CEO of the Year Awards 2022

14 APAC / CEO of the Year Awards 2022 , Mirasol Lescano is the enthusiastic and committed CEO and business manager at Manila Washers Speed Laundry Inc., a leading laundromat based in the Philippines. The company boasts a range of services, including a self-serve option that promises completion in under an hour and a half. Nestled in the bustling city of Pasig, Philippines, is a luxury clothes washing service. Indeed, Manila Washers Speed Laundry Inc. has been in operation since 2015, and has been supplying excellence ever since. The company utilises the trusted and globally renowned Maytag brand for its washers and dryers, ensuring that its customers clothes leave every wash clean and fresh. Moreover, such products bolster the company’s focus on sustainability, as Maytag is a worldwide leader in producing long-lasting energy and water efficient laundry products. Manila Washers Speed Laundry Inc. is open every day from 6AM to 6PM and provides an abundance of services. Its primary offering is self-service, in which it specialises in the traditional method of ‘coin laundry’, an area of the market that, according to the Coin Laundry Association, has grown steadily over the past 70 years. Manila Washers Speed Laundry Inc. takes pride in the fact that such services can be completed in an hour. On top of this, the company offers a personal wash and fold and business wash and fold service – both of which can be booked via the link in the company’s Instagram biography. The company’s Instagram page, manilawashersph, is an accessible place that invites customers to remain up to date with the company’s seasonal opening and closing times and any potential closures. Furthermore, it is here that Manila Washers Speed Laundry Inc. offers a multitude of clothes washing tips and tricks – for example, it states that when white clothes start turning yellow or grey, it could be because the washing machine’s temperature is too low, or that the machine is being overloaded. Such excellence stems from the company’s CEO and business manager, Mirasol Lescano. With a wealth of experience supporting her position, including knowledge surrounding brand management and customer service, Lescano covers numerous aspects of the daily running of the business. Upon maintaining a high standard of customer service, Lescano creates and enacts the business strategy, recruits and trains new members of the team, and maintains the finances. Her devotion to the business is inspiring and is sure to not only inspire confidence in the customers, but also push the team to work harder in order to accomplish similar success. In the Philippines, the laundry industry is experiencing a period of recovery after the negative impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. In 2019, Statista estimates that laundry services in the Philippines grossed 71.53 million USD, however, in 2020, this fell to 41.25 million USD. This rapid decline can be attributed to the numerous closures and restrictions that took place at the height of the crisis. There is hope for the industry, as in 2021, the industry garnered an estimated 47.51 million USD. Further, the future looks bright, as in 2024, Statista estimates that the revenue of laundry services in the Philippines will amount to approximately 88.2 million USD. Contact: Mirasol Lescano Company: Manila Washers Speed Laundry Inc. Web Address: manilawashersph Laundry Management CEO of the Year (Philippines): Mirasol Lescano