CEO of the Year Awards 2022

APAC / CEO of the Year Awards 2022 15 , Led by exemplarymind in his field JoseMerlo Castro Junior, Southernmost Real Estate Management is a company that has made a name for itself with its exemplary ability to resolve real estate problems. Nominally, its efforts have been focused on aiding client issues from conflict resolution to property partition, working with tenacity, diligence, and an industryleading dedication to its clients’ continued success, always striving to help themachieve the best outcome. Experts in conflict resolution, recovery of possession, settlement of estate, and property partition, Southernmost Real Estate Management has gained notoriety as a client-focused real estate firm with a difference. Additionally, it can help a client to scout for properties that would perfectly fit their needs, drawing out the specifications and requirements of each customer in order to deliver them a truly tailored experience that sets them apart from their peers. This has made Southernmost Real Estate Management a household name in its industry, one that has become renowned for maximising potential value, becoming a one-stop-shop for any comments, queries, or concerns that a client might have regarding the industry. Being a client’s ‘total real estate solutions partner’, it takes its role incredibly seriously, continuously striving to go above and beyond expectations to deliver the best results. This has all been made possible through the dedication and diligence of its founder – Jose Merlo Castro Junior – a graduate of political science with a Bachelor of Law who has worked Best Real Estate Development CEO (Philippines): Jose Merlo Castro Jnr for many years to become a frontrunning real estate developer. With this deep dedication to client, industry, and education in mind, it is easy to see how he has become such a linchpin professional, using Southernmost Real Estate Management to spearhead the sector as it moves towards the future. Enrolling in the Continuing Professional Program for Real Estate Management, he become a licensed broker in 2011, acquiring the title of Land Management Officer soon thereafter. After 11 years of experience, he assembled the team and launched Southernmost Real Estate Management in 2018; with all this previous experience and acumen behind him, he was able to hit the ground running and see immediate growth to the tune of over 800 clients, and a gross traction of almost a billion peso. Additionally, despite the industry’s current challenges and paradigm shifts, Jose is confident that Southernmost Real Estate Management is in the right position to continue this expansion. With the Covid-19 pandemic having shifted the real estate market’s priorities somewhat, he has worked hard to ensure his company has been able to adapt, using his resultsoriented management style to keep his team’s eyes on the prize and push to become even more of a player in real estate, aiming to enter the field of Real Estate Investment Trust. Company: Southernmost Real Estate Mngt. Corp. Contact: Jose Merlo Castro Jnr Website: https://www. Mar22221