Business Awards 2022

The transportation and logistics industry has played a critical role in allowing businesses to operate over the last couple of years. As the world gets ever smaller, being able to move goods from one place to another is vital in allowing further business digitisation to occur. As APAC’s Best Road Transport Company in India, we were keen to find out more about Pridel’s operations and achievements. Established in 1994, Pridel has grown from a humble team of four into a fully realised multinational company of 350+, with no sign of momentum slowing. Today, the team work to provide logistical solutions to clients both nationally and abroad. Director of Global Business Aaryav Gupta took a moment to explain Pridel’s services and client-centricity in more detail. “We work with clientswho have global presence and as well as clients who only have presence in India. For us all the clients are equally important. Our core mission is to commit to the highest quality of services while bringing true value to our customers, stakeholders and team members. “Pridel’s vision is to provide the highest degree of customer satisfaction through our stateof-art, technology-driven logistics solutions, making for a single point of contact for services across land, air and sea. Our solutions are ever-evolving, up to date with the latest trends and backed by continuous research and development.” This focus on development, whether it be in terms of solutions, services or technology, has provided a robust foundation for Pridel’s growth and worked to distinguish the company from any potential competitors. Aaryav is keen to emphasise the importance of client service within this framework. After all, technological development and innovation is purely to elevate Pridel’s service and capabilities, as he continues. “Clients are a company’s second biggest assets after the team, and you need to keep their interests your priority if you want to succeed. Pridel has always been a customer centric organisation and client satisfaction is always at the core of our decisions. We firmly believe that satisfied clients are our best sales team. “Takecareofyouremployeesand theywill take care your business” as said by Richard Branson. We truly believe and implement this philosophy across the board. Within the team there is an extremely flat hierarchy where the management is easily accessible and can be reached at any time. Hence, the team feel empowered and is always listened too, which makes them feel more responsible towards the work. We have developed and nurtured this culture of unity, empathy, curiosity across the board and those feed directly into client satisfaction.” It would be remiss to skip over the importance of trade to India as a country, as it is heavily involved in global export, with a vast logistical network that relies heavily on road transportation. Aaryav takes a moment to discuss the opportunities available in India for those interested in capitalising on this critical market, as well as the importance of the great APAC region. “There are numerous opportunities that are already existing in India along with a big scope for new developments. As we are involved in international trade, we have several transactions with foreign nations including those in the APAC region. The countries in the APAC region have various treaties with India for facilitating easier and quicker trade.” As we move to close the interview, Aaryav explains Pridel’s five philosophies in more detail. Crucially, these have remained unchanged and ever-present since Pridel’s establishment, and will continue to drive the future of the company for many years to come. “Our culture is based on 5 philosophies; Innovative from foundation to future; Ethical from foundation to future; Enthusiastic from foundation to future; United from foundation to future, and the most important, Customer Centric from foundation to future.” So, what is next? Where does Pridel go from here? Ultimately, Pridel’s future is one of continue growth. Of continued innovation, development and improvement. To Aaryav, the focus with be on achieving organic growth through its continued efforts in clientcentric solutions. The last couple of years proved to be a challenging environment in this regard, but Pridel maintained an impressive ability to endure all of the uncertainties COVID-19 delivered. “The company retained all of our employees and drivers during the pandemic without any salary cuts.” Indeed, the company achieved impressive growth of 110% over the 2020 to 2021 financial year. “We are focused on organic growth across existing verticals with a target to achieve $100 million in revenue by 2024. We have recently started a free trade warehousing vertical and also initiating setting up 1,00,000 Sq. Ft warehousing space. There are multiple new projects on which our team is working on right now without forgetting the core businesses.” All in all, Pridel’s success and credentials speak as a powerful testament to its services and solutions, making it a natural choice for recognition in the programme. Company: Pridel Private Limited Contact: Aaryav Gupta Address: 7th Floor, Tower-III, 2B, Sector - 126, Noida - 201304 Website: Email: [email protected] “Our focus is our technology-oriented solutions that are poised to raise the bar in the world of logistics and usher in a sea of change.” Best Road Transport Company - India Oct22050 “Honestly the most important trait that is considered while hiring at Pridel is passion. Because we feel that if you are passionate about something, you will find the best ways to excel, and develop.”