to flawlessly adapt and merge with the ambitions of her team members. As a result, they’re granted the opportunity to become active participants in their own journey, should they wish to one day rise the ranks to become a leader of the future. Celebrating every small success is just one of many ways in which Norzaiton amplifies her award-winning approach. She’s become incredibly aware of just how integral the little things are to the overall success of the organisation, and therefore goes above and beyond to provide the praise that supposedly minor achievements deserve. In doing so, Norzaiton has been able to place UM Specialist Centre on an upward trajectory – one that not only promises to play a critical role in Malaysia’s healthcare sector, but also raises the standards for how CEOs should operate alongside their team. Empowered by her detailed experience in communication and decision making, Norzaiton has cultivated an environment that any party would be lucky to immerse themselves in. Regardless of role, every person under the UM Specialist Centre umbrella is granted access to Norzaiton’s exceptional understanding of what being a leader entails. As a woman driven by the desire to instil strong values within her organisation, she’s adopted a culture of integrity, accountability, and innovation – a culture that sees the continuous development of each individual within it. Working in tandem with Norzaiton’s passion for presenting inspirational opportunities, UM Specialist Centre is able to benefit from a unified workforce that’s simply bursting with talent. After all, Norzaiton is raising the leaders of tomorrow, so it’s little wonder that the organisation itself has come to receive such high praises throughout the years. Of course, leading a team is only one part of being a CEO. The other, as expected, is pursuing strategic partnerships that are centered around improving the facet of Public Private Partnership implementation with UM Specialist Centre’s stakeholders. Crucial to building up Malaysia’s healthcare system and medical sphere, PPP holds the potential to herald in a new era of increased access to high-quality service delivery. To provide more details, we turned to Norzaiton herself. She had this to say – “From the perspective of the university, I am honoured to continuously support the Universiti Malaya Strategic Plan, mainly under the pillar of income generation - of which UMSC is now among the major contributors to the university - by channelling the fund back to the university and its ecosystem.” By seamlessly understanding how her work impacts both her team and the wider industry, Norzaiton has accumulated an impressive skillset that has yet to fail her in her pursuit of further greatness. The way they work as a hospital under the university, leveraging their expertise and ongoing research by the top notch professors in UM has accelerated UM Specialist Care at Healthcare CEO of the Year 2024 (Malaysia): Norzaiton Senusi Apr24101

APAC Insider- CEO of the Year Awards 2024 the forefront of tertiary hospitals in Malaysia. To close, we’d love to share what Norzaiton believes has forged her into the award-winning CEO she is today – “By leveraging my transferable skills and constantly seeking opportunities for growth and development, I have been able to progress to the position of CEO and drive positive change within UMSC. My diverse background allows me to approach challenges from a comprehensive perspective and lead the organization towards long-lasting success.” Truly, Norzaiton Senusi is a woman whose eye for the future of Malaysia’s healthcare sphere has enabled her to create methods and frameworks capable of helping it realise its full potential. For this reason, APAC Insider is pleased to present Norzaiton with this award, and we look forward to seeing how she and her team propel UM Specialist Centre further forward in the years to come. Contact: Sarah Shafin Company: UM Specialist Centre (UMSC) Web Address:

APAC Insider- CEO of the Year Awards 2024 Myxa Care is a Disability Services and Support Organisation located in Victoria, Australia. Established in 2020, the company aims to empower people with disabilities to live enriching, independent lives. Following his recent title in the APAC CEO of the Year Awards 2024, we speak with company CEO Gus Kattan to learn more about how his person-centric approach has fuelled his successes. Myxa Care provides disability support services that caters to a wide range of individuals with intellectual, psychosocial, and physical disabilities. Deriving its name from the ancient Greek term ‘myxa’ for ‘lamp’, Myxa Care promises to provide clear, transparent light to guide its participants to a brighter future where they are granted more independence and control. At the helm of the company is Gus Kattan, Chief Executive Officer of Myxa Care. Gus is deeply passionate about the work done at Myxa Care and has carried decades of industry knowledge paired with personal experience to assist his cause. Gus’ sister was born with Cerebral Palsy, and Gus often helped his parents to support her. His childhood experiences have helped in shaping a compassionate, understanding nature that translated into adolescence. As a teenager, Gus would often volunteer at care facilities to work alongside people with disabilities and the elderly. Each altruistic choice made at an early age has culminated into becoming an industry expert dedicated to providing excellent support and care to others. As an adult, he has achieved master’s degrees in business administration, strategic human resources management, and employment and labour relations law. These degrees have allowed Gus to apply business experience and knowledge to his ventures. His people-first attitude paired with his strategic business eye is exactly how Gus has nurtured and grown Myxa Care into a vital disability service provider. “I have an unwavering belief in human potential.” Gus’ people-centric mindset translates directly into his leadership style. He understands the importance of clear communication to fostering a positive work environment that celebrates his teams’ expertise. Gus believes that through motivating the team and building strong relationships with both clients and industry stakeholders, Myxa Care can continue to achieve excellence. He says, “I believe in leadership that empowers and inspires by setting a clear vision, creating a supportive environment, and trusting my team to excel.” A people-first approach is important amongst the team, too. It is vital that the employees at Myxa Care emulate the values held by the company and treat participants in accordance with these values. Speaking on this, Gus tells us, “I believe that disability should not be a barrier to leading an enriched and rewarding life, and it is this guiding principle that enables Myxa Care to empower the people we support. This philosophy permeates Myxa Care’s culture, ensuring exceptional support delivered with compassion and respect.” When Gus founded Myxa Care, he founded the company on a core value system built on the ‘three Rs’ – respect, responsiveness, and reliability. Each decision made by the company and its employees are reflective of these values. All participants and their families are treated with the utmost respect, with employees upholding the company’s exacting standards in line with NDIS practices. Employees are encouraged to be efficient and positive in their care. The company prioritises the needs and concerns of its participants, ensuring that services are responsive and leave the participant feeling that the team has met their needs. Finally, reliability is the key to delivering successful healthcare services. Through consistent, dependable care and support, Myxa Care has built a reliant reputation with its clientele base. Gus states, “We do not compromise on trust.” Much of the company culture has been cultivated from the firsthand experiences of Gus himself. His lifelong passion for social impact has driven his journey to becoming CEO, fuelled by his extensive background in Human Resources. However, at the root of his success, Gus believes, are his strong people skills. He says, “These skills, honed during my time in HR, allow me to develop talent, build high-performing teams, and foster a growth mindset within Myxa Care. This commitment to fostering a trusting and positive environment has become the foundation for our company’s success.” Gus is not alone in these beliefs; in fact, the entire team at Myxa Care share his same philosophy. The team values building trusting relationships, which is paramount when providing disability support services, as well as the importance of continuous learning. The Myxa Care team is highly qualified in delivering a wide range of services that are commonly tailored to suit the individual needs of the participant. The abilities to actively listen, alter approaches, and learn from mistakes are highly valued within the company. When asked about his philosophy, Gus tells us, “I encourage open communication and a blame-free culture where people feel safe to report and discuss mistakes. We work together as a team to resolve issues, focusing on solutions rather than assigning blame. This open communication environment builds trust and strengthens out team. We celebrate successes together and participate in regular leadership and team meetings, as well as team-building activities. These initiatives nurture a sense of togetherness, support, and continuous growth within the Myxa Care team.” “Challenges often present opportunities for growth.” However, the establishment of Myxa Care as an industry leading care provider has not come without its challenges. The company was formed in late 2020, when much of the world was under pandemic-enforced restrictions. Gus recalls, “Launching a business during the COVID-19 pandemic presented unique difficulties, particularly in hiring qualified support workers. However, these challenges have become opportunities for growth. We’ve learned to adapt, enhanced our abilities to operate outside our comfort zone, and manage through difficult situations.” Gus notes that the disability care sector is experiencing a shift towards individual support plans. To stay in-tune with these developments, Myxa Care actively monitors industry trends and attends conferences to stay ahead of the curve and better anticipate its participants’ needs. Best Disability Support CEO 2024 (Victoria): Gus Kattan

APAC Insider- CEO of the Year Awards 2024 However, Gus recognises that the company’s greatest asset is its staff, who are crucial to delivering exceptional service. The company invests in its staff through extensive training and development programmes to ensure that they continue to deliver personalised care that utilises the latest knowledge and skillsets. Over the course of 2023, Myxa Care has expanded its services and team whilst upholding its core values. The company has met the challenge of navigating the complex landscape of disability support, all the while remaining compliant with ever-changing healthcare regulations. But having such a hardworking team at the forefront of the company means that these challenges have allowed for the company to evolve, rather than succumbing to the setbacks. In terms of the future, Myxa Care hopes to continue its mission of providing high quality, individualised care that empowers people with disabilities to live fulfilling lives. Gus proudly tells us, “Looking ahead, I see Myxa Care continuing to be a leader in disability care, achieving even greater impact in the lives of those we support. In the next five years, I aim to solidify Myxa Care’s position as a national leader in disability care, recognised for our innovative approach and exceptional positive outcomes.” With such a strong resolve and passion for transforming the lives of those around him, it is clear to understand why Gus Kattan received his title of Best Disability Support CEO 2024. We look forward to witnessing another year of person-centric, excellent care provided by Gus and his team at Myxa Care. Contact: Cassandra Biadacz Company: Myxa Care Web Address: au Gus and Amber our Chief Operations Officer

APAC Insider- CEO of the Year Awards 2024 Best Accountancy Regulation CEO 2024 (Oceania): Pamela H. Naesol Onboarding the role of CEO is inarguably one of the biggest responsibilities a person can commit to in their lifetime. Not only do they have to have a masterful grasp of their own capabilities, but must be able to channel these skills into tangible lessons for their teams. However, where some may simply get by in their roles, there are CEOs who have gained global recognition for their exceptional capabilities. One such CEO is Pamela H. Naesol – the woman overseeing the overall operations of ISIA, Solomon Islands’ national accountancy regulation body. Below, we explore Pamela’s values, experiences, and award-winning leadership style in more detail. Driven by a sense of resilience that she has accumulated throughout her lifetime, Pamela H. Naesol has always sought a way to have a positive impact on the world around her. So, when she was approached with a proposition to become ISIA’s CEO, how could she say no? From this point on, she was finally able to infuse her team with the invaluable qualities she had obtained over the years. In doing so, Pamela has developed an enriching leadership style – one that not only honours the individuality of each team member, but actively encourages them to align their personal goals with the organisation’s vision to create something truly wonderful. As a result, ISIA has become just that – a reliable accountancy regulation body whose guidance has already served to uplift various stakeholders across the Solomon Islands. Empowered by Pamela’s personal sense of honesty, integrity, consistency, and reliability, the organisation has been able to frequently demonstrate an exceptional understanding of what stakeholders need, while simultaneously fostering its own internal growth. Such a balance isn’t easy to strike, and yet it seems as though Pamela has managed to tread this fine line by harmonising her personal ambitions with her professional ones. In Pamela’s own words – “Work is a way for me to fully express myself – my beliefs, my personality and character, and my strengths. My USP is my ability to be resilient in life. Life has never been easy for me, however somehow I always overcome in the end and continue moving forward.” This attitude is what has driven Pamela forward throughout both her career and her personal life. Through overcoming hardships and facing tough times by herself, she has gained an incredible understanding of how to navigate even the trickiest of the terrains, and how to come out stronger on the other side. Implementing this into her leadership approach, Pamela proudly stands as a CEO that her colleagues can turn to, regardless of their struggles – one that promises to go further than just lending an ear, and will actively play a part in helping them get back on the right track. By committing herself to this approach, Pamela has proven that she’s a CEO worthy of recognition, with her personalised mindset distinguishing her from other leaders within her field. However, these characteristics aren’t the only ones that define Pamela’s capabilities as a CEO. Though necessary to managing her team, Pamela has accumulated a broad skillset that transcends her more holistic strategies. In particular, in addition to her technical accounting skills, she has developed critical interpersonal skills that unite problem solving and creativity in a more than satisfying manner. Having experienced many instances of struggle caused by an inability to look ahead, Pamela wanted to ensure that she didn’t stumble into similar pitfalls, and therefore went on to dedicate herself to truly understanding the problems that she could potentially face as a CEO. Pamela further expresses this notion as follows – “One of my key strengths in life is problem solving. I was always fascinated with solving mathematical equations since I was a child, because maths was my favourite subject in school. I see life as a series of problems that need to be solved in order for us to progress higher. Having said this, I resonate more with the strategic and transformational leadership styles because, for me, everything in life is about solving problems. I believe we cannot progress forward if the problems we face cannot be solved. Effective problem solving requires strategic thinking. With a strategic mindset, we can identify root causes of problems and consequently come up with innovative solutions which may eventually lead to transformational changes in the current status quo.” As a direct result, she has managed to not only identify issues as they arise, but predict when they may emerge. Such a talent is often reserved for seasoned CEOs with decades of experience behind them, but Pamela has managed to accumulate such an astounding knack for problem solving that far exceeds her five year tenure. Though she may have only onboarded the role of CEO in 2019, Pamela has continued to demonstrate a level of knowledge and knowhow that certainly stands as a testament to her passion for fulfilling her detailed responsibilities. Partnered with Pamela’s person-centric approach to leadership, ISIA has undergone a metamorphosis that has shaped it into the intuitive, organised, and respectful environment it is today. In short, Pamela H. Naesol is a shining example of just how far a determination to be one’s true self can take an organisation, with her incredibly individualised approach to leadership having elevated ISIA to exciting new heights. Were it not for her, the collective may have never developed such an astute understanding of how to flawlessly navigate potential problem areas, making it a standout in its field. It’s for this very reason that APAC Insider is honoured to feature Pamela as part of our APAC CEO of the Year Awards 2024 programme. We look forward to seeing how Pamela continues to reshape the expectations bestowed upon the CEO role as she leads ISIA toward its bright future. Contact: Pamela H Naesol Company: ISIA Web Address:

APAC Insider- CEO of the Year Awards 2024

APAC Insider - CEO of the Year Awards 2024 Agricultural Seed Technology CEO of the Year 2024: Lewis Hunter AgriVentis Technologies is an agricultural seed technology and development company, leveraging the latest IP advancements to create and distribute seed lines that are more profitable for farmers, GMO free, and environmentally sustainable. Spearheaded by CEO Lewis Hunter and his expert team, AgriVentis is well-positioned to meet the world’s growing global demand for food and has the potential to supply up to one-quarter of Australia’s grain production requirements. In the wake of his win at APAC’s CEO of the Year Awards, we speak to Lewis Hunter about his role in the market-leading company. Officially formed in 2017 and backed by 20 years’ worth of agricultural technology, intellectual property, and commercial rights, AgriVentis strives to deliver the best and most advanced seed genetics to provide a good ROI for farmers. AgriVentis develops plants that have higher yields, better disease resistance, lower cultivation costs, and lower water requirements. The company has become globally recognised for its unique and superior range of commodities such as Pulse Crops, Brassica (Mustard), Dryland Native Rice, and Mungbeans. AgriVentis is founded on world-class academic research and development and includes Central Queensland University amongst its esteemed research partners, with representative academics serving as senior advisors on the AgriVentis board. The company’s leading-edge, ongoing agricultural research is a testament to its reliability and commitment to cater to the world’s growing demand for food security. The AgriVentis team share a common vision of a future where global food security is not just a market opportunity but a reality for all. By partnering with its Turkish counterparts in Hektas, part of the Oyak group of companies, AgriVentis can stay up to date with fast-moving trends to counteract the effects of population growth and climate change. Lewis Hunter leads the AgriVentis management board as Chief Executive Officer and as the Head of Marketing and Business Development. In his role, Lewis oversees all operational and administrative activities within the executive committee, supported by an experienced team on the front line of its farming, research, and development group. On his experience, Lewis says, “I come from an Airline, Sales, and Marketing background where I quickly climbed the corporate ladder to senior executive management level and travelled the world to learn about international business and commodity trading. This global knowledge steered me into the private business sector, and I formed several private companies, ranging from a successful Import and Exporting company to being involved in multiple family-owned businesses. This combination of skills enhanced my leadership abilities and led me to become involved in the Agriculture Industry. I was initially invited onto the boards of two privately listed agricultural seed companies, which ultimately led to establishing AgriVentis Technologies with three other business colleagues in 2017.” Through a combination of market research, field trials, strategic partnerships, and streamlined distribution channels, Lewis has developed an effective business strategy designed to increase sales and distribution in seed technologies. AgriVentis’s continuous research and development ensures the company remains the best in disease prevention and performance and maintains its position as a reliable leader in Apr24704 the seed industry. Most recently, leading seed companies have begun focusing their efforts on developing through plant breeding and seed selection to create better resistance traits to disease, pests, and yields. Providing farmers with improved seed genetics allows them to deliver increased ROI to their bottom line. Farmers are currently experiencing increased input costs, which have led them to seek new viable cash crops to supplement their regular cropping choices. Clients who approach AgriVentis are looking to improve their margins with state-of-the-art farming practices and superior seeds crops. AgriVentis strives to provide customers with the best solution for their individual needs by taking the time to listen to their requirements in order to deliver on its promises. The team is committed to nurturing strong relationships with clients and farming communities through impeccable customer service and reliable professional advice. Since its inception, AgriVentis has remained committed to delivering improved seed technologies to maximise returns for its valued clients. On his own journey as CEO, Lewis Hunter says, “The primary challenge I faced initially was being accepted by the broader Agriculture Industry due to the fact that my background was not in the Agriculture sector. However, I saw this as an opportunity to learn and embrace this incredible industry. Through extensive networking and participation in events, field days, and collaborating with the leading Ag based organisation, I slowly gained the respect and acceptance needed to be an effective leader and ensure confidence by providing value and benefit to the farming community.” It is AgriVentis’s mission to become the leading seed technologies company in Australia, renowned for its superior seed line varieties that provide unparalleled value to farming communities. The company is currently developing a new range of high protein, high yielding Pasture Legume seed blends for the North Australian Feed Lot industry. This new range will be high value and premium quality, allowing AgriVentis to grow a market share in this expansive industry and position itself as a prominent brand in a highly competitive market. From the hard work of its agronomy team led by Andrew McDonald to its R&D team developing new seed lines for future commercialisation, this coming year is set to be an ambitious one for AgriVentis. The business is also eager to continue working with research institutions such as CQUniversity to further develop its plant breeding genetics in disease and drought tolerances. Over the next 12 months, AgriVentis plans to launch six new seed lines to support its goal of meeting the needs of the world’s food supply in a manner that is sustainable, GMO free, and profitable for farmers. Lewis Hunter shares, “Over the next five years, long term goals for me are continuing to lead this great company to

APAC Insider - CEO of the Year Awards 2024 become a major force for good in the seed technology and seed supply sector. AgriVentis can and will be in the top tier of Agricultural companies throughout Australia, providing superior genetics that will give farming communities the support they need to not only survive, but play a major role in food security for Australia and overseas markets.” Recognised in APAC’s CEO of the Year Awards, Lewis Hunter’s career journey is one of continued persistence and a determination to support Australia’s farmers, who are the backbone of society. Moving forward. AgriVentis will remain steadfast in its efforts to develop plants that are better for the land, have strong disease resistance, and yield a higher ROI for farmers and growers. Led by Lewis Hunter, AgriVentis strives to create a future of global food security for all through strategic partnerships, groundbreaking research, and extensive development. For his collaborative leadership, we have bestowed on Lewis Hunter our award for Agricultural Seed Technology CEO of the Year. Contact: Lewis Hunter Company: AgriVentis Technologies Pty Ltd Web Address:

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APAC Insider- CEO of the Year Awards 2024 Best Insurance Broking CEO 2024 (China): Michael Li Marsh is a global leader in insurance broking and risk management, committed to shaping the future with innovative solutions that empower its clients to thrive. Offering industry-specific brokerage, consulting, and claims advocacy services, Marsh leverages data, cutting-edge technology, and analytics to help clients mitigate risk and achieve sustainable success. Here we speak to Michael Li, Marsh China’s visionary leader and recipient of our award for CEO of the Year, about his vital role in the business. For over 150 years, Marsh has remained steadfast in its mission to protect and promote possibility, empowering clients to grow and communities to thrive. Marsh strives to develop pioneering risk management methods and effective solutions that enable its clients, companies, and communities to reap the rewards. With offices in more than 130 countries, the business provides commercial and individual clients with data-driven risk solutions to help them navigate the complex risk landscape and secure future growth. The Marsh China team provide clients with valuable insights and advice to help them understand insurance differences, regulatory dynamics, and risk trends. With new risks constantly emerging, the business strives to help its clients become more resilient and realise their goals to achieve long-lasting success. By emboldening clients to embrace the power of possibility, Marsh transforms challenges into opportunities for growth to help them build a brighter future. Michael Li, the President, Chairman and General Manager of Marsh China, has acquired a diverse range of skills and expertise in insurance broking and risk management, which allows him to navigate challenges with ease. In 1997, he joined Marsh McLennan and held a variety of management roles in Marsh including the China Deputy General Manager, China Specialty Head and Head of the Shanghai office. With his substantial client management experience and exceptional leadership abilities, Mr. Li continued to rise through the ranks and was promoted to China CEO in November 2014. Michael Li says, “At the heart of my leadership philosophy are core values of excellence, integrity, and teamwork. These values serve as the guiding principles for me and my team at Marsh China. We consistently strive to exceed client expectations by delivering innovative and effective insurance solutions. We understand that each client has unique needs and challenges, and approach every situation with the utmost integrity, ensuring that our recommendations are always in the best interest of our clients.” In his role, Mr. Li has fostered a culture of collaboration and teamwork, recognising the importance of diverse perspectives to deliver impactful results. His ability to build strong relationships with colleagues and clients alike allows him to lead with confidence and precision. Mr Li’s highly versatile skills enable him to inspire and motivate his team to help them achieve remarkable results and sustainable success for their clients. Throughout his career, Mr. Li has established a strong network of government officials and local authorities and an indepth knowledge of the global insurance landscape. With his winning combination of expertise and extensive connections, Mr. Li can ensure his clients receive unrivalled value and ongoing strategic guidance. With his experience of leveraging data, technology, and analytics, Mr. Li empowers clients to make informed decisions and easily navigate the complex realm of risk management. With Michael at the helm, Marsh China has established an outstanding reputation amongst clients who trust in his commitment to excellence and ability to deliver extraordinary results. Michael shares, “I place a strong emphasis on cultivating robust relationships with clients, recognising the importance of understanding their unique needs and delivering tailored solutions. By prioritising effective communication and collaboration, I ensure that my team shares the same clientcentric mindset. I encourage the team to actively listen to clients, seeking to understand their goals, challenges, and aspirations. Through collaborative efforts, I have fostered an environment where ideas are shared, diverse perspectives are valued, and innovative strategies are developed to meet clients’ evolving needs.” Mr. Li focuses on leveraging data, technology, and analytics to help clients quantify and manage their risk. By remaining abreast of industry trends and implementing the latest technological advancements, he ensures that his strategy stays aligned with clients’ changing needs. Mr. Li monitors and analyses emerging risks and uses data analytics to provide actionable insights for risk mitigation. By nurturing innovation, he encourages his team to explore new methodologies and tools to strengthen the company’s risk management strategies. As a thought leader in the industry, Mr. Li is knowledgeable of emerging trends such as digital transformation, data analytics, and evolving risk landscapes. By investing in research and development initiatives, he can ensure that the organisation remains at the forefront of innovation. Working in collaboration with industry experts and other visionary leaders, Mr. Li has established a culture of knowledge sharing and continuous learning to adapt to the rapidly changing industry. Through training programs, workshops, and seminars, he equips the team with the necessary skills and expertise to anticipate and capitalise on emerging trends and maintain a competitive edge in the market. Looking to the future, Marsh China’s long-term goals involve expanding its market presence, driving innovation, and achieving sustainable growth. Michael says, “I envision myself continuing to lead and make a significant impact in the insurance industry as my career progresses. Driving innovation is a key objective, as I recognise the importance of staying ahead of industry trends and leveraging emerging technologies to deliver cuttingedge solutions. In my personal career, I will continue to lead and contribute to the insurance industry, leveraging my expertise and experience to drive positive change and deliver value to clients and stakeholders.” Marsh China is on a mission to further strengthen its position as a trusted partner for clients with its offering of innovative insurance solutions and risk management services. By fostering

APAC Insider- CEO of the Year Awards 2024 strong client relationships and adapting to evolving market dynamics, Mr. Li has driven growth and achieved overwhelming success for his organisation. His ability to seize opportunities and navigate complex challenges continues to shape his visionary leadership approach. Through his role, Mr. Li has created a collaborative environment that encourages creativity, innovation, and a sense of ownership within his team. For his trailblazing leadership, Michael Li has been honoured in APAC’s CEO of the Year Awards as this year’s Best Insurance Broking CEO (China). We cannot wait to see what the future holds for Mr. Li as he continues to drive industry change through innovation and collaboration. Contact: Claire F Liu Company: Marsh (China) Insurance Brokers Co. Ltd. Web Address:

APAC Insider- CEO of the Year Awards 2024 Based in Sydney, Australia, Commnia is a software development company seeking to transform the construction industry through innovative digital solutions. Its all-in-one platform stands out as the go-to system for construction management, providing Australian builders with a smarter way to manage their projects. At the helm of Commnia stands CEO Gina Yazbek, whose passion for technology and innovation drives the company forwards. Here, we speak to her to find out more about her work as she is recognised in our APAC CEO of the Year Awards 2024. As a graduate in Business and IT, Gina Yazbek possessed a background in data management and software development. Serendipitously, she had a strong connection to colleagues, friends, and family members engaged in the construction sector. She quickly realised the industry was ripe for productivity gains achievable with the use of the emerging technology of software development. In 1999, she set out to establish Commnia (formerly Build Tools), driven by a desire to empower Australia’s construction professionals with digital solutions that streamline project management processes, enhance collaboration, and drive efficiency. Striving to address the construction industry’s most prominent pain points, she helmed the creation of Commnia’s digital solutions, ensuring that they were not only technologically advanced but also user-friendly. Over the last two decades, Gina has guided Commnia’s journey as both Product Owner and as CEO. Her current role involves overseeing the development and implementation of the company’s innovative software solutions, as well as shaping its vision, strategy, and product roadmap to ensure its ability to meet clients’ evolving needs and remain at the forefront of technological advancement. Furthermore, Gina leverages her seasoned leadership skills to provide direction to her team, steering them towards a common goal and inspiring them to excel. As the driving force behind Commnia’s operations, Gina has led her team to take a customer-centric approach to their work. She encourages them to build lasting relationships with clients by consistently exceeding their expectations. To this end, they must not only focus on the excellence of the company’s software solutions but also provide clients with ongoing support, training, and consultation services. “We’re dedicated to being a trusted partner to our clients, providing them with the guidance, resources, and expertise they need to maximise the value of our software and achieve their business goals,” Gina explains. “We place our clients at the heart of everything we do, actively seeking their feedback and insights to tailor our solutions to their specific requirements. By prioritising customer satisfaction, we ensure that our software remains relevant and valuable in addressing real-world challenges.” At the core of Gina’s approach to leadership lies innovation. Commnia invests heavily in research and development in order to stay ahead of the curve, explore emerging technologies, and anticipate market trends. Fostering a company culture of creativity and experimentation, Gina encourages her team to push boundaries in everything they do, empowering them to think outside of the box and drive breakthrough advancements in construction software. To fuel their creative vision, she focuses on building a diverse, inclusive, and equitable workplace where all employees feel valued, respected, and able to contribute their ideas. Gina strongly believes that diversity fuels innovation and creativity; when employees come from different backgrounds, they bring to the team unique perspectives and talents that greatly benefit the wider company. In the rapidly evolving landscape of construction management software, Gina has also focused on emphasising the importance of continuous improvement and learning to her team. “We regularly evaluate our processes, methodologies, and outcomes to identify areas for enhancement,” she comments. “By staying agile and adaptable, we can quickly pivot and adjust our approach based on client feedback and changing project requirements. Through ongoing learning, adaptation, and refinement, we strive for excellence in everything we do.” Looking towards the future, Gina’s aspirations for Commnia and her team are centred around the pursuit of innovation, growth, and impact. Throughout 2024, the company will continue to build on the momentum of previous years, striving for expansion and market penetration, product development and enhancement, sustainability and social responsibility, and team growth. With regards to her own career, Gina shares, “In the next five years, I see myself continuing to lead Commnia with passion, purpose, and vision. I aspire to further expand my leadership capabilities, deepen my industry expertise, and make a meaningful impact within the construction technology sector.” For her forward-thinking leadership of Commnia, Gina Yazbek has been awarded the prestigious title of Most Innovative Construction Management Software CEO, Australia, in the APAC CEO of the Year Awards 2024. In the wake of this achievement, she comments, “I’d like to express my gratitude to our team members, clients, partners, and stakeholders for their continued support and collaboration. Together, we’ll continue to drive innovation, growth, and positive change within the construction management software industry, making a lasting impact on the built environment and beyond.” Contact: [email protected] Company: Commnia Web Address: Most Innovative Construction Management Software CEO 2024 (Australia): Gina Yazbek Mar24366