APAC CEO of the Year Awards 2023

Feb22538 Alasdair Godfrey is the owner and CEO of HTANALYSTS, a specialist healthcare consulting agency. The company aims to solve problems in the healthcare sector by combining rigorous, evidencebased perspectives with caring, human centric approaches. HTANALYSTS guide, analyse, and connect people all across the healthcare sector, identifying new opportunities by examining the direct and indirect competitor landscapes. Scottish born Alasdair Godfrey has a background in medicine and science, giving him unique credentials that enable an evidence-based rigour within the advisory services offered by his company HTANALYSTS. It is able to examine and seek solutions within healthcare, whilst always looking at situations through a medical lens. This allows HTANALYSTS to provide a vision within the healthcare sector that simply isn’t offered by competitors, even from much larger consulting firms. Alasdair has previously been a public health advisor to federal health governments and agencies, meaning he can offer insights and perspectives often unavailable to customers. Alasdair stays available and works in close collaboration with his team, shares his experience and helps drive company development to maximise employee success, experience and impact. Alasdair’s core values are centred around creating human-centric solutions that positively impact and improve the lives of patients, their families, workplaces, communities and the population at large. The aim (for Alasdair) is to create a legacy that improves the lives of as many people as possible. The company’s core mission is connecting people to the best health technologies as quickly as possible. To do this it uses its skills and experience, connecting research, evidence and innovation with governments, policy makers and payers. The social impact is intrinsic to what HTANALYSTS do, and ultimately the health and wellbeing of society is the starting base for this. The company is especially positioned to help others, share healthcare heritage learnings, and drive analysis and communication towards the end goal of better health and well-being. Alasdair started his career in the UK, in clinical and research positions. He moved to Australia in the early 2000s to take up a position in a medical technology organisation. From there he moved into health consultancy and provided advisory services to the Federal Department of Health, assessing new medical technologies and services. Alasdair’s leadership style is dynamic and creative and goes hand in hand with the goals of his company HTANALYSTS. The healthcare industry is certainly not exempt from business pressures such as the recent COVID-19 pandemic, political uncertainty, climate change and social upheaval, all of which have consequences on health. But even during uncertain times, HTANALYSTS has proven to be a stabilising, dependable partner. As a smaller, privately owned organisation, HTANALYSTS is agile and adaptable when it comes meeting clients’ needs and can swiftly change to meet new or unforeseen events. There is an increasing requirement for organisations to demonstrate commitment to environmental, social and governance (ESG) procedures. For HTANALYSTS, its expertise on social impact is a valuable asset to offer here. It Most Innovative Healthcare CEO 2023 (New South Wales) Mar23341 demonstrates how requirements are met, measured, and communicated accurately. Plus, due to its proven and validated scientific methodologies, the very real danger of impact washing can be avoided by clients who put their trust in HTANALYSTS. The company is always growing and evolving, with 2023 set to be its busiest year yet. It’s no wonder that Alasdair has been awarded Most Innovative Healthcare CEO 2023 (New South Wales). He is taking his company from strength to strength, extending its offerings to non-traditional clients, such as those outside of the health sector, and opening minds to what can be achieved. All of this is done through the unique focus of HTANALYSTS, which helps to improve lives of people all over the world! Contact Details Company: HTANALYSTS Web Address: [email protected] “No one teaches you how to be a leader let alone a CEO so much of my leadership style relies on my personality as well as my prior experiences. I think you have to be open to being available and personal with your team, which is the best way for them to see you as relatable and develop mutual trust and respect.”