Business Awards 2023

Jan22686 APAC Insider- Business Awards 2023 Illumine Ops is a Western Australian-based company with a truly dedicated commitment to igniting transformative change in the greater, worldwide resource industry. Following its recognition by APAC Insider magazine for its approach to industry disruption, we spoke with Illumine Ops’ Founder and Director, Holly Allday, to find out how she has spearheaded this impressive innovation in a space notorious for resisting change. Best Operational Mining Enterprise 2023 - Western Australia Holly sets the parameters for the company’s success from the outset, “Expertise in Action. Empowering Success. Strategic Optimism”. Those are the three pillars that form Illumine Ops’ foundation, forging the guidelines and processes that have defined the company’s ethos from the very beginning. But Illumine Ops has always been about being diligent, innovative, and – in the best way – disruptive, utilising Holly’s experience as a respected mining operations manager across multiple commodities and operations. Here, Holly explains the company’s mission and values in more detail. “Illumine Ops supports our clients and their teams by freeing them of projects that take them away from their core functions, enabling them to focus on what matters most. In a time where clients are wearing multiple hats and grappling with time constraints, we step in to alleviate their burdens and provide them the freedom to concentrate on their key priorities. We also have the expertise to identify operational challenges swiftly and accurately, devising highly effective solutions that result in tangible project improvements.” In this, Illumine Ops and its team act as a crucial partner, taking on some of the weight of dayto-day responsibilities to free up vital resources that would be better spent elsewhere. While this is a common role in a variety of other sectors and industries, Illumine Ops is unique in adapting that business model to the resource industry. Namely, because doing so requires an equally unique set of skills and experience – which Holly has Oct23564 showcased, time and time again, that she possesses. “We have an unwavering commitment to adding value through every interaction, with our ethos centred around empowering industry leaders and inspiring operational success. We work hard to bridge crucial operational gaps while arming the mining sector for the monumental global challenges ahead,” Holly adds. The nature of doing business in the modern world is that, simply, companies like Illumine Ops have swiftly become essential, operating to ‘patch the gaps’ within operations to ensure enduring success. Ultimately, the world of business is changing, and that absolutely includes the world of mining. “As a client-centric company, adding value to the resources sector has been our focus from the getgo. Since our formation, we have stayed true to our essence by ‘igniting brilliance’ in our clients’ operations, their teams, and their personnel – the future leaders of our industry.” Innovation has proven to be the driving force behind Illumine Ops, and this extends to the internal culture of the company as well. Holly takes a moment to discuss the team dynamic and focus on nurturing a transparent and collaborative environment. “Our approach is grounded in creating an environment where innovation thrives and fostering a culture that champions collaboration, transparency, and open-mindedness. When selecting partners and affiliates, we seek qualities such as open-mindedness, optimism, energy, curiosity, and an action-orientated mindset. These traits enable seamless integration into our culture and drive our company’s mission forward.” With a firm foundation established in the years since its establishment – both on an internal and external front – Holly is now looking to broaden the scope of Illumine Ops towards consortiumstyle partnerships. “These partnerships will expand our network to offer additional expertise and value in mine management, contract operational support, safety management, leadership, mining mentoring, and executive coaching.” The remainder of 2023 looks set to be a time of further growth and innovation, as Holly looks towards capitalising on a strong start for the new year. “We have some exciting ventures on the horizon. These include our support mining mentoring programmes and upskilling industry leaders both in the legislative realm and in igniting their own brand of brilliance. A new programme, set to launch in January, features the WA Legislation Exam Prep workshop which is designed to deepen the understanding of industry leaders within the legislative framework. Drawing on our frontline experience, we cover roles from shift supervisor through to mine foreman, project manager, and mine manager.” Company: Illumine Ops Name: Holly Allday, Director Email: holly.allday@illumineops. Web Address: https://www. (will be redeveloped early 2024)