CEO of the Year Awards 2022

12 APAC / CEO of the Year Awards 2022 , With sustainability and ecological waste disposal technologies having become an industry in and of itself over time, InnovationClub is a purpose-driven start-up that has made a bold play to be the leader of the pack. Innovating, developing, and improving amyriad of solutions that aims to eradicate plastic waste, Jackson Sobb and his teamhave made themselves critical partners to clients across a range of industry verticals, something he forecasts will only continue to grow as InnovationClubmoves into the future. With a commitment to solving the global plastic pollution crisis, InnovationClub is an Australian enviro-tech company with a difference. Nominally, it has been deep in research regarding the impacts of different types of plastics and their impact on the environment, eventually reaching a partnership with the University of Newcastle to further this work. In conjunction with the Global Innovative Centre for Advanced Nanomaterials – or GICAN – this company’s efforts include a strategy that seeks to create a circular economy model that will serve Australia’s emerging sustainable future. InnovationClub wishes to be one of the cornerstone companies that direct the shape of this future, keeping the spotlight on the pioneering of different products and manufacturing solutions that reduce plastic consumption and decrease waste as a result. Being globally aware, does not detract from their commitment to being Australianmade and locally minded. They are singularly focused on developing and utilising leading technology that creates organic compostable packaging alternatives using Australian farmer’s agricultural waste as their prime raw material. That is, creating value from waste that will eliminate waste later when the product is consumed. A true circular solution. Critically, each of these processes and the diligence with which they have been set up can be traced back to InnovationClub’s co-founder and CEO Jackson Sobb. With a career specialising in hospitality, he has extensive experience at the user end of the supply chain and the difficulties they face in disposing waste sustainably. These insights combined with the different industry experiences from the team he has assembled are the driving force behind the innovation and drive, so that they can strive to achieve their singular purpose. He recognises that he does not have all the answers and that true problem-solving comes from a broad church of purpose driven individuals, who each have a different perspective. Thus, ingenuity and experience are combined – and the wider landscape of sustainable solutions – benefits accordingly. Jackson’s transparent and dedicated team has allowed his company to grow by adding value to the industry and those working closely with it. Company: InnovationClub Contact: Jackson Sobb Website: Enviro-Tech CEO of the Year 2022: Jackson Sobb