CEO of the Year Awards 2022

4 APAC / CEO of the Year Awards 2022 , There are a billion people in the world who don’t have access to electricity and clean water, essentials to economic growth, poverty reduction, and wellbeing. POWER 4 ALL aims to provide access to simple yet cutting edge solutions to clean power and clean water among at-risk communities. It is an organisation that aspires to be a trusted and leading partner in business and community building through reliable and innovative technologies, programmes, products and services, and a team that is determined to succeed. POWER 4 ALL’s solutions have been commissioned by respected global organisations including the United Nations, UNICEF, World Wildlife Fund, World Vision and IOM to support impactful and sustainable initiatives geared towards business continuity, climate and environment care, humanitarian response, poverty alleviation, and community development. POWER 4 ALL provides much-needed access to clean power and cleanwater through simple yet cutting-edge solutions through the design, engineering, supply and distribution, construction, and commissioning of inventive and field-tested technologies. The organisationwas founded by CEO, Angelo Valenton in 2016, and thanks to his leadership, it has gone from strength to strength. Join us as we learnmore about his work. Most Innovative Utilities CEO 2022 (Philippines): Angelo Valenton Angelo Valenton says, “Purpose is at the heart of our work. Applying exciting new technologies and unusual thinking to impact underserviced communities where common solutions fail is an amazing place to be in. Here we constantly push ourselves to do things never done before.” POWER 4 ALL has completed numerous life-changing projects over the years including the electrification of schools, livelihood centres and rural health clinics located off-the-grid, plug-and-play power supplies for humanitarian action towards victims of natural calamities (earthquakes and typhoons), decentralized solar kits for indigenous peoples, d-i-y microgrids, paygo solar home systems for unelectrified communities, potable water re-use facilities to augment clean water supply, modular and mobile water treatment plants capable of treating any water source at any location under any condition. Based in Manila, Philippines, the company had also provided solutions to support the projects and programmes of local government agencies such as the Department of Education, leading energy providers; Meralco, First Gen, Energy Development Corporation, the largest private water concessionaires Maynilad Water Services and Manila Water, and a growing list of non-government organizations and foundations. The team at POWER 4 ALL is truly devoted to doing all they can to improve the lives of underserviced populations as it pursues ways to provide equal access to power and clean water which are primary enablers for health, security, education and Mar22613