Business Awards 2023

Operating across Australia and New Zealand, Medfuture specialises in the provision of comprehensive medical and healthcare staffing recruitment solutions. Since its inception almost a decade ago, the company has grown into one of the most reputable GP recruitment firms and has expanded its offerings to also encompass allied health professions, dentistry, psychology, nursing, and health executives. Here, we speak to Managing Director Niraj Chenthoran to gain a deeper insight into Medfuture’s work. In 2014, experienced sales and marketing professional Niraj Chenthoran established Medfuture, aiming to create a leading recruitment solutions company. However, this vision has evolved significantly over time, responding to the changing needs of the medical and healthcare industry. In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, there has been an increase in demand for enhanced healthcare services, prompting a strategic shift in the company’s approach. Now, rather than aiming for market leadership solely in recruitment solutions, the company is also dedicated to serving as a dominant platform for individuals seeking roles in the medical and healthcare sector, providing them with an array of choices for job opportunities. To this end, Medfuture is proud to offer a diverse range of tailored and reliable staffing services, including permanent placements, locum staffing, and curated corporate solutions. With an extensive network and a wealth of knowledge and expertise, the company is wellequipped to connect healthcare professionals with rewarding and coveted career opportunities, whilst simultaneously helping healthcare organisations find the ideal candidates to fill their roles. In this, Medfuture caters to both job seekers and hiring managers. Whilst its focus is on GP recruitment, Medfuture aims to facilitate the placement of medical and healthcare professionals across the entire spectrum of the industry, including the mental health, oral health, allied health, and nursing segments. This even extends beyond the typical clinical role to include the professionals involved in management and administration across the industry. With such a broad range of focus, the brand caters to a diverse clientele that includes public and private hospitals, private clinics, dental practices, allied health service providers, aged care facilities, psychology service providers, and oral health institutions. Medfuture’s core values lie in confidentiality, ethical standards, and compliance with all regulatory requirements to ensure public safety. On top of this, it also prioritises taking a personalised, available, autonomous, and reliable approach to its services. These core values are deeply important to the company and integral to its operational philosophy. Niraj shares, “Philosophy at Medfuture is simple. The team are trained to discern and deliver precisely what their clients seek in terms of employment and talent solutions”. In terms of customer service, Niraj believes in the importance of ongoing development and improvement. By delivering the highest standard of service possible, Medfuture aims to become the destination of choice for those in search of talent or job opportunities. To accomplish this, it must consistently meet and exceed expectations. Niraj comments, “I firmly believe that every action we undertake should be rooted in a customer-centric perspective.” Operating in the APAC region, Medfuture’s focus is currently on Australia and New Zealand, two countries that are steadfast in their commitment to enhancing their medical and healthcare systems. To do this, both countries continue to integrate diverse stakeholders across various segments, including professionals, service providers, and intermediaries. In this, there are a number of significant challenges. Firstly, there is a distinct lack of skilled professionals across Australia and New Zealand, meaning that it is necessary to explore global talent pools in order to meet demand for highly qualified individuals. Secondly, immigration policies and internal healthcare regulations must be refined to facilitate the seamless migration of international medical graduates (IMG). It is important for the sector’s needs to be met without disrupting the delicate balance of market demand and supply. Medfuture operates across offices in Melbourne and Wellington, enabling it to comprehensively cover both Australia and New Zealand. On top of this, in line with its ambitions for international expansion, a global office has recently been established in Sri Lanka. These three offices work together as an integrated entity. Internally, Medfuture aims to foster a familial culture amongst its team, creating an environment in which staff members are not separated by hierarchical positions. Instead, their designated roles are reflective of their individual responsibilities. Each person is entitled to equal benefits and encouraged to share and discuss their ideas openly. Niraj maintains that attitude, training, and knowledge are essential in ensuring that all staff members align with the organisational culture and meet the requirements of their roles. In hiring, he believes that the ideal candidate is one who demonstrates high levels of adaptability. Their willingness to be flexible in order to meet the demands of their job allows for their effective training and education at Medfuture. In the years to come, Medfuture intends to establish itself as a prominent brand within the realm of medical and healthcare recruitment solutions. To this end, it will work to develop automated online platforms designed to deliver diverse recruitment services to the industry. In addition, Medfuture aims to grow as a provider of rich medical and healthcare content by establishing a platform that will serve as a dependable source of knowledge for professionals. Whilst this goal extends beyond its initial focus, the company believes that it will contribute significantly towards its position as a reliable brand. For its excellence in all areas of business, Medfuture has been named Most Trusted Healthcare Recruitment Agency, Australia, in the APAC Business Awards 2023. We are thrilled to congratulate Niraj Chenthoran and his team on their success in this awards programme and wish them the best of luck in the years to come. Contact: Daniel Anandappa Company:Medfuture Web Address: Most Trusted Healthcare Recruitment Agency 2023 - Australia Oct23594