CEO of the Year Awards 2022

APAC / CEO of the Year Awards 2022 11 , Mar22559 Best Face-To-Face Outbound Call Centre CEO (Central Visayas): Amy Barcenas - Boutvine Based in the Philippines, 724Care was launched in 2006 with the aim to provide services established as a call centre offering appointment settings, lead generation, market research/surveys and voice accounts. Initially starting with only three people, 724Care has grown into an incredible business, all due to the well-established leadership of CEO Amy Barcenas, who has been recently regarded as the Best Face to Face Outbound Call Centre CEO in Central Visayas, Boutvine. Renowned for its outstanding efforts within the communications industry, 724Care is regarded for its reputable service offerings as an outbound call centre. However, while the business can provide traditional communications offerings, they have come across several clients who are leaning towards the modern technological world and have requested a virtual assistant with specific skills sets such as someone having an accounting/bookkeeping background, an HR specialist or one that can write emails and work with spreadsheets and can make presentations, just to name a few. Explaining on the company’s stance regarding the rise of modernity in the workplace and the communications industry, CEO Amy Barcenas adds, “Because of this, we have now expanded as a BPO company who also provides back-end processes and everything else.” In addition to its incredible offerings, 724Care consistently differentiates itself from its competitors and others within the sector. It does so by having a stable, consistent and supportive relationship with its members. “There is no secret technique; we treat our employees as partners, so they tend to stay with us. We pay them well, and we give them benefits. The common pain of business owners in the US is the hiring and training, and if one resigns, they have to do it all over again,” explains Amy. Essentially, 724Care aims to help small to medium-sized businesses expand, grow, thrive, and flourish, even in difficult times like the recession and pandemic, by providing them with high-quality appointments, a constant stream of sales, and highly skilled employees virtual assistants. Amy adds, explaining, “Our unique selling point is a competitive price without jeopardizing quality. Our goal is to be a world calls call centre providing high-quality service at a fraction of the cost in the US, Canada and Australia.” As one of the company’s founders, Amy started her imperative role by beginning as the first agent of the business. Expanding on her initial journey, Amy states, “When we first started, I was calling as an appointment setter for Canon Copier. Later on, we were able to close more clients in the mortgage industry, insurance, etc. So, as we grew, I trained people within the company as I moved between departments from Hiring and Recruitment, Operations, Business Development until we grew and became an organization with 300 plus employees.” This showcases the natural leading abilities that Amy processes and her drive, commitment and dedication to her company by following through from the very beginning and rising to her rightful earned position as CEO. Additionally, but taking the personal time to train and help her own members understand their positions, Amy has nurtured a new generation of impressive and imperative members who are individually unique and experienced in their own right. Amy adds, “I use the old-style approach, which is a carrot and stick, regarding her leadership abilities. However, I made a modified version of it. I believe in setting up the process and following it through. While I get mad when people tend to take a shortcut, I continuously talk to my employees, and they will understand the importance at the end of the day. In my organization, we incentivize and give big awards that sometimes, just by itself, you do not even need a stick anymore.” Concerning the company’s future, Amy is planning to open a second facility as the current one is nearly at its maximum capacity. This year, 724Care is planning to expand fully and add another 150 within 2022 alone. Closing the article with her final thoughts, Amy adds, “724Care has been my baby, and I started this company from a small, threebedroom apartment. This is my career and my life. With that being said, I will dedicate the rest of my working years to the company and grow it to become a world-class Call Centre within the Philippines.” With her most recent recognition as the Best Face-To-Face Outbound Call Centre CEO, Amy is pushing the boundaries and creating technologically needed advances for the communications industry, leading the sector one successful year at a time. Company Name: 724Care Contact Name: Amy Barcenas Web Address: Contact Email: [email protected] 724Care