APAC Businesswoman Awards 2017

8 APAC / Businesswomen Awards 2017 , Established in 2007, Trans Pacific Global supports clients based clients all over Indonesia ranging from private companies to the government. Verawati discusses how the firm has grown since inception a decade ago. “Drawing on over 10th years’ experience, Trans Pacific Global has developed over the years and we now have around 25 employees and 300 vehicles. This enables us to offer a great service as well as choice to our clients.” As a woman in such a male dominated market, Verawati has faced many challenges over the years. She outlines her previous career and how she draws on this now, as well as the challenges she has faced and how she believes any woman can overcome these to succeed as she has. “Before I owned this company I had worked in one of the private automotive companies and one corporate car rental also located in Jakarta, from that time I build my career, more or less until now has been more than 15 years. “The challenges that I face in developing a business as a woman are government policies that involve the same policies ABW17003 Most Influential Woman in Transport Rental & Best Car Rental Company - Indonesia Trans pacific global company is a transportation specialist focused on corporate car rental.We spoke toDirector Verawati Basri to find outmore about the firmand her role in its success so far. with male business actors, women on business should be treated especially in terms of financing policies for business development. To overcome these challenges and become a strong entrepreneur, all women must be persistent and optimistic.” Moving forward Verawati is excited for the future as she outlines the various developments she has in store for Trans Pacific Global. “Looking to the future, I have a target of business development not only for Indonesia, but also for the Asia Pacific, not only for land transportation but sea and air. Especially in our country there are still many opportunities that can be developed, not only transportation, but all forms of “services” business especially. Also, it is my interest and dreams in the future to improve the welfare / income of the Indonesian citizen in particular.” Contact: Verawati Basri Email: [email protected] Address: Jl RS Fatmawati No 53, 3rd floor, Fatmawati, South Jakarta, Indonesia, 12430 Telf: +622175918596 Fax: +622175918597 Webs: www.pacificrentcar.com