Business Awards 2022

Jan22686 Best Bag Zippers & Accessories Manufacturer 2022 - India Established in 2008, Matrix Multitech Pvt. Ltd. (Matrix Multitech) was created with a vision to produce top quality zippers, buckles and zip sliders. On the back of the company’s well-deserved success in the APAC Business Awards, APAC Insider endeavoured to take a deep dive into Matrix Multitech’s achievements over the last 15 years. Having a core mission is a potent tool in business. It’s not an uncommon trend for businesses to lose sight of their founding mission once growth kicks in, or otherwise lose their founding niche. Of course, it isn’t always a bad thing – after all, you have to capitalise on every opportunity, and sometimes the market simply moves on. When it comes to clothing accessories and manufacturing, not much has really changed about the fundamentals. We still rely on zippers and buckles heavily, with no alternative option on the table. So, t would be safe to say that Matrix Multitech hasn’t fallen into such a common pitfall. Its mission remains the strong beating heart of the company, even over a decade later, despite seeing incredible success and growth in their industry. This achievement really sits at the feet of Managing Director and Founder S.M.Elias, who continues to lead Matrix Multitech from strength to strength. Here, Elias offers some insight into the early years of the company and its operations today. “Our factory was originally launched on a small scale, and over the years our dedication towards quality control and customer satisfaction has established Matrix Multitech Pvt. Ltd. as a stalwart in this field.” This commitment to quality and customer satisfaction has marked Matrix Multitech as fundamentally different from its potential competitors and peers. Putting aside that founding mission for a moment, Matrix Multitech understands the importance of keeping pace with technological developments to better achieve its exacting standards. Despite its small foundation, it has grown immensely over the last decade, and its commitment to quality remains as strong as the very first day of operation. As Elias continues, “Our imported precision machines and quality testing equipment along with our dedicated team of quality check personnel ensure quality at every step of production, from raw materials to finished goods.” Over the last fewyears, Matrix Multitech has incorporated more sustainable Sep 527 alternatives into its product line, understanding that the industry is decidedly moving in an eco-friendly direction. In this, the company has moving in turn to use ecofriendly dyestuffs, with wastewater being reduced, and treated to help keep the local environment flourishing and safe. Achieving a better-quality product is Matrix Multitech’s purpose. In this, it can certainly claim success, with superior quality finishes that mark it as simply the best option for those looking in this space. Though the global market hasn’t changed much in terms of its preferential products, the demand for quality has absolutely skyrocketed, with partners, clients and customers simply expecting technology and techniques to move with the greater landscape. Matrix Multitech has managed to do just that, as well as moving its discerning quality check process hand in hand. That is an impressive achievement in and of itself. Further, Matrix Multitech has expanded into the metal plating market, realising that expanding its customisation options will help it deliver a more client-centric approach to meet the needs of their customers. Whether you need an antique brass look, rose gold, or black nickel, Matrix Multitech has the tools and expertise to create longlasting high quality lacquer finishes that protect the plated surface from tarnishing. All in all, Matrix Multitech has positioned itself as a valued partner for clothing and accessory companies to create incredible products. Whether you’re in the market for sustainable alternatives, best-in-class zippers and buckles, or the perfect lacquer finish, Matrix Multitech has certainly become the de facto leader in the sphere. For this reason, it was recognised with the title of Best Bag Zippers & Accessories Manufacturer of the year for India, a title that is well-deserved and hard won. With strong sales throughout the last year, the future of Matrix Multitech looks bright indeed. With its strong founding mission remaining crucial to the day to day operations of the company, we here at APAC Insider are sure that further growth and development are on the table. Company Matrix Multitech Pvt. Ltd. Website: https://www. Telephone: +9198311-91405 Address: Reg. Off: 15A, Beck Bagan Row , Kolkata – 700 017 , India Works: Vill & P.O- Dhulagarh, P.S.-Sankrail, N.H.6, Howrah – 711 302, India Email: [email protected] “The motto of our company is “QUALITY SCORES-WE KEEP OURS HIGH” – this drive for quality has achieved happy and satisfied customers.”