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Welcome to the Business Awards 2022 APAC Insider is proud to announce the much-awaited return of the APAC Business Awards 2022, making its way back for the 7th consecutive year! Encompassing a vast array of businesses, organisations and enterprises throughout the region, we endeavour to ensure that only the most deserving are recognised, and judged purely on their merits. As we start to transition into the post-COVID world, industries throughout the APAC region are starting to emerge and report the first signs of growth, proving that we are on the path back to normality! The steps may be tentative at first, however, there are sure-fire signs of irreversible growth for the region’s key industries, and that is down to the sheer amount of perseverance and effort from everyone involved! GDP growth has also proved readily stable throughout the pandemic, with the Asian economy contracting by only 1.5 per cent in 2020, compared to the overall global economy shrinking by 3.2 per cent. Expectations are high for the economies in this region, which are returning to pre-pandemic levels. At the same time, the disruption caused by COVID has brought lasting effects in the forms of hybrid work set-up and rapid digitisation, prompting organisations to rethink their strategies. Sofi Bajor, Senior Editor Website: AI Global Media, Ltd. (AI) takes reasonable measures to ensure the quality of the information on this web site. However, AI will not assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, correctness or completeness of any information that is available through this web site. If errors are brought to our attention, we will try to correct them. The information available through the website and our partner publications is for your general information and use and is not intended to address any particular finance or investment requirements. In particular, the information does not constitute any form of advice or recommendation by us or any of our partner publications and is not intended to be relied upon by users in making or refraining from making any investment or financial decisions. Appropriate independent advice should be obtained before making any such decision. Any arrangement made between you and any third party named in the site is at your sole risk and responsibility.

4. Greenology: Best Hardware Procurement Services Company - Samoa 6. Pridel Private Limited: Best Road Transport Company - India 8. Matrix Multitech Pvt. Ltd: Best Bag Zippers & Accessories Manufacturer 2022 - India 10. Eco Pallet Private: Best Ecological Pallets Manufacturer - India 12. Ceasefire PFP: Best Passive Fire Protection Company 2022 - NSW 14. BatteryMate: Best Online Battery Store 2022 - Australia 16. Banter Group: Best Full-Service Marketing & Design Agency 2022 - NSW 18. White Room Studio: Best Corporate Picture Photography Studio – Singapore 20. Design Point Consult Pt. Ltd: Best Town & Regional Planning Company 2022 - India 21. Incredible Solar and Energy Solutions: IBest Solar Power Systems Provider - VIC 22. CSEM Maritime Sdn Bhd: Best Shipping Agency & Layup Solution Providers - Malaysia 23. Ben Mikha Ltd: Independent Filmmaker of the Year 2022 (New Zealand): Ben Mikha 24. Epergne Solutions Pte Ltd: Best Digital Transformation Consultancy 2022 - Singapore 25. Anaiwan Advisory: Leaders in Commercial Management – Australia 26. BMS Law: Litigation Lawyers of the Year 2022 – WA 27. Maybank Investment Bank Berhad: Most Sustainable Investment Banking Firm - Kuala Lumpur 28. Legacy Steel Ltd: Steel Fabrication Contractor of the Year 2022 – New Zealand 29. Lakes Boulevard Dental: Most Welcoming Dental Practice - Melbourne 30. Cayin Technology Co. Ltd: Most Innovative Digital Signage Solutions Provider – East Asia 31. Coact Imprints: Best Specialist Printing House - India 32. VIVA! Communications Pty Ltd: Best Health & Wellness Communications Agency 2022 33. At Quest Sustainable Solutions Private Limited: Best Emerging ESG & Sustainability Consultancy - South Asia 34. Eyebrow Therapy: Lash Tinting Specialists of theYear - Sydney & APAC Customer Service Excellence Award 2022 35. MOSO Branding & Creative: Best Brand Design Agency 2022 – China 36. Hammer Head Experiences Private Limited: Most Creative Event Management Company 2022 – India 37. Qardia: Best Cardiac Health Services Provider - VIC 38. CIBI Information Inc: Leading Credit Bureau of the Year – Philippines 39. ConfidenceClub: Leading Innovators In Continence Management 2022 40. Kalyx Networks: Best IT Infrastructure Solutions Provider – Bangalore Contents

Jan22686 Best Hardware Procurement Services Company - Samoa The world needs more experts in the technology space. Despite it being a particularly competitive arena, there’s still room for those looking to drive innovation in technology and ICT. Greenology has become one of the leading entities in the ICT sphere within the APAC region and beyond. Here, we take a closer look at the company following its well-deserved success in the programme. More thananything, Greenology is driven by a need to deliver solutions to its clients. From software development, email services and cloud solutions, to payroll solutions, point of sale advisory and hardware procurement, Greenology aims to be a one stop shop for those looking to revolutionise and reinvigorate their techbased operations. Working in partnership with some of the largest global brands, such as Cisco and Microsoft, Greenology has developed a well-honed team of experts who are on hand to help their clients with whatever they need to ‘level up’ their operations. After all, the technology industry moves swiftly, gaining momentum, and stops for no one. It can be incredibly – notoriously, even – difficult for companies outside of it to keep up with the breakneck speed of developments. Or, even, realise what it is they are missing to give them an advantage on this everdigitised landscape. With its two-pillared approach focusing on quality solutions and customer satisfaction above all else, Greenology made its mark early in the course of its ongoing lifespan. By taking the lead on cost-effective services, Greenology offers an incredible peace of mind to its clients – ensuring that they can do what they do best, while Greenology guarantees they have the technology on hand to secure future scalability. Equally, the technology industry can be a minefield to navigate, peppered with potential pitfalls when it comes to l icensing, futureproofing data, copyright, and security, among many other considerations. Moreover, the degree to which any business needs to consider such variables depends entirely on their industry, region, market and sector. Greenology understands then, that it needs to tai lor its services to the individual . There is no cookie cutter approach when it comes to technology. Each cl ient is very different from the next. This is often where many entities in the sphere stumble – taking shortcuts to solutions that don’t fit the needs of the cl ient. No such approach is taken by Greenology, which endeavours to offer bespoke and tai lored ICT services to all of its cl ients. Perhaps one of the most obvious ways that Greenology embodies its leading position in the market is through the classes it hosts for the local business community in Samoa. These are hosted regularly for those looking to deepen their understanding of current developments and latest advancements within the ICT industry. I t would be remi ss to ignore the serv ice area in which Greenology was recogni sed in the APAC Bus iness Awards : hardware procurement . Here, the company di rect ly sources hardware f rom par tner ing vendors and leading companies al i ke, f rom Apple, Del l , Nov 2028 IBM, Ci sco, Merak i , Sophos and Cambium, among many others . Whatever the cl ient needs , whatever wi l l al low them to level up thei r bus iness – Greenology prov ides . As a partner to its client’s growth, Greenology is an indispensable ally for many. Through its expert services and solutions, it works tirelessly to ensure that its client’s needs are met, its expectations exceeded, and all elements of their ICT requirements are well in hand. Their solutions driven mindset adds substantial value to their clients by transforming their ICT infrastructure. For all of the reasons listed here and previously, Greenology was deservedly recognised within the APAC Business programme. Greenology’s success and efficacy echoes loud and clear through its numerous positive testimonials. “CBS has been using Greenology’s ICT services for over 7 years and I have to say that it has transformed our IT infrastructure to international standards. Their knowledge on Server Virtualization, Backup & DRP, Network Security and Cloud based systems is exceptional, keeping us on track with cutting edge technologies” – CM, Systems Administrator “Tupu Afano has been a part of Go Wireless NZ family and a reliable Partner since 2011. At Go Wireless NZ we believe it’s crucial to always recommend the right solution and Greenology’s way of doing business aligns exactly with that.” – DR, Sales and Managing Director. “Greenology provides extraordinary IT support to NUS ICT requests towards Hardware Procurement, Web Hosting, DNS Hosting as well as providing e-solutions for required services and international standard trainings to build capacities and upskilling of our ICT Team.” - SFT, Director of ICT. “SmoothPay has had the pleasure of a mutually beneficial relationship with Greenology for over a decade.” – MG, CEO/Senior Developer Company: Greenology Website: https://www. Address: Greenology Ltd, Ululoloa St, PO Box 9271, Apia, SAMOA Phone: +685 7779725, +685 7775703 Email: [email protected] “Our fundamental objective is to provide innovative and environmentally friendly ICT Solutions that that would eliminate system problems, creating business efficiency and increase in staff productivity.”

The transportation and logistics industry has played a critical role in allowing businesses to operate over the last couple of years. As the world gets ever smaller, being able to move goods from one place to another is vital in allowing further business digitisation to occur. As APAC’s Best Road Transport Company in India, we were keen to find out more about Pridel’s operations and achievements. Established in 1994, Pridel has grown from a humble team of four into a fully realised multinational company of 350+, with no sign of momentum slowing. Today, the team work to provide logistical solutions to clients both nationally and abroad. Director of Global Business Aaryav Gupta took a moment to explain Pridel’s services and client-centricity in more detail. “We work with clientswho have global presence and as well as clients who only have presence in India. For us all the clients are equally important. Our core mission is to commit to the highest quality of services while bringing true value to our customers, stakeholders and team members. “Pridel’s vision is to provide the highest degree of customer satisfaction through our stateof-art, technology-driven logistics solutions, making for a single point of contact for services across land, air and sea. Our solutions are ever-evolving, up to date with the latest trends and backed by continuous research and development.” This focus on development, whether it be in terms of solutions, services or technology, has provided a robust foundation for Pridel’s growth and worked to distinguish the company from any potential competitors. Aaryav is keen to emphasise the importance of client service within this framework. After all, technological development and innovation is purely to elevate Pridel’s service and capabilities, as he continues. “Clients are a company’s second biggest assets after the team, and you need to keep their interests your priority if you want to succeed. Pridel has always been a customer centric organisation and client satisfaction is always at the core of our decisions. We firmly believe that satisfied clients are our best sales team. “Takecareofyouremployeesand theywill take care your business” as said by Richard Branson. We truly believe and implement this philosophy across the board. Within the team there is an extremely flat hierarchy where the management is easily accessible and can be reached at any time. Hence, the team feel empowered and is always listened too, which makes them feel more responsible towards the work. We have developed and nurtured this culture of unity, empathy, curiosity across the board and those feed directly into client satisfaction.” It would be remiss to skip over the importance of trade to India as a country, as it is heavily involved in global export, with a vast logistical network that relies heavily on road transportation. Aaryav takes a moment to discuss the opportunities available in India for those interested in capitalising on this critical market, as well as the importance of the great APAC region. “There are numerous opportunities that are already existing in India along with a big scope for new developments. As we are involved in international trade, we have several transactions with foreign nations including those in the APAC region. The countries in the APAC region have various treaties with India for facilitating easier and quicker trade.” As we move to close the interview, Aaryav explains Pridel’s five philosophies in more detail. Crucially, these have remained unchanged and ever-present since Pridel’s establishment, and will continue to drive the future of the company for many years to come. “Our culture is based on 5 philosophies; Innovative from foundation to future; Ethical from foundation to future; Enthusiastic from foundation to future; United from foundation to future, and the most important, Customer Centric from foundation to future.” So, what is next? Where does Pridel go from here? Ultimately, Pridel’s future is one of continue growth. Of continued innovation, development and improvement. To Aaryav, the focus with be on achieving organic growth through its continued efforts in clientcentric solutions. The last couple of years proved to be a challenging environment in this regard, but Pridel maintained an impressive ability to endure all of the uncertainties COVID-19 delivered. “The company retained all of our employees and drivers during the pandemic without any salary cuts.” Indeed, the company achieved impressive growth of 110% over the 2020 to 2021 financial year. “We are focused on organic growth across existing verticals with a target to achieve $100 million in revenue by 2024. We have recently started a free trade warehousing vertical and also initiating setting up 1,00,000 Sq. Ft warehousing space. There are multiple new projects on which our team is working on right now without forgetting the core businesses.” All in all, Pridel’s success and credentials speak as a powerful testament to its services and solutions, making it a natural choice for recognition in the programme. Company: Pridel Private Limited Contact: Aaryav Gupta Address: 7th Floor, Tower-III, 2B, Sector - 126, Noida - 201304 Website: Email: [email protected] “Our focus is our technology-oriented solutions that are poised to raise the bar in the world of logistics and usher in a sea of change.” Best Road Transport Company - India Oct22050 “Honestly the most important trait that is considered while hiring at Pridel is passion. Because we feel that if you are passionate about something, you will find the best ways to excel, and develop.”

Jan22686 Best Bag Zippers & Accessories Manufacturer 2022 - India Established in 2008, Matrix Multitech Pvt. Ltd. (Matrix Multitech) was created with a vision to produce top quality zippers, buckles and zip sliders. On the back of the company’s well-deserved success in the APAC Business Awards, APAC Insider endeavoured to take a deep dive into Matrix Multitech’s achievements over the last 15 years. Having a core mission is a potent tool in business. It’s not an uncommon trend for businesses to lose sight of their founding mission once growth kicks in, or otherwise lose their founding niche. Of course, it isn’t always a bad thing – after all, you have to capitalise on every opportunity, and sometimes the market simply moves on. When it comes to clothing accessories and manufacturing, not much has really changed about the fundamentals. We still rely on zippers and buckles heavily, with no alternative option on the table. So, t would be safe to say that Matrix Multitech hasn’t fallen into such a common pitfall. Its mission remains the strong beating heart of the company, even over a decade later, despite seeing incredible success and growth in their industry. This achievement really sits at the feet of Managing Director and Founder S.M.Elias, who continues to lead Matrix Multitech from strength to strength. Here, Elias offers some insight into the early years of the company and its operations today. “Our factory was originally launched on a small scale, and over the years our dedication towards quality control and customer satisfaction has established Matrix Multitech Pvt. Ltd. as a stalwart in this field.” This commitment to quality and customer satisfaction has marked Matrix Multitech as fundamentally different from its potential competitors and peers. Putting aside that founding mission for a moment, Matrix Multitech understands the importance of keeping pace with technological developments to better achieve its exacting standards. Despite its small foundation, it has grown immensely over the last decade, and its commitment to quality remains as strong as the very first day of operation. As Elias continues, “Our imported precision machines and quality testing equipment along with our dedicated team of quality check personnel ensure quality at every step of production, from raw materials to finished goods.” Over the last fewyears, Matrix Multitech has incorporated more sustainable Sep 527 alternatives into its product line, understanding that the industry is decidedly moving in an eco-friendly direction. In this, the company has moving in turn to use ecofriendly dyestuffs, with wastewater being reduced, and treated to help keep the local environment flourishing and safe. Achieving a better-quality product is Matrix Multitech’s purpose. In this, it can certainly claim success, with superior quality finishes that mark it as simply the best option for those looking in this space. Though the global market hasn’t changed much in terms of its preferential products, the demand for quality has absolutely skyrocketed, with partners, clients and customers simply expecting technology and techniques to move with the greater landscape. Matrix Multitech has managed to do just that, as well as moving its discerning quality check process hand in hand. That is an impressive achievement in and of itself. Further, Matrix Multitech has expanded into the metal plating market, realising that expanding its customisation options will help it deliver a more client-centric approach to meet the needs of their customers. Whether you need an antique brass look, rose gold, or black nickel, Matrix Multitech has the tools and expertise to create longlasting high quality lacquer finishes that protect the plated surface from tarnishing. All in all, Matrix Multitech has positioned itself as a valued partner for clothing and accessory companies to create incredible products. Whether you’re in the market for sustainable alternatives, best-in-class zippers and buckles, or the perfect lacquer finish, Matrix Multitech has certainly become the de facto leader in the sphere. For this reason, it was recognised with the title of Best Bag Zippers & Accessories Manufacturer of the year for India, a title that is well-deserved and hard won. With strong sales throughout the last year, the future of Matrix Multitech looks bright indeed. With its strong founding mission remaining crucial to the day to day operations of the company, we here at APAC Insider are sure that further growth and development are on the table. Company Matrix Multitech Pvt. Ltd. Website: https://www. Telephone: +9198311-91405 Address: Reg. Off: 15A, Beck Bagan Row , Kolkata – 700 017 , India Works: Vill & P.O- Dhulagarh, P.S.-Sankrail, N.H.6, Howrah – 711 302, India Email: [email protected] “The motto of our company is “QUALITY SCORES-WE KEEP OURS HIGH” – this drive for quality has achieved happy and satisfied customers.”

May22239 Oct2 008 Incorporated in the year 2015, Eco Pallet Private is proudly an Indian company, created with FDI. Having researched, developed, and patented its ecologically friendly and conscientiously designed pallets, it seeks to lead from the front in creating a more sustainable future for the shipping industry. Confident in the creation of such pallets by transforming non-sustainable pallets, it has beenmaking itself a leader of better environmentally responsible practice amongst its industry, a pioneer of the products that will make this possible. Bettering the shipping industry one journey at a time, Eco Pallet Private has gained accreditation from TUV Nord as a ‘green product’, enabling its customers to trust by its own accountability the truth behind its claims. Nominally, its products are currently used worldwide by the industry’s heaviest hitters from Akums to Mahindra Logistics, as well as FM Logistics, YCH, Wexford, and Signode; in the service of each of these titans of shipping excellence, its overall mission is to make pallets that address significant pain points for the field in a sustainable manner. Critically, by making pallets that will last longer and be better for the health of the earth, its achievements have thrust it into the spotlight of its sector. With its quality and customizable product, it understands that the shipping industry operates on tight turnaround and high expectations, with little room for error – both in transit and on either side – and so will always be transparent and honest in its operations. In the region of India, the pallet market is an ever-growing industry that it has become a cornerstone part of, expecting a revenue growth of 13.9% between 2020 and 2027. This presents both challenge and opportunity to companies like Eco Pallet Private. It hopes to foster a greater sense of environmental corporate stewardship in the world’s shipping channels by leading by example with its product line, and in an ecosystem of rapid growth, is confident that this will only become more possible with time thanks to its tireless efforts in making positive relationships. Indeed, increased overseas trade, the expansion of the warehousing industry, and the improvement to supply chains in the macro scale has upped demand for pallets exponentially; and it hopes to continue to be the company that can step up to the plate to satisfy this demand, also satisfying the market’s requirements for easier access to options that aren’t intrinsically environmentally damaging. Critically, it has found that many of its clients come to it in order to allow them to contribute to ecological safeguarding in a way that still allows their business to thrive. In this way, Eco Pallet Private’s work is invaluable, and the subsequent growth of Eco Pallet Private through wordof-mouth referrals and the corporate grapevine has been exceptional as it subverts the still held belief that sustainable is a fad word. Eco Pallet Private keeps things simple and effective in order to achieve this in a way that earns it the respect and return business of its clientele. Thus, passionate about its product, its market segment, and its staff, it maintains a significant determination to global betterment that has remained unflinching since its very first day in operation. The future for Eco Pallet Private is, therefore, the future of the rest of the world too as it continues to strive for a better tomorrow, each of its staff working together as a team in order to achieve smarter, safer, and more conscientious planet, looking forward to being able to bring more clients into the fold as it continues to grow. Uniquely, its pallets boast several different unique features that go hand in hand with being made with post-consumer recycled wood and its own innovative technologies. Being water resistant and flame resistant – as well as bug and mildew resistant – and with increased weight bearing capacity, Eco Pallet Private’s pallets as a product have allowed the company to maintain its reputation of the utmost excellence, letting the product speak for itself. Indeed, being repairable and recyclable by design, the temperature protected nature of the pallets ensures the protection of the goods throughout all manner of challenging environmental travel, both in the heat and the cold. They are also anti-fungal, anti-static, do not use nails, have no exposure to splinters, and are stalwart in the face of harsh impact such as during inclement weather during transit, only helped further by the resistance to abrasion that Eco Pallet Private has worked hard to make a universal standard in its product line. Moreover, the pallets are oil and chemical resistant, with a resilience that only comes about through years of rigorous product testing. The customizable element of them won’t deny the customer of any of these assets, either, instead enhancing them by making each product completely fit to purpose. Eco Pallet Private also boasts a guarantee that comes with each one, a promise that should a problem occur for a customer, a 5 -year warranty will give them peace of mind that the issue will be resolved quickly. Indeed, with no issue being too big or too small, Eco Pallet Private’s hard work in putting the customer first has resulted in a company that will continue to guide the pallet creation industry for years to come, inspiring its peers to join it on its journey towards reforming modern industry into something able to safeguard the world it works in. Company: Eco Pallet Private Contact: Nisha Franklin Website: Eco Pallet Private keeps things simple and effective in order to achieve this in a way that earns it the respect and return business of its clientele. Best Ecological Pallets Manufacturer - India

May22239 Sep2 571 Passive fire protection is often an afterthought during the construction process, with it being viewed as an unfortunate necessity rather than a critical part of the safety infrastructure. There are many out there who are willing to look the other way when it comes to defective workmanship if it means the job gets done at a cheap price. Ceasefire PFP is on a mission to change that, to promote the professionalisation of the industry. Most people are vaguely familiar with ‘active’ fire protection such as fire alarms and fire sprinklers, but not many outside of the construction industry have heard of ‘passive’ fire protection. Passive fire protection is more about slowing, isolating, and compartmentalising the spread of a fire rather than actively extinguishing it or warning occupants of its presence. Ceasefire is a passive fire protection company that offers services such as vermiculite spray, intumescent coatings, and service penetration seals, typically for main building contractors in construction who oversee a building project from start to finish. Their team is led by the general manager, Slayde Tana, who says that he takes personal satisfaction in the work having lost his family home to a fire as a child. The company’s main goal is to offer a professional service while also maintaining a competitive price. It has successfully achieved this for a range of construction build, restoration, and repair projects including Sydney Football Stadium, Sydney International Airport, The Lennox Parramatta, Roselands Shopping Centre, and more. The Ceasefire team strives to satisfy the fire protection requirements of its clients, so long as it does not conflict with the high standards they aim towards. This is easier said than done, as a client may want something that does not comply with the Building Code of Australia (BCA) or the test reports – because the team always installs passive fire solutions and systems that are tested and approved according to the standards set by the BCA. It is sometimes difficult to strike a balance between the financial, practical, and safety requirements of a construction project, too. The company has to deliver a quality service at a reasonable price without compromising its professional integrity or the safety of its staff. However, Ceasefire has a knowledgeable team who always keeps updated on the latest developments within the industry. This is important for its client service since part of its role is in educating others on the requirements and importance of its field of work. Every team member is fully trained in specialised applications and installation of passive fire protection, vermiculite spray, and fire seals. They are able to offer advice and solutions for any passive fire system that the client’s project requires. The company has established a network of affiliates, subcontractors, and fire protection system suppliers in the passive fire industry throughout Australia which enables the team to confidently deliver on all forms of passive fire work, and they deliver a 24-hour service to meet any time and project constraints. While it does have a top-notch team, that’s not to say Ceasefire hasn’t had its challenges in finding experienced staff, since it operates in a niche area. However, it highly values a background in construction when it comes to recruiting new team members. Most importantly, it looks for reliable people who can adapt to situations, think on the fly, and cope well under pressure. The industry is fast-paced, and the needs of clients can change by the day depending on the project. Operating in Australia also comes with its own challenges. Most recently, the cost of building materials has increased considerably and there have been specific changes to the National Construction Code that are going to have a further impact on the price of construction projects. Due to this and the effects of COVID-19 on the economy, some major construction firms have already collapsed, which has also affected the subcontractors and suppliers they use. Fortunately, Ceasefire was well positioned to use this opportunity to consolidate and expand as a company. Now, Ceasefire is focused on its long-term plans which include further expansion across Australia into neighbouring states. It floated plans for this before the pandemic forced the state borders shut, but now the panic has settled, it is looking to revive the idea. Company: Ceasefire PFP Email: [email protected] Website: Best Passive Fire Protection Company 2022 - NSW

Ifyour laptop, phone, or other electronicdevicebattery isn’tworkingproperly, considerBatteryMate’s wide range of replacement batteries. BatteryMate is Australia’s one and only online retailer that offers more than 5,000 models of batteries, chargers, printer inks, toners, gaming gear, and car accessories, with its most prominent products being Dyson and MacBook batteries. A leading DTC brand, BatteryMate has a laser focus on providing high quality products with lightning-fast delivery. With two state-ofthe-art warehouse facilities located in western Sydney, customers can rest assured that they will receive super-fast delivery service from BatteryMate. Each of these sites adhere to strict quality assurance throughout their sorting and packing processes, so customers can feel confident their products will arrive only in the very best condition and that they are getting excellent value for money. If it does happen that something isn’t right with the product, the company will happily swap it or offer a money-back guarantee, and every product has a 36-month warranty. BatteryMate also ensures its vendors are adhering to high quality management processes and complying with the international labour standards. BatteryMate’s products are designed to work seamlessly with brand name electronics and power tools, with customers being amazed at how much they save with its affordable collection of rechargeable batteries. Gone is the frustration that comes with the short lifespan or power of a battery-operated tool, electronic device, or household appliance. Customers get to say ‘hello’ to extended battery life, longer performance between charges, and saved money in the long-run by preserving electronics. Making BatteryMate’s operations happen so efficiently is its small team of young and energetic individuals who are passionate about providing outstanding customer service and making it easy to extend the life of devices. The company’s Director, Vishal Sheth tells us, “We make sure that all staff members get exposure to all areas of operations. As a result, everyone feels strongly attached to the company and often go extra miles.” Not only do they ensure speedy dispatch of top-notch products, but they are also available to provide customer support. There is no other company in the industry that offers over-the-phone support to customers who do not know which battery model they need to purchase. They are also focused on keeping the website up-to-date with blog posts offering shoppers advice including “What You Should Know About iPhone Batteries in Australia”, “Vacuum Batteries for Dyson Models”, and “Everything You Should Know About Batteries in the Gold Coast”. The team’s dedication to providing an outstanding service gives the company a particular advantage in such a competitive market that is ecommerce DTC brands in Australia. Like most other ecommerce brands, BatteryMate grew fast during the COVID-19 pandemic due to so many people switching to shopping online. As a result, BatteryMate is highly rated on all Australian marketplaces, including Woolworths, Kogan, MyDeal, Catch, and others. Taking advantage of the momentum, BatteryMate introduced a new range of products this year, its own Tavice branded chargers for power tools (Ryobi, Makita, Milwaukee). These have flown off the warehouse shelves, while the team remains dedicated to never running out of stock. As a result of such success, it has been seeing even faster growth. Ultimately, BatteryMate’s customers can’t say enough positive things about their service and product experience. One customer who bought a camping light shares their five-star review: “Absolutely great, works a treat. Great in the tent and under the awning of the caravan.” Another five-star reviewer comments, “Appreciate your fast and good service. Thanks.”, while someone else says, “The Dyson battery works well and am pleased with it. Received in a short time. Would recommend BatteryMate.” Company: BatteryMate Email: [email protected] Website: Best Online Battery Store 2022 - Australia Oct22086

Jan22686 Best Full-Service Marketing & Design Agency 2022 - NSW As the winners of both the above accreditation and the award for the ‘Most Impactful Small Business 2022’ in New South Wales, this expert in marketing, communications, and outreach has made its name in the provision of no-nonsense marketing solutions. Its front-running, empathic, and comprehensive solutions cover all manner of different channels, with clients able to make the most of the positive business change that is brought about by its branding and marketing management services. Able to adapt alongside its clients’ needs – as well as able to fit itself to companies across different sizes and scales – Australian based firm Banter Group has secured its position as a partner to the businesses it works with. Ostensibly, its clients can work with them in whatever capacity they have need to, and often it finds them commissioning them for a variety of its services instead of just one or two; that being said, it can handle small projects as well as huge ones, and is never daunted by a challenge. In this way, Banter’s services span everything from brand design to marketing strategy, creative or graphic design, web development, social media management, campaign planning and implementation, videography, photography, SEM, SEO, digital media buying, training, and more. Due to the breadth and depth of these services, Banter works with over 350 different clients has it conducting outreach and marketing solutions of all types, helping clients to achieve a myriad of unique goals. Indeed, Banter Group has benefitted from the diversity of clients who put their faith in them as they have been able to grow and develop each of its solutions to be highly tailorable. From regional businesses to international powerhouses, Banter Group’s values of outstanding corporate ethics, forward thinking services and strategies, empathic client relationship building, and an internal commitment to treating others as one would wish to be treated all have helped it to secure its place in the global marketing and design spotlight. No matter the project scale, business size, or specifications, Banter Group will always commit itself 100% to the client and the task at hand. This allows it to respond effectively in the face of huge landmark change, both for its market segment and the world in the macro scale, such as the changes brough on by the pandemic. In many ways, the outbreak has rendered previous marketing trends obsolete, ushering in a new paradigm. This is a challenge that Banter Group worked with its clients to be able to rise to, ensuring each of them felt, more than ever, the truth in the familial atmosphere it strives to cultivate in all of its efforts. For Banter Group, ‘the computer doesn’t say no’; the people say yes. This makes for a two-pronged business wherein one side of the coin focuses its team and the second pushes forward towards bigger, better, and more effective marketing for the businesses it serves, implementing them seamlessly and to immediate, tangible benefit. Indeed, they make themselves an extension of their clients’ own team. The staff within its own ranks uphold this outstanding standard of service byway of attentive, impeccable, and goal-oriented service. All enquiries are responded to within 8 hours – and most proposals within 72 hours – in order to ensure that clients feel seen, heard, Sep 570 and supported throughout the process of developing a marketing roadmap, its high standard deliverables contributing to the growth of its team through maintaining good client relations. After all, once a client has experienced the excellence that Banter Group works with, they often stick around. Therefore, Banter Group has become a one-stop-shop for many businesses all over the world as it continually strives for excellence, creating work that it is proud to deliver to its clients, and that its team are excited to include in their portfolios as examples of their efforts. Banter wants its clients to also be able to also enjoy pride in the work, and therefore it makes sure that each of its services are visibly impeccable. This has developed an atmosphere within the market that has propelled it into the spotlight, with the clients within this segment respecting its experience and valuing the contributions it makes as it successfully creates marketing and design products and strategies that centre the client’s specifications and better their current ideas. After all, its clients come to it for its expertise as a starting point. Thus, underpinning each of the goalposts it sets out to achieve is the development of a relationship with its clients. It sees marketing and design as a two-way street in which the connection between the two businesses in question is paramount to success, achieving this by making sure each staff member is operating empathically, sensitively, and with enthusiasm in order to make each task a passion project. Crucially, this culture of supporting one another, continuous learning, and enjoying what it does sets it head and shoulders above its peers. With a population of 50,000 and a job crisis in regional Australia, Banter Group finds it more important than ever to look after its staff, especially with all the tumult the region has gone through due to international and national disaster wreaking havoc on the economy. Its response to this has been increased in-house support, increased corporate social responsibility, and a further solidification of its commitment to flexible working that understands the needs of their employees in and out of the office. Specifically, it achieves this by way of its training schemes, support methods, and downtime or team building activities. The future for Banter Group is bright. Continuing to grow its team in order to support ever-rising demand whilst maintaining its intrinsic excellence, it looks forward to recruiting three more new roles including a Studio Manager and Operations Manager in order to help it with its own strategic growth plans. Despite having the odds stacked against them from day 1, Banter Group promises that its dedication to the clients and their successwill

continue long into the future, and it is excited to welcome many more customers into the fold as it does so, continuing to push the industry towards something better. Company: Banter Group Contact: Valentina Borbone Website:

May22239 Nov 14 No matter the style of portrait you’re looking for, White Room Studio gets the perfect shot – every time. White Room Studio’s timeless work has made huge waves in the photography industry andwe are here to celebrate as it wins this stunning title in the APAC Business Awards 2022. Established in 2009, White Room Studio has steadily evolved over the last 14 years and is now undoubtedly Singapore’s best corporate photography studio. When we caught up with White Room’s Co-founder and Creative Director, Elaine Lim, she reveals, “Our core values of sincerity, integrity, and community have remained steadfast. In fact, these values have strengthened over time.” Sincerity In Every Portrait “We see clients as authentic individuals, and embrace honest communication with an open mind when delivering the portraits our clients need,” she says. “This often unspoken, but important approach is delivered byWhite Room Studio’s teamwith friendliness and professionalism.” White Room Studio has a passion for creating professional corporate photographs that elevate business profiles. This means that our LinkedIn pages, website biographies, and many more, can be lit up with stylish portraits which portray an authentic business image. The entire teamatWhite Room Studio live and breathe intuitive photography– theyhave a natural flair for helping each individual feel at ease in their company. The teamprioritises comfort, happiness, and confidence. Clients feel assured fromthe first enquiry contact, to the deliveryof finished photographs, and beyond that, the team’s unrivalled customer service approachmeans clients come back year afteryear for newportraits. Turning Adversity Into Advantage When looking at White Studio Room’s operations between 2020 and 2022, the team worked through the most difficult Covid-19 restrictions with dedication. Elaine shares, “We took the opportunities Covid lockdowns provided, and began crafting and finessing our approach in client-related experiences, and today, the high-quality photographs we produce are second-to-none in the industry.” Opening up an office space to look after their growing team, and offering viewing rooms for clients to feel safe, White Room Studio did all it could to make everyone feel relaxed and secure through a very tough time. The main studio remained open but with a big difference, a new client lounge. It also expanded the main studio so that there could be more room for make-up and changing activities. Striving Towards The TopWith New & Existing Talent When recruiting new talent, White Room Studio has a vigorous process. Elaine summarises, “We have a robust and comprehensive talent management strategy when it comes to onboarding, training, Best Corporate Picture Photography Studio – Singapore “Whether you are a CEO, small business owner, fitness instructor, musician, chef, life coach, speech therapist, doctor, or a fresh graduate looking to build your LinkedIn profile, we craft the headshots you’ll be proud of.”

performance review, staff retention, and advancement opportunities for our staff. “Whilst top qualities we look for in fresh hires include commitment, competencies, and communication, White Room Studio adopts a longterm view on every staff’s tenure with us.” White Room Studio believes that teamwork and communication is key to all success, and it is clear that these channels are wide open between the team members as they produce incredible work, and win the hearts of many. A Myriad of Themes For The Sophisticated Individual Offering an unparalleled service, White Room Studio creates the most distinctive portraits that will truly showcase the talent in the clients’ business. Elaine says, “We craft unique portraits using a 1927 colonial shophouse as a creative setting. Company portraits as well as headshots are infused with elements of elegance, class, and culture in our natural light shophouse.” Taking the shophouse style back to its roots of eternal beauty, White Room Studio can produce photographs with any attitude: edgy, cool, or professional. By threading its magic through every part of its portfolio, the Peranakan-inspired studio has been recognised by all of Singapore – and beyond! Award-winning, Industryleading Portraits What’s more, White Room Studio was awarded Best Photographer by Tatler Singapore seven times! It has nowwon Best Corporate Picture Photography Studio, Singapore, from APAC Insider, and its future looks dazzling as it plans to grow even further. Its plans for 2023 are to continue this harmony between customer service and staff development. Elaine leaves us with this dedicated statement, “White Room Studiowill continue to be at the forefront of the portrait industry. Even as our creative team is constantly creating exceptional spaces, themes, and concepts for portraiture, wewill continually strive to take customer experience to another level and create the best, unique portraits in Singapore.” Contact: Elaine Lim Company: White Room Studio Web Address: https://www. commercial/

Jan22686 Since 1993, Design Point Consult Private Limited, or DPC for short, has been streamlining the town and regional planning process. From producing ground-breaking technologies to following cultural values, DPC is revolutionary, brining a newwave of planning processes to the forefront of the industry. Best Town & Regional Planning Company 2022 - India Founded in 1993, Design Point Consult Pt. Ltd., a multidisciplinary design firm, is the creation of Dr, B.K. Patel. With more than 25 years of proven expertise in project design and delivery, DPC boasts experience regional and master planning, town planning schemes and townships, infrastructure engineering, and urbanism, to heritage conservation and restoration, landscape, industrial, commercial, institutional, educational, healthcare, residential, surveying, and software development segments. The past couple of decades have seen DPC grow from strength to strength, developing a diverse team due to its commitment to client-centricity and quality design. As such, it is currently working towards building a comprehensive international network. Its goals are centred around serving society with ethics and morals, and of course, to the best of its knowledge with high precision. However, its fundamental mission is to work globally with its work being underpinned by Indian heritage and cultural values. The Sanskrit phrase ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’ – meaning ‘The World Is One Family’ – informs much of DPC’s work, and it utilises this phrase and ideology to navigate customer service and interactions within the company. In essence, DPC believes that everyone should be treated fairly and with compassion. DPC cites the main challenges in its region as urbanisation with respect to the degree of urbanisation. Providing worldclass facilities in urban and semi-urban areas is a hurdle that DPC is looking to get past, and this challenge is being further emphasised by the migration from rural to urban areas. In addition, it believes that sustainability needs to be addressed, with science leading the way forward. Each of these elements have culminated in the proposal of holistic regional planning throughout both urban and rural areas, and this is something that DPC hopes to delve into. Within the company, the team works as a family, and DPC Sep 553 has harvested an environment that breeds collaboration, creativity, and innovation. Training is something that DPC emphasises, and it constantly strives to provide its staff with the latest knowledge, especially in terms of the latest technology and new research in the field. Furthermore, when recruiting new staff members, DPC takes a number of factors into consideration such as what the potential recruits experience is and what their backgrounds are. Simply, the company wants to hire the best of the best. Since it has a vast field of experience alongside a range of computer skills, DPC has developed a range of technologies that streamline planning submissions. By doing this, DPC has minimised human error by introducing digitisation to an outdated process, and on top of this, it has shortened the approval process from 12 months to around 30 days. As such, the company’s next goal is to expand the use of this product on a global scale. Contact: Dr. B K Patel Company: Design Point Consult Pt. Ltd. Web Address:

Sep22569 Incredible Solar and Energy Solutions is a family-run 100%Australian Owned and Certified Business. With an experience of seven years in the industry, it has qualified, trained, and customer-friendly staff to assist customers with even the smallest query regarding solar and energy efficient solutions. Incredible Solar and Energy Solutions is dedicated to reaching out and helping the Australian community to make a positive impact towards mother nature by going green. This is done by harnessing clean energy available in abundance in Australia and around the world. It strives towards providing innovative and affordable clean energy solutions without compromising on quality, thus helping Australians to take control of their energy bills by employing renewable and sustainable systems that pay for themselves. The company began its operations as a solar provider in September 2020. Having been a Clean Energy Council Approved Solar Retailer and Solar Victoria authorised provider since January 2021, it has installed over 1.5 megawatts of solar panels across inner and outer suburbs of Melbourne, Victoria. From July 2022, it started installing the most energy efficient system or electric air source hot water system known as “HEAT Pump” to replace the inefficient gas based hot water systems. Its objective is to supply and install high quality solar power and energy efficient systems at a very affordable price that creates value for money, leading to customer satisfaction and ongoing improvements in process efficiency. Incredible Solar and Energy Solutions specialises in solar and battery storage solutions for residential homes, installing 4kW-13kW solar panel and battery storage systems over new and established homes (single and double storey) across Metro Melbourne. Alongside this, it installs the most energy efficient heat pump (electric air source) hot water systems in residential homes across Melbourne. The company believes in delivering the best customer service pre- and post-sales. Its aim is to provide 100% customer satisfaction throughout the journey of the customer, from initial consultation through to helping the customer with any queries beyond completion of the project. Also, providing great value through aftersales service includes bill comparison, which guides customers with the best available energy deals in the market. The team strives to resolve customer complaints within 24-48 hours, responding as promptly as they can by phone or in-person. They over exceed customer expectations when it comes to pre- and postsales, maintaining these high standards by following the code of conduct set out by the Clean Energy Council in order to raise the bar in the solar industry. In Victoria, there is high competition in this industry. It is also flooded with inexperienced and under skilled people running businesses, whose solutions are observed as unsustainable within a short period of time. However, the Incredible Solar and Energy Solutions team’s experience of seven years along with relevant skills has helped the company to grow and sustain, even during the difficult times of COVID-19. With people being at home, energy usage increased a lot, which in turn provided a lot of opportunities in terms of number of sales – Although there were a few bumps of not being able to undertake installations for a period of six months, but the company was able to get back to it once the restrictions were lifted. Overall, the impact of the pandemic was positive in terms of developing new strategies and improving processes within the business. Being a family-run business serving mainly the Melbourne Metro region, the internal culture is friendly and supportive. The business owner, Samarth Turekar is a qualified engineer with a project management degree and more than 10 years’ project management experience. He seeks to recruit team members with experience of more than five years in installing solar panels and he oversees each installation to ensure it meets the quality and safety standards. Being collaborative with the installers helps the business to exchange quality processes during installation and maintain high levels of quality workmanship. As a business, Incredible Solar and Energy Solutions have zero tolerance towards poor workmanship. Now, the company is focused on the bright future ahead of it, where it is looking to add more energy efficient products to its portfolio, with heating and cooling upgrades under approval process from Solar Victoria. It will also continue to add more products and brands under hot water systems. In addition, it is looking to start independent business operations in other states of Australia. We at APAC Insider are truly rooting for Incredible Solar and Energy Solutions as it keeps going from strength to strength. Company: Incredible Solar and Energy Solutions Contact: Samarth Turekar Email: [email protected] Website: Best Solar Power Systems Provider - VIC