CEO of the Year Awards 2022

APAC / CEO of the Year Awards 2022 5 Most Innovative Utilities CEO 2022 (Philippines): Angelo Valenton livelihood and to make sure they can all live the best quality of life possible. All under the vision and leadership of an outstanding CEO. Staff at POWER 4 ALL had these to say; “Working for POWER 4 ALL has been a really great experience. You get to work with very talented people who are all just as passionate about the company’s mission as you are. The work environment is also very open and collaborative.” “Working with POWER 4 ALL for many years now is a privilege. I still remember during my first day when my superior told me ‘consider this as your company’. We work to be recognised not just for good service, but service with a heart, not just for the employees, but for every client and customer as well.” “At POWER 4 ALL I get to experience working with a dynamic team of different professions and do things that really enhance my knowledge in my profession. We do projects that would contribute to the improvement of livelihood in different areas of the country which really is a great motivation for us.” “This is an organisation that gives the power of life, especially for people outside urban areas where electricity and clean water are problematic. This is a company with integrity and love for its business partners, clients and employees.” “I am humbly honoured to get to work with a helpful team, passionate leaders, and an encouraging working environment,” being supported to “think out of the box, nurture skills, and make dreams a reality”. Indeed, Angelo Valenton is a driven and altruistic CEO who draws inspiration from the success of others and in providing the most compelling and uplifting solutions for those who need them most. Professionals outside of POWER 4 ALL have described him as “a unique blend of smartness, logical thinking, humility, and practical approach”, being “one of the most successful providers of solar products in Asia”, thanks to “his experience in handling consumer-oriented businesses and managing client expectations”. Another individual recognises Angelo as “both a dynamic entrepreneur and a very capable manager, with a solid marketing foundation”. They went on to say, “He is quick to see opportunities, yet very systematic in his professional approach to the market. It’s a pleasure to work with Angelo, both under a professional view, as he is able to come up with a solid strategy and a well thought marketing plan, and on a personal level due to his friendly and pleasant character.” Overall, it is easy to how Angelo Valenton has achieved such success within the APAC CEO of the Year Awards 2022, and there is certainly no stopping him as he continues to lead his team towards changing the world for the better. We are certainly rooting for his and POWER 4 ALL’s success to carry on into the future. Company: POWER 4 ALL Contact: Angelo Valenton Email: [email protected] Website: